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Spotify update brings simpler navigation + offline radio to Premium users

The Search page is also more powerful.

Way back in August of this year, Spotify rolled out a new UI for its Android app that’s much simpler and easy to use. This was a very welcome change considering how cluttered the app used to be, but up until now, this new UI has only been available for free users. Now, Spotify’s expanding this to its Premium subscribers.

The bottom navigation bar that used to have tabs for  [Read More…]

Facebook makes two-factor auth simpler with USB key support

Mobile apps not supported yet, but mobile web now works with NFC-enabled keys.

Facebook has announced that it’s rolling out support for USB security keys as part of its two-factor authentication for accounts. USB keys can provide another way to prove who you are — in addition to your password — when logging into Facebook or other online services. Facebook’s announcement backs up the support for SMS and app-based authentication, where you need to enter a number that’s sent  [Read More…]

T-Mobile’s new prepaid plans are simpler, but take a step in the wrong direction

New Simply Prepaid plans feel like a strategy to upsell to postpaid, not offer the best value to customers

I’ve always been a fan of the way T-Mobile has done prepaid, but with today’s announcement of its new Simply Prepaid plans I’m worried that the Un-carrier is going in the wrong direction. On the surface, the plans look pretty good — all you can eat talk and text with three choices (1GB, 3GB or 5GB) of  [Read More…]

Snapchat announces Snapcash, a simpler way to send money

Instant messaging giant Snapchat has announced a new feature that allows users to send money to their friends directly through Snapchat. The feature — called Snapcash — is the result of a partnership between Snapchat and Square, the mobile payment leader. Inspired by Square Cash, which allows users to send money to others by simply typing a dollar amount into the subject line of an email, Snapcash will allow users to type a dollar amount into a Snap to their friend and  [Read More…]

BBM update makes attaching photos and files simpler

The cross-platform BlackBerry Messenger app has received an update today. It’s not too big an update but it does seem like BlackBerry has made it simpler to attach photos in BBM. Currently, by default, when you tap the paper clip icon to attach a photo, the voice note option is selected. You then had to tap the picture icon to then get the option to attach one. Now, it defaults to attaching file or photos when  [Read More…]