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Moto C and C Plus bring Motorola simplicity to under-€120 crowd

New phones for growing markets.

Motorola has announced two new budget phones for Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific, the Moto C and Moto C Plus.

While both phones share design similarities with the Moto Gs announced earlier in the year, they expense with the metal pleasantries in order to keep the corners down. Instead, they focus on software experience and battery life.

The Moto C offers a “micro-textured back cover”, 5-inch 854×480 pixel display, a quad-core  [Read More…]

Balance, simplicity and a tall screen: How the LG G6 was made

Over a year of development and testing went into the most substantial update to the G series since its inception.

With the amazing amount of coverage and information out there surrounding every smartphone launch today, everyone is quick to over-analyze and jump to conclusions about every minute aspect of a device. It has always been the purpose of our reviews to give context to all of the parts of a smartphone and how they all influence one  [Read More…]

Simplicity, not modular mayhem, is what LG and Lenovo (and the rest of us) need

The LG G5 has modules. The new Moto Z (or Moto X, or whatever) probably will, too. But what we really need is a good, simple phone that gets the important stuff right first.

It’s hard enough to sell simple smartphones these days. Just look the earnings of nearly every mobile manufacturer. It ain’t easy.

So why are manufacturers like LG and potentially Lenovo (Motorola) making it so much harder on themselves?

There’s something about saying the word  [Read More…]

Eboe review: Simplicity at its simplest

Eboe is an extremely simple yet extremely hard game. You are placed in a circle and have to move clockwise or anti-clockwise to avoid balls being shot from a cannon. That’s it. It is as boring as it sounds. Do be warned though: It is extremely hard.


Just like the gameplay, the developer Medbe has taken the “simplistic” approach. The main screen is adorned by your highscore, the “Play” button and a volume on/off button. There is no settings  [Read More…]

Lockable can provide your smartwatch with simplicity and security [‘Watch’ This App]

If you’re looking to protect your smartwatch from pesky intruders but also want to keep your watch face looking sleek, then it might be time to try the Lockable smartwear app. It’s an app that provides your smartwatch with either a pin, a pattern, or a swipe lock screen, just like on an Android device, and also has… Read more »

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