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What is Chrome ‘Site Isolation’ and how does it keep me safe?

Chrome’s Site Isolation feature is a brand new way to keep your web session more secure, but you’ll need to enable it.

The web is a scary place. There are scams, malicious links and other vulnerabilities hiding everywhere. Most users don’t see this because of protections built-in to their web browser or email client, and with Chrome 63, Google has brought another key feature to keeping users safe: site isolation.

What is site isolation?

The Chrome browser  [Read More…]

Using your phone on the job site: 5 apps for the hard worker

Work smarter with these five apps designed for the job site.

Android appeals to people from all walks of life. Your butcher, the young person at the register at Taco Bell, and all sorts of people you meet every day have an Android phone. That’s because a modern phone is totally a multi-tool and there’s an Android phone to fit everyone.

There are apps to fit everyone, too. We’re going to have a look at five of  [Read More…]

Andy Rubin’s Essential phone shows up at GFXBench site

When prototype meets benchmark app, magic happens. Or something.

Russian mobile enthusiasts at Mobiltelefon have spotted Andy Rubin’s Essential Android phone at the GFXBench.

We saw a glimpse of the Essential FIH-PM1 in March. Today we get to see some of the things that might make it tick. According to the benchmark system information, there’s a lot to look forward to here. And some things that are very odd or just plain wrong.

For starters, we see  [Read More…]

Chrome’s WebVR moves to Google Cardboard at the new WebVR Experiments site

Now almost every Android phone can experience VR on Chrome through Google’s new WebVR Experiments site.

Previously available for Google Daydream View headsets and the phones that power them, Google has followed up on the promise to expand the VR experience in Chrome, and in typical Google style they kicked off an entirely new website. At WebVR Experiments you’ll find content for both Google Daydream and Cardboard, Android VR experiments, A.I. experiments and even what they call Art and  [Read More…]

Google unveils new site to highlight open source projects and processes

Learn about Google’s commitment to open source projects and communities.

Google has been a long time supporter of open source projects — the core software on your Android phone, for example, is open source and available for developers looking for a flexible, mobile OS.

Google has released millions of lines of open source code over the years and helped support thousands of open source projects, but until now there was no place to find all these projects under one  [Read More…]

Google’s new ‘My Android’ site suggests wallpapers, icon packs and more

Be together. Not the same.

Android is all about customization, and there are so many ways to tweak the look of your phone that it’s impossible for it to look exactly the same as someone else’s. Google is hoping to foster this customizing spirit with its new “My Android” site, specifically launching a “Taste Test” system that asks you a bunch of questions and suggests wallpapers, icon packs, launchers, widgets and keyboards that fit your style.

Just go to  [Read More…]

Every Chrome VR site you can visit through Google Daydream

Now you can browse the internet in VR with the help of Daydream.

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been two years since VR rejoined our cultural consciousness, since it seems to be everywhere these days. Previously the only way to enjoy VR with your phone was by downloading Cardboard or Daydream apps from the Play Store. However it looks like those days are quickly coming to an end. If you missed the news this week,  [Read More…]

5 important steps to avoid when building a mobile site

Mobile devices are becoming more capable all the time, and their increasing power means they’re even supplanting desktops and laptops for many users. While many of the core elements of strong website development are similar on both mobile and traditional devices, there are a number of additional factors to consider as well. Here are five

New Samsung site tells you if your Galaxy Note 7 is safe

Online IMEI checker now available.

As promised a few days back, Samsung has launched a new online tool to let Galaxy Note 7 owners check if their phone is affected by the battery issue causing some units to catch fire or explode. The process is as simple as plugging your IMEI number into Samsung’s form and pressing a button; you’ll then be told if your Note needs to be replaced or not. The IMEI number is  [Read More…]

Google’s new site helps you find the right Chromebook for you

Google just made it easier to find the right Chromebook for you, adding a new section to its Chromebook site called “Find Yours.” The sections helps you sift through the various brands, screen sizes, and device types in order to select your ideal machine.

Simply navigate to the Find Yours section of the Chromebook site and scroll down to find a wide swath of Chrome OS devices, including laptops, convertibles, and desktops, all from manufacturers like  [Read More…]