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Learn essential skills from Ivy League professors and Nobel Prize winners with this app

To be the best, you have to learn from the best. You can’t expect to be great at something purely by self-guidance—we all need a bit of a push and some pieces of priceless wisdom from people who are experts in their field. And you might think that you can only get expert instruction from learning institutions, but there is now a platform that boasts an almost bottomless library of video lessons straight from the pros.

Enter: Big Think  [Read More…]

This Pluralsight deal lets you learn some new skills from home for free

Chances are, you’re spending a lot more time at home than you would regularly right now. The situation’s not ideal, but you could turn your self-isolation time into something positive by learning a new skill or becoming an expert on a topic you’ve always been interested in but never had the time to research fully. Online learning platform Pluralsight is making it super-affordable to pick up a new technical skill this month by offering access to its 7,000+ video courses  [Read More…]

Master essential office skills with 6 Udemy courses you can take at home

Social distancing has everyone stuck inside their homes with a massive amount of free time on their hands lately, but rather than letting it all go to waste, Udemy lets you put your time to good use with online courses you can learn from home. With the wide variety of subjects taught at Udemy, you can learn just about anything you want, from how to make a perfect PowerPoint presentation to how to play a new instrument, how to code,  [Read More…]

9 new skills to learn while you’re staying at home

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus has forced more people to stay at home—leading to seemingly endless hours trapped inside with little to do. But there’s a silver lining to these types of maddening self-quarantines: you now have an unprecedented amount of free time on your hands to learn a new skill that can enhance your personal life or professional career.

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Boost your child’s reading skills at home with a free trial to ReadingIQ

Getting your children hooked on reading early in life can make a serious impact on how they learn and interact with the world in later years. Now with the coronavirus outbreak forcing everyone to stay home over the course of the next few weeks, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to an important way to learn, discover new stories, and keep themselves entertained. Thankfully, ReadingIQ is making that easy, fun, and free this month with a free 30-day  [Read More…]

Learn the Key Skills to Become an In-Demand IT Professional For Less Than $50

IT professionals, also known as IT specialists or computer professionals, make a solid living, with their average salary coming in at $ 62,751 according to PayScale. Many of these professionals are tasked with identifying the threats and vulnerabilities of internet-connected digital systems — which is absolutely essential in today’s cyber crime ridden environment.

If working with computer systems, networks, and data sounds like a rewarding career, then now is a great time to invest in some instructional courses that  [Read More…]

Google-powered Adidas GMR smart insole can track your soccer skills

The Jacquard tag needs to be placed in the shoe for your dominant foot.

What you need to know Google, Adidas, and EA have joined hands to launch a smart insole that can analyze your footwork in real time with the help of machine learning. Called the Adidas GMR, the smart insole is now on sale for $ 40. Thanks to the smart tag inside GMR, it can connect your physical soccer movements to EA SPORTS FIFA  [Read More…]

5 skills every digital marketer needs in 2020

The internet and social media have changed the way companies market products and services. To keep up with the competition, companies must hire digital marketing professionals who are well-versed in the latest marketing skills, so we’ve lined up deals on five skills that every digital marketer needs to learn in 2020.

The Complete 2020 Google SEO & Growth Hacking Bundle

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Learn new skills in IT, programming, graphic design, and more online

After high school, many of our peers will go to college or learn a trade, but what comes after we enter the workforce? The most successful among us will continue to learn new skills and apply them to their careers, and the best part is that there are countless resources online that ensure that you’ll never run out of things to learn either. If you’re looking for an extensive library of knowledge to further your education, look no  [Read More…]

Top 3 skills to enhance your Amazon Echo Show experience

The Amazon Echo Show is what would be considered the premiere device in the Echo family of devices. At $ 230, it’s more than just a smart speaker; it’s a 10-inch display that can help you out no matter where you are. In the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the office, no matter where you are in the home, the Echo Show is a versatile device that can supplement your life in myriad ways. Here are three things  [Read More…]