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Skip the line for the latest Android security patch on your Pixel

Now that we’re well into the cycle of regular Android 9 Pie updates, Pixel owners are clamoring to get the latest updates to Android 9 as soon as possible. But Google doesn’t always push these over-the-air updates as soon as people would like, which is where this guide comes in. Using the tips below, you can sideload factory images or OTA updates to your Pixel device as soon as they are available.

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Skip wall adapters and charge directly with 20% off Topgreener outlets

Go straight for the direct charge!

The Topgreener 36W Quick Charge 2.0 USB power outlet is down to $ 23.51 thanks to a 20% off on-page coupon. We saw this exact same deal over Black Friday, but it was a brand new discount then. It’s still a great price, and it’s not alone.

The two USB ports provide fast charging for any QC 2.0 device and regular charging for non-compatible devices like the iPhone. It still gives  [Read More…]

HTC will skip the U12 and instead only release the U12+ in 2018

Things aren’t looking good for HTC.

Following up on the U11 and U11+ from 2017, we’ve been expecting HTC to release successors to those two phones in the forms of the U12 and U12+. However, according to a new report from Venture Beat‘s Evan Blass, that’s no longer the case.

Rather than releasing two flagships over the course of the year like we’ve seen from Samsung and LG, HTC will instead focus all of its efforts on  [Read More…]

Samsung reported to skip in-display fingerprint sensor on Galaxy Note 9

Current in-display sensors “cannot meet Samsung’s technical requirements.”

During CES this past January, one of the phones that grabbed our attention the most was the Vivo X20 Plus UD – primarily because of its in-display fingerprint sensor. This technology was later seen on the Vivo Apex during MWC in February, and we’re anticipating more and more OEMs will adopt this new tech as we go about 2018 – one of which being Samsung.

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How to skip YouTube ads automatically in Android without root

Youtube is currently the most popular platform for watching and sharing all kinds of videos and there is absolutely no doubt about that. But as we all know, every good thing has a flip side, and for YouTube, it is the annoying auto play ads. While it is true that YouTube is free to use […]

Skip your Starbucks run and try Vtin’s Bluetooth headphones for just $7

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a set of Bluetooth headphones you’ll want to instantly impulse purchase!

These days you can find Bluetooth headphones starting around $ 20 up to as much as $ 500, but picking the right pair can be a hard task. Is there a benefit to dropping a large sum of money on a set of headphones, or will the basic ones do just fine? This is a question  [Read More…]

Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 8 exists, but Galaxy S8 will skip MWC

Galaxy S8 launch hinted for ‘next 90 days’ — but not in Barcelona in late February.

In separate interviews, Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh has revealed the first on-the-record information about firm’s next two major smartphone launches. The Galaxy S8 will skip Mobile World Congress at the end of February, as widely rumored, while the Galaxy Note 8 will arrive later this year. The latter point should nip in the bud speculation that Samsung would kill off  [Read More…]

Should you skip the Galaxy S7 edge and go for this Vivo clone instead?

Have you been mulling over the Galaxy S7 edge, but you’re not sure you want to do business with Samsung ever again? Luckily there are a lot of Chinese device makers who have been busy copying the Galaxy S7 edge’s looks. The latest to join the party is Vivo with the new Xplay6 handset, which

You can now play Jeopardy and ask Alexa to skip between chapters on the Amazon Echo

Amazon has added a number of new features to the Echo this week, including the ability to jump back and forth between chapters of a book with voice commands, and the ability to play Jeopardy. Once enabled in the app settings, you’ll be able to ask Alexa to play Jeopardy, at which time you’ll be asked a number of questions from categories including world history, travel, pop culture and more.

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Amazon Prime Now. Skip the trip, one hour delivery. (app and service review)

Amazon.com recently became the world’s largest retailer in 2015, surpassing the mighty Walmart and has established themselves by offering great prices, quick and reliable shipping, with other free services as well.

Amazon also recently made its Prime Now service(requires an Amazon Prime membership) available in San Diego, and being a HUGE fan of Amazon, I had to give it a try.


What is Amazon Prime Now?

Prime Now is a new  [Read More…]