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Google Pixel Slate vs. iPad Pro 12.9: Which should you buy?

I’ve been using Chromebooks since the original Google CR48 and waited in line for the first iPhone. I love tech regardless of which company makes the product and have a house filled with gadgets from all manufacturers.

Google Pixel Slate

Google’s pro tablet

$ 999 at Amazon

Pros Excellent display Desktop web browser Fingerprint sensor Multiple configurations Cons Keyboard and Pen sold separately Software not fully touch optimized Android apps not fully optimized

The Pixel  [Read More…]

Should you buy the Google Pixel Slate?

Best answer: If you are familiar with Chrome OS and looking for a tablet or two-in-one, the Pixel Slate is the most expensive and powerful of the bunch. But it has its problems and isn’t for most people. The HP Chromebook X2 is a cheaper, more capable Chrome 2-in-1 that may be better for your particular needs.

Best Buy: Pixel Slate ($ 799) Best Buy: HP Chromebook X2 How much is too much?

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Google Pixel Slate vs. Google Pixelbook: Which should you buy?

Android may be our main passion here at AC, but we’re just as excited by all things Chrome OS. From tips and tricks to buying advice, we’re here to help you find the Chromebook that’s right for you!

Google Pixelbook

Our pick

$ 999 at B&H

Pros Modern design Fantastic keyboard Solid specs Great display Better value Cons Thicker bezels No fingerprint sensor

Despite being over a year old, the Pixelbook is still one of  [Read More…]

The best gamepads for the Google Pixel Slate

The Google Pixel Slate is one of the most powerful Chrome OS machines on the market, and in between your emails, spreadsheets, and homework, you might want to find some time to play a few games on its impressive hardware. For the ultimate gaming experience, however, we recommend picking up a gamepad. Here are a few of our favorites.

Best of the best SteelSeries Nimbus

SteelSeries makes some of the best Bluetooth controllers around, and the Nimbus is  [Read More…]

These stands won’t let your Google Pixel Slate fall flat

Tablet stands come in every shape, style, and price point under the sun, but with 7.95 inches of height, the Google Pixel Stand is ever so slightly too big for most of the “regular” tablet stands and pillows you’d find online. Never fear! We’ve hunted down a bevy of stands that will not only fit the Google Pixel Slate’s large frame but fit your life and your needs, as well.

Cover and kickstand Incipio Esquire Series Folio for Google Pixel  [Read More…]

These are all the official accessories for Google Pixel Slate

The Pixel Slate is Google’s first-ever Chrome OS tablet to hit the market, and while it provides a lot to love right out of the box, you can drastically improve its capabilities with a few helpful accessories. From keyboards to styluses, these are all the official accessories you can get for the Google Pixel Slate!

First-party keyboard case Pixel Slate Keyboard

If you want the full Pixel Slate experience, you’re going to want to pick up a keyboard  [Read More…]

These Google Pixel Slate keyboards should be just your type

The Google Pixel Slate is a very large, very pretty, very expensive Chrome OS tablet, and however far Google has come in optimizing Chrome OS for touch-only input, if you own a Chrome OS device, you know all too well: this system begs for a keyboard. Chrome OS has some of the best shortcuts around, and besides, even with the Pixel Slate’s beautiful screen, typing on a tablet is still worlds slower than typing on a real keyboard. So get  [Read More…]

Is the Pen included with the Pixel Slate?

Best answer: No. The product listing for the Pixel Slate at the Google Store clearly states “Pixelbook Pen sold separately.” The Pixelbook Pen is available in white or midnight blue for an additional $ 99.

Best Buy: Pixel Slate ($ 799+) Best Buy: Pixelbook Pen ($ 99) $ 100 worth spending

Unfortunately, the Pixelbook Pen isn’t included in the box with a Pixel Slate. Google confirms this on the Pixel Slate’s product page with a footnote that  [Read More…]

Which Pixel Slate model is right for me?

Best answer: The Pixel Slate is available in four different models, but for most people, the $ 799 or $ 999 versions are the only models worth consideration. If you want to stretch your dollars even further, it may be worth considering the HP Chromebook X2.

Google: Pixel Slate ($ 599 to $ 1,599)

Best Buy: HP Chromebook X2 ($ 600)

A wide range of specs

Google’s Pixel Slate is a high-end two-in-one Chromebook with a  [Read More…]

Google Pixel Slate now up for pre-order at Best Buy

It’s a laptop. It’s a tablet. It’s the Google Pixel Slate!

Alongside the Pixel 3, Google announced its new detachable: the Pixel Slate. The Pixel Slate builds on what made the Pixelbook great: a premium design, high-end specs and the latest features of Chrome OS. The Pixel Slate will be available later in 2018, so stay tuned for more!

The latest Pixel Slate news November 6, 2018 — Google Pixel Slate now up for pre-order at Best  [Read More…]