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You can now get the Google Pixel Slate with a free keyboard for only $549

The special offer ends on September 5 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

What you need to know Google is offering a $ 250 discount on the entire Pixel Slate lineup. The Intel Core m3 model is now available for just $ 549. Along with the $ 250 discount, Google is also offering a Pixel Slate Keyboard or Brydge G-Type keyboard for free.

Unlike Google’s Pixel smartphones, the Chrome OS-powered Pixel Slate hasn’t received much critical acclaim. To make  [Read More…]

Samsung unveils a new slate of smart tech led by the SmartThings Cam

Making your home this smart has never been quite as affordable.

Samsung’s SmartThings has been wholly focused on providing smart home technology to consumers that can all be managed as a group or individually within its free SmartThings app, and today, the company is taking the wraps off three new affordable additions to its lineup.

Dubbed the SmartThings Cam, the star of today’s announcement was designed to allow families to keep watch over their home at any  [Read More…]

Google stopped caring about tablets long before the Pixel Slate

Another business decision means another canceled product, and it happens every day. It always means more to the people who use the product that’s getting axed.

Google has been put on record saying it’s canceling the production and sale of self-branded tablets. As it turns out, this isn’t exactly a new decision, but Google being up-front about it all is; a Google spokesperson told Computer World it’s done in no uncertain terms. And Rick Osterloh, the head  [Read More…]

The Pixel Slate (still) doesn’t suck

The Pixel Slate isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be.

Unpopular opinion time: Google’s Pixel Slate isn’t a bad product.

It’s expensive and has limited appeal, for sure, but as far as Chrome OS on a tablet goes, it’s the best you’re going to find if you’re willing to pay too much money for Chrome OS on a tablet. Right up front, I’m not a tablet kind of person, not at all. I  [Read More…]

Save $50 on the slate BlackBerry KEY2 LE smartphone

Return to the physical keyboard.

The BlackBerry KEY2 LE 64GB unlocked Android smartphone has dropped to $ 399.99. The only other time the KEY2 LE was last year in mid-December. Slate is the only color available at this price as the others are still $ 450, which also matches what other retailers like Best Buy are selling this phone for.

It features a 4.5-inch display, 13MP camera on the back, runs Android 8.1 and boasts an insane  [Read More…]

A power bank for your Google Pixel Slate needs USB PD — and these have it

The Google Pixel Slate’s battery can run up to 12 hours, but some days, that just won’t be enough. Any power bank worth buying for the Pixel Slate needs USB Power Delivery in order to charge it at a reasonable speed. The maximum USB-PD charging speed supported by the Pixel is 45W, and if you’re looking to travel with this battery pack — really, why else would you have one — 100Wh is the largest capacity you can legally bring  [Read More…]

A fix is coming to make the Pixel Slate less laggy

A fix has been in the works since November.

While the Pixel Slate is a welcome addition to Google’s hardware lineup, there’s one issue that holds it back from being as enjoyable to use as it should be — laggy performance when using it in tablet mode. Whether you’re going through the multitasking menu or dragging two apps to be used side-by-side, these actions are met with an absurd amount of jank and laggy animations.

Thankfully, a  [Read More…]

Google Pixel Slate vs. iPad Pro 12.9: Which should you buy?

I’ve been using Chromebooks since the original Google CR48 and waited in line for the first iPhone. I love tech regardless of which company makes the product and have a house filled with gadgets from all manufacturers.

Google Pixel Slate

Google’s pro tablet

$ 999 at Amazon

Pros Excellent display Desktop web browser Fingerprint sensor Multiple configurations Cons Keyboard and Pen sold separately Software not fully touch optimized Android apps not fully optimized

The Pixel  [Read More…]

Should you buy the Google Pixel Slate?

Best answer: If you are familiar with Chrome OS and looking for a tablet or two-in-one, the Pixel Slate is the most expensive and powerful of the bunch. But it has its problems and isn’t for most people. The HP Chromebook X2 is a cheaper, more capable Chrome 2-in-1 that may be better for your particular needs.

Best Buy: Pixel Slate ($ 799) Best Buy: HP Chromebook X2 How much is too much?

Google’s Pixel brand of  [Read More…]

Google Pixel Slate vs. Google Pixelbook: Which should you buy?

Android may be our main passion here at AC, but we’re just as excited by all things Chrome OS. From tips and tricks to buying advice, we’re here to help you find the Chromebook that’s right for you!

Google Pixelbook

Our pick

$ 999 at B&H

Pros Modern design Fantastic keyboard Solid specs Great display Better value Cons Thicker bezels No fingerprint sensor

Despite being over a year old, the Pixelbook is still one of  [Read More…]