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Ringke Wave Case for Galaxy S9+ review: Bold beauty, slick protection

In a market flooded with flat, boring cases, Ringke makes waves and secure style with its dual-layer case.

As the owner of a blue Samsung Galaxy S9+, when I went shopping for a case to protect my shiny new behemoth, I ran into a bit of a problem. Most of the cases available fell into one of two equally undesirable camps: sensible, black bores or bulky, bedazzled beauty school flunk-outs. Adding injury to insult, while there are  [Read More…]

HDHomeRun DVR is a slick and simple way to record TV with Android

The makers of the HDHomeRun TV tuner are working on a DVR to go with it. And it’s pretty great.

Using Android or Android TV, you’re not exactly short on options to watch live TV, nor for recording it. There’s one little box, though, that we often keep coming to that sits at the heart of many of these solutions. And it’s got its own DVR in progress.

Thanks to the good people at SiliconDust, we’re now  [Read More…]

OnePlus is letting anyone buy this slick Midnight Black OnePlus 3T

There’s a new special edition OnePlus 3T, and you may actually be able to buy it this time.

A lot of going right for OnePlus these days. The company was among the first manufacturers to release Android 7.1.1 to two of its devices on the same day, and it managed to make all the nerds swoon in unison with the announcement of a special edition all-black OnePlus 3T in collaboration with Parisian fashion house, colette.

While that  [Read More…]

YouTube TV is a slick full cable television replacement

For $ 35 a month, you can watch a variety of broadcast and cable networks on the same app you use for adorable animal videos.

Google has announced YouTube TV, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a $ 35-a-month TV service that packages a bundle of channels from the broadcast networks and various cable networks. The networks includes Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC, as well as their affiliated cable networks, including Fox News, ESPN, and  [Read More…]

Galaxy S8 to feature a slick design, improved camera, and an enhanced AI service

The Note 7 debacle has hurt Samsung’s bottom line this quarter, with the company expected to lose a total of $ 5 billion over the recall and eventual discontinuation of sales. The South Korean manufacturer is looking to turn things around early next year with the launch of the Galaxy S8, and according to The Wall Street Journal, it plans to do that by incorporating a “slick design and an improved camera, as well as an enhanced  [Read More…]

Swype keyboard is a slick way to type on your phone (Review)

Overview: Swype is a keyboard app that has a ton of features and input methods that make it stand out from the crowded keyboard scene. Developer: Nuance Communications Cost: $ 0.99 (Free trial available) Impressions: Swype has been around a while now, and has established itself as one of the more popular keyboard apps for Android.

The Olio Model One is a slick and stylish smartwatch starting at $595

A new start up company, Olio Devices, has just launched pre-orders for a limited run of its first product, the Olio Model One.

It’s a very slick looking smartwatch that’s compatible with Android smartphones, with prices beginning at $ 595.

Meet Pujie Black, one slick watch face

We’re back at you with another great watch face for your Android Wear smartwatch, and this time it’s with Pujie Black- Wear Watch Face. The watch face comes with an app to customize the settings and colors of the face. You can toggle the digital clock, analog clock hands, and much more in the app…. Read more »

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Slick new video shows off the LG G Watch once more

We continue to inch ever closer to actually seeing the first Android Wear watches, and tonight LG has rolled out a new promo video for its LG G Watch.

“LG devices the smartwatch,” the 53-second video says, noting that it’s “compatible with Android” while showing it against wireframes of an LG smartphone, and a more generic-looking (we’ll assume it’s a G Pad) tablet. It’s “sleek and light for all-day comfort,” the video continues. Other tag lines include “metal  [Read More…]

Google’s URL shortener gets a slick new Android app

Google URL Shortener

Google’s long had an excellent option for shortening URLs — goo.gl. Now it has a slick Android app to go along with it. Thomas Devaux rolled out the aptly named “Google URL Shortener” this morning that’s as easy to use as it is functional.

The app syncs into your Google account, so you have access to any short URLs you’ve previously created (and you can get analytics on other goo.gl URLs as  [Read More…]