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A smart experience for your Note 10 & Note 10+ with Spigen

The Note 10 is fast-approaching and aiming to be the most advanced smartphone in Galaxy history. However, having the latest and greatest always comes with a cost and in this case, quite literally. Luckily, Spigen’s Note 10 & 10+ collection is ready with another lineup and this time they are putting a smart spin to their already protective and slim cases.

Elevating the Note 10 with smart design

There’s never been a doubt in Spigen’s selection  [Read More…]

The best soundbars for your smart TV

All the way from super cheap to ludicrous.

Soundbars have come a long way in the last few years. While full-sized speakers will still sound better — sound needs space, after all — soundbars sound great for their size. That size also requires a smaller footprint in your living room and with something like the Sonos Playbar, you will get great sound without a head-scratching installation process, and more. There are other great soundbars available, and we  [Read More…]

Fossil Gen 5 watches launch with 1GB RAM, smart battery modes

Whereas the first days of Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) were populated with devices from the likes of Motorola, LG, and Huawei, today’s climate is much different. Now the space is largely occupied by more traditional watch manufacturers.

Fossil is one of those brands which has been around for much of Wear OS and who continues to push out products. Today finds the watch maker introducing its Gen 5 wearable. As often is the case with Fossil, the Gen 5 offer  [Read More…]

Is the Amazon Echo Show 5 better than the Lenovo Smart Clock?

Choosing the right smart home display can be difficult since there are so many options to choose from. We’ve compared the Lenovo Smart Clock against the Echo Show 5 to see which is the better buy. We’ve discovered that the latter is definitely better.

Echo Show 5

Prime choice

$ 90 at Amazon

Pros Inexpensive Plays videos HD camera with camera cover Works with more smart devices Sunrise alarm Larger screen Cons Doesn’t look as nice  [Read More…]

5 smart garage door openers that you should consider

When you’re looking to upgrade your home to a smart home, you don’t want to forget the garage door. Being able to open it from your phone makes it easier for you to enter your house when you don’t have a remote or keypad handy. More than that, at some point, you or one of your kids might leave the garage door open. Most smart garage door openers including the Chamberlain MyQ let you check the status of  [Read More…]

ET2 Lighting’s new collection works with Philips Hue and your smart home

Smart lighting can be beautiful.

ET2 Lighting has joined the Philips Hue ‘Friends with Hue’ program and added four new smart lighting fixtures designed to work with Philips Hue products and your smart home. Unlike most of the Philips Hue lineup that exists to add some smartness to your existing fixtures, ET2 Lighting is “bringing design-focused lighting concepts.”

Looks Good and Obeys your Commands ET2 Lighting iWood LED pendant light

Your smart home doesn’t have to be  [Read More…]

Save 30% on the NOWA Shaper hybrid smart watch

Smart watches, particularly Wear OS ones, are really interesting and great devices, but not everyone needs something so robust. On the other hand, many fitness bands and activity trackers don’t exactly do much in the area of fashion.

Hybrid watches, such as the NOWA Shaper, strike a balance between the two ends of the spectrum, giving wearers more than a basic amount of functionality. What’s more, they tend to resemble more traditional time pieces.

The AndroidGuys Deals Store has the  [Read More…]

Get smart with your surge protectors with these power strips

With all the gadgets and devices we own today, we want to make sure we protect them from any surges or spikes that may occur. Electronic devices can be expensive to replace, so why not purchase a ‘middle man’ to absorb any extra charge that may pass through the circuit. We’ve rounded up a bunch of smart surge protectors that offer more than just surge protection.

Independent Control TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip

The Kasa Smart  [Read More…]

Alexa, show me an awesome Echo Show and Smart Plug Prime Day combo

The Echo Show 5 comes with an Alexa smart plug for just $ 55 on Prime Day.

The Echo Show 5 is one sale during Prime Day for an incredible discount of just $ 50 and if you throw in a $ 5 Alexa Smart Plug, you can get the package for 52% off the full price.

Prime Day is nearly over, and it’s the best time to stock up on your Amazon smart gadgets, but you  [Read More…]

Do smart lights actually save you money?

Best answer: LED bulbs, including smart lights, are much more energy-efficient than older incandescent bulbs, but the higher upfront cost of smart bulbs means you won’t break even for a while.

Works without a hub: LIFX Color A19 ($ 45 at Amazon) Variety of accessories: Philips Hue Ambiance ($ 44 at Amazon) Upfront costs

Smart home brands love to tout their bulbs as being energy-efficient, saving you money in the long term. While you can certainly cut  [Read More…]