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Kevin Spacey is investing in a mysterious gaming smartphone startup, Wonder

A new report claims to have some information on a startup called Wonder. The company is apparently working on a gaming-themed smartphone and counts actor Kevin Spacey among its investors.

At the moment, the official Wonder website is pretty bare bones, with an astronaut helmet logo and a “Coming Soon” label, along with an email address signup bar to get more updates as they are revealed. TechCrunch says it has a little more information on Wonder’s  [Read More…]

MrMobile’s Moto Z review: A smartphone like no other

With an aluminum frame barely 5mm thick and slap-on “mods” that give it crazy capabilities, the Moto Z is unlike any smartphone you can buy today. It’s also the latest installment in one of the most inconsistent product families in mobile technology.

In 2013, Motorola introduced a small, modest mobile that tried to redefine what a smartphone should be, and it called it the “Moto X.” The next two years would see the company gradually abandon most of the  [Read More…]

Police look to unlock smartphone using 3D-printed fingerprints

A law enforcement agency has turned to a researcher at the University of Michigan for help in creating 3D replicas of a victim’s fingerprints in order to gain access his phone. The technique, demonstrated earlier this year by Anil Jain, could help law enforcement unlock a device equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

While many modern fingerprint sensors require not only a fingerprint, but the electrical conductivity of a living finger, this technique is designed to get  [Read More…]

Ways that you interact with your smartphone

Long gone are the days when all a mobile phone was used for was calling and texting. Of course, there are still people who have basic model phones that just do that. They are in the minority though, now that smart phones have taken over. Phones are not just a means of communicating any longer;

Unlocked smartphone buyer’s guide (Summer 2016)

If you’ve followed AndroidGuys closely over the last year, you’ve likely seen our increasing coverage on unlocked smartphones. This is an intentional content shift as we see tremendous growth and focus in this space. Not only for the prepaid carriers and MVNO’s but also for the tier-one wireless providers, too. More and more, hardware makers

Freetel Priori3: what does $100 get you in a smartphone? (Review)

We’ve seen an influx of cheap, good, Asian smartphones here in the US. Gone are the days where the only phones you got to choose from were whatever Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC decided to put out. Now we have real choice. These choices come in the form of truly great phones like the Huawei

This weekend’s best tech deals: Axon 7 Android smartphone, mobile accessories

I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend. Newegg is offering up a pretty sweet deal on the Axon 7 preorder where you can pick up a free set of Monster headphones with the phone. At $ 400 the Axon 7 is a great deal if you’re looking for a powerhouse at a midrange

What I’m using: LD West smartphone holster

My phones don’t fit in my pockets.

I’m not talking about an Galaxy S7 Edge or a Nexus 6P, either. My HTC 10 does not fit comfortably in my front pockets. My Nexus 5X does not fit comfortably in my front pockets. And when I go look for other jeans, short of baggy cargo pants or a few jumpsuits, they don’t fit well in those pockets either. And that’s a problem,  [Read More…]

Manufacturers should have anticipated the smartphone plateau

Android has had quite the journey. It’s good to reflect sometimes, and it’s crazy thinking that the first official Android smartphone, the HTC Dream, launched almost eight years ago. Eight. Years. I personally joined the Android bandwagon with the HTC Evo 4G in 2010, and I remember the space being so exciting those days. There

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA release their cheapest smartphone yet

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA are launching a budget Android smartphone on Sprint’s network for only $ 70, called the Alcatel Dawn. So far this is the cheapest Android phone for 2016. Alcatel Dawn Features Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS 4.5-inch TFT touchscreen display 5MP rear-facing camera 3G/4G LTE 8GB ROM/1GB RAM1 Mexico roaming capable2 1,780mAh battery