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HTC U Ultra vs LG V20 (Smartphone Showdown)

Earlier this month, HTC unveiled the HTC U Ultra flagship in a bid to restore customers’ interest in the brand. HTC has been struggling to remain relevant for years now and the company’s latest “U” phone family hopes to spark some enthusiasm with Android fans. For this purpose HTC has mixed in a lot of

Republic Wireless rings up the Moto G4 Play for its latest smartphone

Republic Wireless this week begins offering the Motorola Moto G4 Play as part of its handset roster. Priced at $ 149, it’s an Android 6.0 Marshmallow smartphone with a 5-inch display. The Moto G4 Play draws strength from a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor with 2GB RAM. Internal storage capacity is 16GB but a microSD card

ZTE show’s off specs for crowd-sourced Hawkeye smartphone

ZTE has officially announced the specifications for its crowd-sourced smartphone, named Hawkeye. The device which was originally announced as ‘Project CSX’, can still be purchased through Kickstarter for $ 199. With that price-point, expectations were set fairly low in regards to overall specs, but ZTE has packed in a fair amount of tech including Senseye eye-tracking and

Nokia 6 vs Moto G4 Plus (Budget Smartphone Showdown)

Budget phones are getting better and better these days. You can now get features which were previously available only on premium devices, for affordable rates. So for this showdown I want to compare one of the best budget handsets to date, the Moto G4 Plus to Nokia’s comeback handset – also a middle-range offering. Yes,

Things People Rarely Consider When Choosing A Smartphone

If you are to look at all the smartphones that are available at the moment on the market you can easily notice that it is really easy to feel overwhelmed. We are faced with so many problems since a smartphone that is really good for a person is not necessarily the best one for another.

The 21st Century Tricorder: MrMobile Hands-On With the Scio Spectrometer Smartphone

The Scio Spectrometer phone allows you to scan all the things you put into your body and make sure they’re good for you. Then, you can scan your body and make sure you’re actually getting healthier! The perfect phone for the hypochondriac. While it’s not a great phone by most measures, the spectrometer inside the phone is a truly interesting feature.

MrMobile expounds on all his Star Trek fantasies by scanning things and talking chemical composition and captain’s-logging everything  [Read More…]

This smartphone would make the whole Star Trek crew jealous

Apart from consumer product launches from major OEMs, CES 2017 is also a platform for companies that want to showcase their latest and greatest experimental designs. But many of these prototypes slip under the radar and honestly it’s a real shame. That’s why today we want to bring to your attention a highly unusual smartphone.

Honor 6X vs ZTE Blade V8 Pro (Smartphone Showdown)

Looking back at 2016, we saw how entry-level devices got better and better. And as we speculated in a recent article, dual cameras are going to become the norm for most smartphones launched in 2017, even the lower-end ones. Dual cameras mostly made it on premium phones like the iPhone 7 Plus, LG V20 or

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) vs OnePlus 3T (Smartphone Showdown)

Released back in November, the OnePlus 3T represent an incremental update over the OnePlus 3. With a slightly better processor, selfie camera and chunkier battery, the OnePlus 3T proves to be quite an interesting middle-to-upper ranger smartphone. But the handset is going to see some competition from Samsung’s newly released Galaxy A (2017) line, especially

Say hi to Nokia’s first comeback smartphone, it runs Android 7.0 Nougat

Earlier this week we told you Nokia is expected to launch 6 to 7 new Android smartphones this year. Well it seems the deluge has already been unleashed. HMD, the Finnish company that holds the rights over the Nokia brand has announced the first all-new Nokia smartphone. And as previous rumors indicated, the freshly squeezed