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Buying the best smartphone power pack – MrMobile explains

Proclaiming one external battery charger to be the “best power pack” for all people is a daunting challenge – and it misses the point.

The reality is that, as with smartphones, different power banks work well for different users. But I’ve collected between twenty and thirty external battery pack accessories in my time reviewing technology, and I’ve found that the secret to making the search a little less daunting is to focus on three key areas: safety, capacity, and  [Read More…]

Cricket brings on the LG X power: A budget priced smartphone with two day battery life

Cricket Wireless, a prepaid wireless carrier in the US, will be offering its users the LG X power smartphone starting August 26th. LG is known for its flagship phones like the G5 and LG V10, but it also makes a wide variety of budget and mid-range priced devices as well. The LG X power caters

Today’s best tech bargains: Blu R1 smartphone $50, headphones, chargers, and more

Chargers, car chargers, and car mounts are all on sale now. Make sure you pick up a car mount at a very minimum to help improve your safety while you drive and to eliminate any chances of getting a ticket while driving and using a smartphone. One of my favorite third party accessories is from

Get this universal 3-in-1 lens kit for enhancing your smartphone pictures for just $12

While phone cameras have improved tremendously over the past few years, most notably the Samsung Galaxy S7, their miniature size limits the photos you can take. Traditional cameras have much larger lenses for allowing in more light and wider angles allowing for better and fuller pictures. Today’s AndroidGuys deal of the day is a 3-in-1

Today’s best tech deals: LG Android smartphone $30, $10 smartphone lens adapter for fisheye pics

Happy Friday! There are quite a few great deals to be had today and most run through the weekend as well. Amazon is running a sweet sale on the LG Destiny Android smartphone with triple minutes for just $ 29.99. This is great as an emergency or backup phone. J&L wireless headphones are an absolute bargain

Coolpad unveils Coolpad Mega, a nicely designed budget smartphone for India

Coolpad has unveiled the Coolpad Mega, its latest budget smartphone for India.

In a press conference in New Delhi today, Coolpad unveiled the Coolpad Mega, a lightweight, nicely designed affordable smartphone. Powered by the latest CoolUI 8.0 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the Coolpad Mega supports dual SIM dual standby with VoLTE support and offers 4G LTE network.

The company claims that with the launch of Coolpad Mega, Coolpad aims to capture 13-15% of the  [Read More…]

Today’s best tech discounts: Dashcams, bargain priced car chargers, Android smartphone deals

There are a couple of hot new deals on Vantrue dashcams. If you drive for Uber or Lyft, you should strongly consider getting one to protect yourself in case of having a bad passenger or you get caught in an accident where it is your word against theirs. Let the camera protect you with actual

Kevin Spacey is investing in a mysterious gaming smartphone startup, Wonder

A new report claims to have some information on a startup called Wonder. The company is apparently working on a gaming-themed smartphone and counts actor Kevin Spacey among its investors.

At the moment, the official Wonder website is pretty bare bones, with an astronaut helmet logo and a “Coming Soon” label, along with an email address signup bar to get more updates as they are revealed. TechCrunch says it has a little more information on Wonder’s  [Read More…]

MrMobile’s Moto Z review: A smartphone like no other

With an aluminum frame barely 5mm thick and slap-on “mods” that give it crazy capabilities, the Moto Z is unlike any smartphone you can buy today. It’s also the latest installment in one of the most inconsistent product families in mobile technology.

In 2013, Motorola introduced a small, modest mobile that tried to redefine what a smartphone should be, and it called it the “Moto X.” The next two years would see the company gradually abandon most of the  [Read More…]

Police look to unlock smartphone using 3D-printed fingerprints

A law enforcement agency has turned to a researcher at the University of Michigan for help in creating 3D replicas of a victim’s fingerprints in order to gain access his phone. The technique, demonstrated earlier this year by Anil Jain, could help law enforcement unlock a device equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

While many modern fingerprint sensors require not only a fingerprint, but the electrical conductivity of a living finger, this technique is designed to get  [Read More…]