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Google Pixel vs. OnePlus 3T (Smartphone Showdown)

Google’s Nexus line used to be the one, shining beacon of affordable flagships in the endless sea of $ 700+ smartphones. But Harvey Dent has lived long enough to see himself become the villain, and with the Pixel line and its $ 769 cost of entry, Google has become Two-Face. Where, then do we turn in our

Sports Illustrated shoots its first cover with a smartphone, the Motorola Moto Z

It’s no secret phones have been seeing major updates in the camera department in the last few years, but even so old school photographers tend to stick to their DSLRs, right? Well it seems like the folks of Sports Illustrated performed a little experiment and shot the cover of their latest magazine cover using a

Pixel grabs 10% of the premium smartphone market in India, but there’s a long way to go

The Pixels are off to a great start in India.

The Pixel and Pixel XL made their debut in India on October 26, retailing for ₹57,000 ($ 830) and ₹67,000 ($ 975) respectively. The launch was followed by an advertising blitz by Google that saw billboards plastered across major urban centers and commercials on major channels. With a Note 7-sized hole waiting to be filled, Google shipped 33,000 units of the Pixels in the country, catapulting  [Read More…]

What should ZTE’s eye-tracking, self-adhesive smartphone be called?

Remember ZTE’s Project CSX? It’s the company’s initiative to crowdsource innovative new smartphone ideas. Last month we told you the ZTE community picked a winner, in the form of a self-adhesive, eye-tracking handset. However, so far the winner remains unnamed. Now ZTE is asking fans to help the company put a name on the upcoming

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. LG V20 (Smartphone Showdown)

Something a bit different this time around, AndroidGuys – rather than comparing last year’s model to this year’s, I’m going to pit two high-end juggernauts against one another. I’m not gonna lie, I’m biased in this particular Showdown. I think the Edge’s curved screen and edge gestures are over hyped and faddy, like 3DTV and

HTC: No, we’re not looking to sell our smartphone business

Albeit being one of the best known smartphone makers on the market, HTC’s mobile division has been faltering for quite some time. Now a recent report claims that things are going so bad that the Taiwanese device maker is looking to sell its phone making subsidiary. Given HTC’s current status, it’s not exactly inconceivable the

LG V10 vs. V20 (Smartphone Showdown)

  Welcome back, AndroidGuys. This time around I’m presenting a breakdown of LG’s latest-and-greatest, the V20, with its previous latest-and-greatest, the V10. As you might come to expect when it comes to annual upgrades, the upgrades are largely incremental. Note: Since the V10 is going to be getting Android 7.0 in the coming months, I’m

Best 10 smartphone, smartwatch and accessory deals of the week – Nov 11

This week went by fast. We’ve shared a few great smartphone deals that we spotted on the web this past week, but we thought we’d give you a quick roundup in case you missed. We’ve also done some additional digging to make sure we’ve included the best deals of the week. We’re still a few weeks out from Black Friday and the official kickoff of the holiday shopping season, but the deals below are definitely worth taking a look at.

Amazon  [Read More…]

Nexus 6P vs. Pixel XL (Smartphone Showdown)

I’ve always been a compulsive upgrader; I upgraded to every new Nexus phone, I rooted it before I even installed Facebook, and I installed daily ROMs (and switched ROMs about once a week). Over the years, however, I’ve seen a shift in my taste – I prefer consistency and convenience to being on the buggy,

World’s first Helio P20 6GB RAM smartphone, UMi Plus E, available for $199.99 today

Yes, the wait is over! On Nov.11th at 12.00 (GMT+8) the reservation of the long awaited UMi Plus E will start! You should be able to subscribe on UMI’s UMi Plus E dedicated page to reserve the new powerhouse for just 199.99 USD. We have seen quite some impressive specifications, but the real star here