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Honor 8 vs Motorola Moto G5 Plus (Value-Packed Smartphone Showdown)

Are you searching for a decently specced smartphone that won’t put a toll on your savings? Both Honor and Motorola offer models that are worthy to be taken into consideration by those searching for budget-friendly handsets. In this article we compare two such models and highlight the differences, in a bid to help you decide […]

LG G6 vs LeEco Le Pro3 AI Edition (Smartphone Showdown)

In recent days, Chinese technology giant LeEco unveiled its latest flagship, the Le Pro3 AI Edition. The phone is actually a revamped version of the Le Pro3 of last year, which comes equipped with a bunch of new features. And while most folks were expecting LeEco to come out with a new brand phone on […]

Specs of Maze’s upcoming bezeless smartphone leak out

Last month we told you that smartphone industry newcomer Maze is poised to launch a Xiaomi Mi MIX alternative soon. The company calls the phone Alpha, but so far we didn’t have much info on it, except for a teaser images which showed a phone with incredibly skinny bezels. Well now thanks to frequent leakster […]

Samsung litters Britain with giant bezels to promote bezel-less smartphone

Dem Bezels

Samsung has crafted a series of 7-meter by 3-meter Galaxy S8 bezel sculptures and scattered them across picturesque parts of Great Britain.

Ironically, the enormous bezels are intended to promote the GS8’s Infinity Display — famed for having bezels which are not gigantic.

Bezels can be seen in St. Ives, Cornwall, London, Stonehenge and Bournemouth, among other locations, framing locations which would probably look nicer were bezels not present.

Commenting on its bezels in a  [Read More…]

Sony is hedging its bets on VR to keep it chugging after smartphone slowdown

President Kazuo Hirai spoke to the Financial Review about the company’s plans for the post-smartphone era.

The Xperia XZ is an impressive phone, but it’s hardly enough to move the needle Sony’s stagnant smartphone business.

That doesn’t seem to concern Sony, however. In Australia this week, the company’s president, Kazuo Hirai, spoke to the Financial Review about the future of its mobile business and why it’s focusing its efforts on experimenting in other areas — particularly virtual reality.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel XL (Smartphone Showdown)

Google’s next-gen Pixel 2 will be out in a few months and if the rumors are true the phone will probably come equipped with a curved display just like the recently released Galaxy S8. But while we wait for the Pixel 2 to become reality, we thought we’d show you how the new Samsung flagship […]

Vertu Constellation hands-on: The $6000 smartphone

If you’re here, then you already know: good phones aren’t cheap. The flagship phones from the big manufacturers can easily run you $ 700 or more. Many would consider it a luxury to have one. Then there’s the Vertu Constellation. Luxury doesn’t even begin to describe what this phone is aiming for, and it all starts with a $ 6,000 price tag.

I’m Michael Fisher, aka the High Duke Baron Chancellor Von MrMobile, and no, I can’t afford this  [Read More…]

Surprise: Galaxy S8 has the ‘best smartphone display’

Improved color gamut, smarter always-on display and extremely high peak brightness are among the highlights, according to DisplayMate.

I got some face time with the Galaxy S8 and S8+’s screens last week, and I can tell you they look good. What I can’t tell you is exactly how good, and that’s where DisplayMate, a longstanding expert in display technologies, comes in.

The publication has gotten its hands on early Galaxy S8 samples, putting the them through a  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. OnePlus 3T (Smartphone Showdown)

This week, Samsung announced its newest line of Galaxy devices, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. As is my way, I’ve taken it upon myself to compare the former of those two with my current love, the OnePlus 3T. For the most part these comparisons will rely on specifications rather than individual experiences, in order […]

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy X smartphone might arrive before the Galaxy Note8

The Galaxy S8 barely stepped into the wild and we’re already seeing new rumors about Samsung’s upcoming high-end smartphones. Earlier this month, we told you that a working Samsung foldable smartphone prototype might be ready for primetime as soon as Q3. The Korean tech giant has been working on such a device since forever, but […]