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HTC Edge to be world’s first quad-core Tegra 3 smartphone?

HTC Edge

Remember those rumors that Qualcomm was losing their grip on HTC and we might see future phones with NVIDIA processors? According to the latest leak from Evan Blass of PocketNow, HTC is working on a new handset called the Edge, which could be the world’s first Android phone to feature the quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

Rumored specs of the HTC Edge include:

Quad-core Tegra 3 processor Android 4.0 with Sense UI 4.0  [Read More…]

Nielsen: Android leads U.S. smartphone market, young users adopting faster

Time for our quarterly update on the “No Duh, Sherlock” statement of the year: Android is the most popular smartphone operating system. This time, it’s Nielsen sending third quarter stats for 2011, saying that 43 percent of people it polled report owning a smartphone. Of those smartphone users, a mirror-like 43 percent report owning an Android device.

We’ve covered this ground dozens of times,  [Read More…]

HTC now the number one smartphone vendor in the US


Here at Android and Me, we’ve already gone over global Q3 shipping figures in several different posts. To sum it all up, Samsung is the world leader in smartphone shipments, followed by Apple and Nokia. But what about when it comes to each individual country?

The US market is a totally different beast compared to the rest of the world. Where CDMA and two-year contracts rule supreme, the US is just  [Read More…]

Pantech Vega LTE smartphone to bring hands free gestures


Don’t you hate it when your elbow deep in some cake mix, and then your phone rings? Well, need not worry. Pantech is coming out with a device that’ll separate itself from the Samsung’s, HTC’s and Motorola’s of the world. The South Korean-based company plans to release a LTE smartphone called the Vega.

The Vega will carry  [Read More…]

T-Mobile gets its first no-contract 4G smartphone — the Samsung Exhibit II 4G

Available at Walmart on Oct. 27, nationwide Nov. 2

Samsung Exhibit II 4G

T-Mobile tonight announced the Samsung Exhibit II 4G, a 3.7-inch, Android 2.3 Ginerbread smartphone. It’ll be available in Walmart stores on Oct. 27, and nationwide starting Nov. 2. It’s T-Mobile’s first no-contract phone and will sell outright for $ 199. If you prefer to sign away two years, khowever, you can snag the phone for just $ 29.99 (after $ 50  [Read More…]

T-Mobile announces Samsung Exhibit II — its first no annual contract 4G smartphone

Today, T-Mobile announced the Samsung Exhibit 4G, the company’s first 4G smartphone offered to customers seeking no annual contract. Wal-Mart will be the first to offer the handset with no annual contract at most of its retail stores.

The Samsung Exhibit 4G will pack some respectable features, which include:

3.7-inch WVGA TFT touchscreen 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor T-Mobile TV in mobile HD and  [Read More…]

3rd quarter Verizon smartphone sales are Android dominant – Will the iPhone 4S change that?


In the midst of a smartphone explosion, Android has quickly grown to be the largest mobile OS on the planet. Its open nature allows for the plethora of devices that now exist, with an option for every person out there. When looking at Verizon’s third quarter sales, we can almost assume that most smartphone sales will continue to be mostly Android devices.

Verizon has reported that it sold 5.6 million smartphones  [Read More…]

Samsung dethrones Apple, crowned new king of smartphone market


According to the Wall Street Journal and a person familiar with the situation, it looks like Samsung has finally been crowned as king of the smartphone world; the company sold more than 20 million smartphones in Q3. When Samsung announces their third-quarter earnings next week, analysts are expecting Samsung’s smartphone shipments to range between 20-30 million units – an over 500% jump from the 3 million smartphones sold by Samsung in  [Read More…]

Motorola unveils the Droid RAZR, CEO boasts it’s “the best smartphone on the planet”


Today Motorola unveiled their latest best-smartphone-of-the-month, the Verizon Droid RAZR. Hardware specs were what we expected, but there were a few surprises that led Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha to claim this is the “the best smartphone on the planet.”

Highlights of the Droid RAZR include 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display with qHD resolution, 1.2 GHz dual-core OMAP4430 processor, 1GB RAM, thickness of only 7.1mm (“World’s thinnest smartphone”), 8 megapixel rear-camera with dual-LED flash  [Read More…]

Video: Next step in battery technology: Charge your smartphone in 10 minutes


Battery technology is one of the main concerns for Android users. Currently, most smartphones don’t last an entire work day. Some devices die in 3-4 hours. And charging your device everywhere you go is an inconvenience. Cellphones are supposed to be “mobile,” not slaves to a power outlet.

Many of you have been praying and begging for new battery technology. While this new development won’t stop you from charging often, it  [Read More…]