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Smartphone buyers chose Android twice as often as iOS in past 3 months

Nielsen numbers

As expected, the Android train keeps steamrolling along.  Nielsen’s numbers for smartphone platform purchases in the past 90 days show users picking Android 56 percent of the time, which is twice as often as iOS, which is the closest competitor.  Apple’s iOS numbers didn’t drop below their overall market share, but everyone elses numbers sure did.  It’s a clear trend — people in love with their Apple products will keep buying them,  [Read More…]

Fusion Garage’s Grid 4 smartphone receives the FCC treatment


Just in case you thought the folks from Fusion Garage weren’t serious about their whole “Grid” line of the devices, we now have a blatant reminder that they are indeed pushing forth with the idea. The Grid4 smartphone is now in the hands of the FCC, which has given the device a complete tear down.

As a reminder — this device, when released will be coming with a Qualcomm MSM8255, 4-inch 800 x  [Read More…]

Sprint Epic 4G Touch torn down, revealed to contain smartphone parts

Epic 4G Touch teardown

First comes the major smartphone launch, then comes the teardown. The folks at iFixit have done their thing to the Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch. And, lo and behold, it’s a smartphone! No real surprises so far as the layman (that’s us) is concerned, though apparently the Broadcom chip also has FM capabilities. Hardly the first time we’ve seen that go unused. Anyhoo, if you’re into smartphone pr0n,  [Read More…]

J.D. Power and Associates consumer satisfaction study ranks top smartphone makers


Twice a year J.D. Power and Associates publishes its US Wireless Handset Customer Satisfaction Studies report, which gives us a look at what phones consumers like the most. Rather than breaking things down by individual handsets, the report has grouped the data by manufacturer since those numbers should give consumers a clear understanding of how the brand performs as a whole.

While we would like our favorite Android manufacturers to come  [Read More…]

Droid Bionic teardown reveals smartphone parts, screws

Droid Bionic teardown

Can’t have a high-profile launch without a high-profile teardown, and the folks at iFixit have done their thing with the Motorola Droid Bionic. There’s really nothing of any great surprise in here, though it’s certainly confirmed that there’s 16GB of internal storage (it’s a SanDisk SDIN4C2-16G chip, if you must know), even if you can’t access it all.

Hit the link below for more breakdown pr0n.

Source: iFixit

Swiftkey/Touchtype survey results are in: What do smartphone users really want?


The results are in on TouchType and Smartphone Experts’ survey from earlier this year, and with over 30,000 responses, we now have some pretty solid data to share with you. The survey asked readers to share how they use their smartphones, and which features they find most important. Of those surveyed, 86 percent indicated that they use their phone for texting at least once a day, while only 80 percent reporting making a  [Read More…]

Android continues to grow, now makes up 42% of US smartphone market


Earlier this morning, comScore released their quarterly report of the US smartphone market for the three month period ending July 31. The report measures market share across three segments of the mobile market: manufacturers, platform (operating system) and service use.



When it comes to cell phone manufacturers for both smartphones and non-smartphones, Samsung continued to hold the lead with 25.5%, up 1% from the period ending April 2011. LG and  [Read More…]

OnStar announces RemoteLink application enhancements – Send directions from your smartphone to vehicle

OnStar RemoteLink

If you’re riding around in an OnStar equipped vehicle like the Chevy Malibu we checked out not too long ago, then you’ll be happy to hear the latest news from OnStar. They’ve just announced some forthcoming enhancements to their RemoteLink application that will help you get to where you need to go more efficiently. (This is what we saw an early preview of way back at Google IO 2010.) On Aug. 30 — when  [Read More…]

Make Way For The gPhone: Google Buys Motorola’s Smartphone Business For $12.5 Billion! [Breaking]

Samsung’s not going to like this: Google has just purchased Motorola Mobility for $ 12.5 billion, finally placing the Android maker on equal footing as Apple when it comes to controlling both the hardware and software of their smartphone platform.


Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page announced the buy first thing this morning, saying that they had purchased Motorola Mobility for twelve and a half billion dollars, or $  [Read More…]

iOS, Android Are Gobbling Up The Smartphone Market

After passing Research In Motion to become the world’s No. 3 smartphone maker, Apple’s iOS is in striking distance of another once-great mobile phone maker, Symbian. During the second quarter, iOS rose to 18.2 percent of the global market while the Symbian platform shed nearly half of its 2010 strength.


After dropping to just 22 percent of the global market, down from 40 percent of smartphone sales during the second  [Read More…]