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Get a free Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit with purchase of unlocked Samsung phones

A great combo deal.

Best Buy is offering a free Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit with the purchase of an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ or Note 8. The kit is a $ 225 value, and includes two multipurpose sensors, two motion sensors, and a smart plug.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 sells for $ 720 unlocked, which is the most affordable of the three options in this promotion. Best Buy sells all of the phones in  [Read More…]

Samsung is finally merging all of its IoT apps into SmartThings

Three years later, Samsung completes the SmartThings merger.

When Samsung bought SmartThings back in August of 2014, it was quickly clear the plan was to make that brand the one everyone associated with Samsung’s smart home products. And over the last couple of year, that is exactly what has happened. Everything Samsung does with the smart home gets released under the SmartThings brand, but if you owned products from before the SmartThings integration happened you still had to use  [Read More…]

Start with the $50 SmartThings hub and expand your smart home

All things SmartThings are on sale right now.

The Samsung SmartThings Hub is down to $ 49.98 on Amazon. This is part of a greater sale on SmartThings devices, which includes the motion sensor and the water leak sensor.

There’s even the full SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit for sale at $ 150. It normally sells above $ 200. It comes with a Hub and several other accessories, so you can just skip right to this bundle if you want  [Read More…]

Turn your home into a smart home with the $150 SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a deal on creating the smartest home possible!

Right now you can get the SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit for $ 150, which comes with a hub. Or you can get the SmartThings Smart Home Hub by itself for just $ 50. The hub normally sells between $ 80-100 and rarely drops past that. This sale for $ 50 is its lowest price since last year’s Black Friday deals.

The  [Read More…]

How to control Samsung SmartThings with Google Assistant

It’s easy to automate your life with a small investment in Samsung’s connected smart accessories and a free app from Google.

I figured that the easiest way to turn my home into an automated abode was to find out which platform would best pair with the existing power of Google Assistant. Samsung’s SmartThings like the right fit considering the breadth of accessories it has to offer.

I discovered that I could use IFTTT commands in my house,  [Read More…]

How to get started with Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings are a great addition if all you’re looking to do is automate a few simple things around the house.

Did you know you can automate your home in about an hour? That’s how long it took me to set up the Samsung SmartThings Hub and two additional SmartThings helpers. I set up an outlet and a multipurpose sensor, though you can take your pick from the litter of available SmartThings integrations. They’re fun to bring  [Read More…]

Wednesday’s best deals and discount codes: Protect you and your loved ones with the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

Happy Wednesday! There are a few cool deals today. First up is Samsung’s SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit. Alarm services are expensive. Chances are you will never use them which is another reason why people forgo the expensive service. However, all it takes is one break-in to ruin your day, or maybe even your life. For those

Samsung integrates SmartThings into its 2016 smart TV lineup

Samsung has announced the company will be adding Internet of Things support to the company’s 2016 smart TV lineup. All 2016 SUHD TVs will be capable of acting as a hub controller for the entire smart-connected home. Samsung will look to demonstrate at CES 2016 how the company’s future TVs will be integrated into the IoT ecosystem.

[Read More…]

Samsung’s SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit now available for $249

Back at IFA, Samsung unveiled the second-generation SmartThings smart home automation hub, and it is now available for purchase. The Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit is now available from a variety of retailers for $ 249.

Samsung’s new family of SmartThings products now available for purchase in the UK

Samsung has announced that the new line of SmartThings products are now available from the company’s website, as well as Currys PCWorld. Purchasing the new Starter Kit will provide you with enough gear to upgrade your home and make it compatible with Samsung’s latest sensor tech. Once everything is set up, it’s then possible to continue adding new smart devices compatible with SmartThings.

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