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How to watch this week’s German soccer online from anywhere

While it took some getting used to watching matches being played in whisper-quiet empty stadiums, the Bundeliga made a largely successful behind closed doors return from pandemic suspension last weekend.

With a string of eye-catching games making up the fixture list for this second week back from the enforced break, there’s plenty to look forward to for casual German soccer fans and hardcore Bundesliga supporters alike. Don’t miss a moment by following our live stream guide to watching all matches  [Read More…]

Google-powered Adidas GMR smart insole can track your soccer skills

The Jacquard tag needs to be placed in the shoe for your dominant foot.

What you need to know Google, Adidas, and EA have joined hands to launch a smart insole that can analyze your footwork in real time with the help of machine learning. Called the Adidas GMR, the smart insole is now on sale for $ 40. Thanks to the smart tag inside GMR, it can connect your physical soccer movements to EA SPORTS FIFA  [Read More…]

FIFA 19 vs. Pro Evo 2019: How do the two best soccer games compare?

Two juggernauts of video game soccer, compared.

There are few video game battles like the one between FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. This decades-long rivalry is not slowing down in 2018.

Both titles have benefited from the stiff competition, with each company working tirelessly to prove their vision of what the game of soccer should be is the best one. Wondering what makes these two games just as different as they are alike? We’ll jump into the  [Read More…]

YouTube TV will be the official broadcaster of LAFC soccer games

Basically, YouTube TV is taking the place of a traditional local broadcast station.

From expansions in new markets to launching a full-fledged smart TV app, YouTube TV saw some big improvements throughout 2017. As we’re getting ready to close out the first month of 2018, it’s been confirmed that YouTube TV will be the official broadcaster of all upcoming LAFC soccer games.

Even if you’re not into soccer like me (sorry, Andrew), this is a big step  [Read More…]

Here’s how you can play Facebook Messenger’s hidden soccer game

Facebook Messenger is back with another hidden gem of a game, this time allowing you to kick (or poke) a soccer ball around with friends. Similar to Messenger’s hidden basketball game, all you have to do is send an emoji to get the game going!

To get started, simply send a soccer emoji to one of your friends. After it’s sent, all you do is tap the emoji and you’ll be thrown into a  [Read More…]

AC editors’ apps of the week: Wikipedia, MLS Soccer, Falcon Pro 3 and more

Our weekly list of must-have apps

We’re here this week — and every week — with more of our favorite apps that we want to share with the class. It’s a little thing we like to do every Sunday where we look and see what apps we’re using the most and spread a little love so you know that you should give them a try if you haven’t already.

With over 1.25 million apps in Google  [Read More…]

MLS soccer app updated with Material look, fresh colors and new content

We’ve rolled over into 2015, and that means the major yearly update to the official MLS soccer app is here. This year the design changes are big to fit in with the overall re-branding of MLS itself, from the new logo down to the strong use of white with small accents of red and blue across the app. You may also notice that the app is no longer called “MLS Matchday,” and is instead just “MLS”  [Read More…]

Nuance brings Major League Soccer theme to Swype keyboards

Nuance announced that it is bringing themed Major League Soccer keyboards to Swype. The keyboards will work with both tablets and smartphones and are available now on the Google Play store through in-app purchases. Swype will be sold for $ 0.99 for a promotional period and the MLS themes are in-app purchase add-ons that will cost $ 1.99 each.

[Read More…]

Winning Kick review: Kick some soccer balls for charity

This year’s World Cup ignited an unprecedented love of soccer/football in normally apathetic places like the USA. If you’re a lapsed or casual fan of the sport, then serious soccer games like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer might be too complex to pick up and play. Luckily, Global Gaming Initiative and React Games have a footie game that anyone can learn in seconds: Winning Kick.

Winning Kick is a free arcade soccer game that can be  [Read More…]