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EMUI 10 leak: What’s new in Huawei’s Android Q software

The first leak of Huawei’s next-gen software shows minor tweaks as Huawei faces U.S. difficulties.

Even as the future of Huawei phones continues to be mired in uncertainty, the company is hard at work on the next version of its EMUI software, based on the upcoming Android Q. This is the update we’ll see hitting the Huawei P30 series later in the year — and first, a bit of background on that. Huawei has recently confirmed that, even  [Read More…]

Every way you can customize the Astro C40 TR Controller software

Change it however you want.

The Astro C40 TR Controller is quite possibly the best peripheral available for the PlayStation 4. Aside from the superior build quality and interchangeable thumbsticks, the device contains a slew of software features which allow you to customize it further. For example, you can change the vibration intensity and brightness.

We’ll take you through what you can change on the C40 controller below, and tell you how to easily do it.  [Read More…]

Helpful how to change your software channel on Chrome OS

One of the greatest strengths of Chrome OS is its stability: whenever I hand someone a Chromebook, I know they’re not going to run into any problems. But for those that like to tinker — like me — there is the option to test new features for Chrome, at the possible expense to stability. You can switch between the three software channels on a Chromebook if you want to. Here’s what each one is and what to know  [Read More…]

Galaxy S10 gets a dedicated Night mode with latest software update

It can be enabled manually whenever you want.

The Galaxy S10 has a pretty impressive combo of cameras to work with, and when the lights go down and you still want to snap photos, there’s a feature called “Bright Night” that makes it easier to capture low-light images. As effective as it is, Bright Night is slightly annoying in the sense that it can’t be enabled manually and is only used when the S10 thinks it should  [Read More…]

Editing footage gets easier with Movavi’s Software Suite bundle down to $15

Get serious about your video editing skills.

Having dependable editing software is essential for anyone looking to get into vlogging. For a limited time, you can snag Movavi’s professional photo and video editing suite bundled with the Deco Gear DSLR Mirrorless Camera Bag and various accessories for just $ 14.95 at BuyDig when you enter promo code DECOBAG during checkout. The bundle is on sale at $ 50 otherwise, which still is a good value compared to buying all  [Read More…]

Get the software tools to become a DJ for just $49!

Everybody wants to be the DJ these days, whether we’re talking about having control over the music at the next house party or actually working towards making a name for yourself as a working DJ. But the cost of entry into the DJ world is expensive.

Fortunately you can do more with just a laptop and even just your phone these days with all the music going digital and software available to help transition between songs with similar BPM and  [Read More…]

Three years on, Vivo still can’t get its software act together

Vivo needs to get FuntouchOS in order before it can start selling in Western markets.

Vivo isn’t a name that is immediately familiar to many in the West, but the Chinese manufacturer has a considerable presence in Asia. Over the last three years, it invested huge amounts of money in setting up retail distribution networks in China and India, with the result being that Vivo is now the fifth-largest phone manufacturer in the world.

Vivo also consistently  [Read More…]

Samsung One UI (Android 9 Pie) review: Still Samsung’s software

Samsung’s best-ever software is beautiful and useful — but it’s still Samsung software.

The update to Android 9 Pie with a new One UI interface is the biggest visual change Samsung has pushed to its phones in years. Alongside all of the requisite improvements you expect with any software update, Samsung’s Pie release makes substantial changes to the look and operation of the entire software experience. But naturally, much of Samsung’s legacy software is here to stay  [Read More…]

It’s easy to update the software on your Honor 8X

Honor is always adding new features and making improvements to its smartphones. The Honor 8X will get such love throughout its life cycle. You’ll always want the latest features and updates, so it’s worth knowing how to pull down those meaty software updates once they arrive.

Products used in this guide Amazon: Honor 8X ($ 250) Amazon: Anker Powerline+ microUSB cable ($ 11) How to update the software on your Honor 8X

It’s no sweat to update your  [Read More…]

How to update the software on your LG phone

LG’s reputation for releasing timely software updates isn’t stellar, but it’s improving. Whether it comes early or late, you’ll want to get the update as soon as it’s available for your phone rather than waiting. Your V40, G7, or other modern LG phone will alert you when new software is available, but it doesn’t always show up right away since LG rolls out the updates in phases, but you can check manually to hopefully speed up the process.

  [Read More…]