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Galaxy Z Flip already sold out in stores, but you can still buy it online

Samsung had limited units of the Galaxy Z Flip up for sale at retail stores, and they’re already sold out.

What you need to know Samsung kicked off pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Flip, and the phone is already sold out at retail stores. Retail availability was every limited to begin with, and it looks like less than 10 units were available per outlet. You can still pre-order the phone directly from Samsung, but you’ll have to  [Read More…]

Devil May Cry 5 has sold over 3.1 million copies

Capcom’s big franchises just keep on climbing in sales.

What you need to know Capcom has released updates sales figures for its big franchises. Devil May Cry 5 has sold over 3.1 million copies. Resident Evil 2 has sold over 5.8 million copies and is currently selling faster than Resident Evil 7.

Devil May Cry 5 arrived in bombastic style almost a year ago and while it hasn’t sold quite as well as some of Capcom’s other  [Read More…]

Grand Theft Auto V has sold in over 120 million copies

Grand Theft Auto V, hitting new milestones? It’s even more likely than you think.

What you need to know Take-Two Interactive has provided its Q3 financial report. Grand Theft Auto V has crossed 120 million units sold in. Red Dead Redemption 2 has reached 29 million units sold in, with Borderlands 3 nearing 8 million units. The Outer Worlds has sold in over 2 million copies.

Take-Two Interactive has shared its Q3 2020 financial report, showing the  [Read More…]

Motorola has officially sold 100 million Moto G phones

And it’s readying a flagship for launch this year.

What you need to know Motorola has already sold 100 Moto G’s around the world. The company launched the lineup back in 2013. The phones are widely cited as among the best midrange phones in the market.

The Motorola RAZR may be all the rage these days, but the company’s claim to fame — and its bread and butter — is the Moto G series. Phones like the  [Read More…]

Samsung sold, at best, a modest 500K units of the Galaxy Fold in 2019

A Samsung exec confirmed sales for 2019 were somewhere between 400,000 and 500,000 units.

What you need to know Samsung sold, at most, half a million units of its first foldable in 2019. The number comes straight from the President and CEO of the company’s IT & Mobile Communication division. They follow a previously erroneous claim by Samsung Electronics’ President, Sohn Young-kwon, that the company had sold 1 million units in the three months since the phone’s  [Read More…]

Android phones sold in Turkey may no longer have access to Google apps

The dispute arose over the ability to change the default search engine on Android.

What you need to know Turkey’s competition authority has fined Google over competition concerns and is asking the Palo Alto giant to change its software. The dispute relates to the ability to change the default search engine on Android. Google has informed its partners in the country that it will no longer work with them on new smartphone releases in the country for  [Read More…]

The best controller for Stadia isn’t the one sold by Google… for now

Best answer: Google Stadia gives players the freedom to play on a Pixel phone, through a Chrome browser on PC or Mac, or on any TV with a Chromecast Ultra. Currently, Google’s Stadia controller is your only option for playing Stadia games on your TV. For Stadia gaming on a Pixel or PC, you’re better off using an Xbox One controller or any Bluetooth controller you may already own and love.

A versatile controller: Xbox One controller  [Read More…]

AT&T’s 5G plans might be sold in tiers based on speed

5G plans might look very different from the LTE ones we have today.

Take a look at any LTE wireless plan in the U.S. and you’ll find that a lot of them have something in common — they’re unlimited plans that give you access to the best speeds possible.

5G is right around the corner, however, and in a recent earnings call, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson revealed that the company’s pricing structure for 5G plans could look  [Read More…]

Xiaomi has sold over 1 million Redmi Note 7 units in just under a month

Redmi Note series continues to dominate in India’s budget segment.

The Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro went on sale for the first time in India on March 13, and Xiaomi has announced today that the series racked up over a million sales in under 30 days. That’s a monumental achievement given that the phones were only available in weekly flash sales, and furthers the belief that the Redmi Note series is the one to beat  [Read More…]