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Goal Zero bulks up power storage solutions with new products

Goal Zero, a key player in the mobile and home power storage space, this week introduced a number of new products at the annual CES trade show. Included in the announcements are additions to existing lines as well as unique, first-of-its-kind technology.

Yeti Link

First up is the Yeti Link which include a “proprietary technology” that allows users to chain different battery chemistry (ex: lead acid and lithium) together. The Yeti Link is an add-on module that lets those who own  [Read More…]

Ventev intros new charging solutions for home and auto

Ventev Mobile, one of our favorite brands in the charging and cable space, today adds a number of new products to its portfolio. Additionally, it has refreshed its lineup of current products, too.

New for 2019 are the wireless watchdock duo and wireless chargepad duo. The former allows for wireless charging of a phone and Apple Watch at the same time while the latter provides wireless charging of two phones at one time. Moreover, there are new wall chargers and  [Read More…]

Gear Up: Consider myCharge’s wireless charging and Nintendo Switch solutions

Look around your home, school, or office, and you’ll probably find a number of devices that require regular charging. Maybe it’s a few phones, a tablet, wearable, or even a Nintendo Switch. Chances are that you’ve got something that needs an occasional, or daily charging.

Toss in a roommate, spouse, or co-worker, and we imagine things get pretty hairy around the wall chargers. No matter how big phones are or how great the battery life, you’re always going to want (or  [Read More…]

Gear Up: RAVPower wireless charging solutions for home and on-the-go

It’s 2018 which means a lot of the new phones you see, and possibly buy, come with a really cool feature: wireless charging. Indeed, what we once thought was a great luxury afforded to a select few devices has now become commonplace. In fact, some of you have been so accustomed to having it that you’ve taken the technology for granted.

Whether you’ve got a brand new phone with wireless charging or are sitting on one that’s a year or  [Read More…]

Best streaming solutions for Android users

NVIDIA Shield TV ($ 179 at Amazon) is the best full Android TV experience you can buy.

Note: This is from our newest sister site, CordCutters.com. Check it out — you might recognize a name or three.

You have options.

When it comes to streaming TV, Android gets the short shrift. All the love tends to go to Roku and Amazon and Apple TV. And those are fine solutions.

But for many folks — particularly those who  [Read More…]

Gear Up: SōLIS intros line of Google Assistant-enabled home audio solutions

The SōLIS speaker line features five smart, connected audio products, each with its own intended audience. Choose from a variety of price points and aesthetic choices. Learn more about each of them.

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Google Pay finally unifies Androids fragmented payment solutions

Googe has today launched a new payment solution called Google Pay. There are currently a number of payment solutions across the Google ecosystem from Android Pay to automatically filling out credit card information in Chrome. Google says that the new Google Pay aims to combine all these different methods of paying into a single brand. […]

Gear Up: JOBY debuts new solutions for mobile users

Do you like to shoot pictures or video from your smartphone? Are you in the early stages of kicking off a YouTube vlogging career?  What are you using to hold your handset? How can you hope to nab great panoramic shots or fun video when you have to hold onto it physically? Get yourself a mount […]

New year, new gear? Keep charged up with one of iClever’s solutions

Have you recently found yourself as the proud owner of a new phone or tablet? What are you using to keep it charged up? If you’re like most of us, you likely need more than one wall charger for your stuff. We like to keep one in the bedroom, one in the living room, one at

myCharge intros new portable charging solutions for 2017

Portable power specialists myCharge are back at CES with a host of new and improved products for the new year. Indeed, there are no less than XXXX new models joining its portfolio for 2017, each of which speaks to a different type of user. Not only does myCharge offer a variety of battery capacities to