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The Nest Wifi is a boring product with some brilliant ideas

Nest Wifi might be boring from a tech-spec point of view, but the speaker built into The Point creates an entirely new product category.

Google took to the stage today to launch several new products, one of which is a follow-up to the most successful product they’ve ever launched in a single category. Google Wifi has been a runaway success on all counts, and the follow-up, Nest Wifi, is an improvement in many key areas.

But the  [Read More…]

Google’s lobbying efforts in DC have formed some controversial partnerships

Google is trying to appease conservatives so it can retain important protections under the Communications Decency Act, and it’s working.

The Guardian broke a story that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many — Google is making sizable financial contributions to groups that deny human involvement has anything to do with climate change. This is a stark contrast to the company’s public statements on the matter, which all claim to support global action to ease  [Read More…]

Google is gifting a free Home Mini to some YouTube Premium subscribers

Google will announce a new rebranded Google Home Mini next week.

What you need to know Some YouTube Premium subscribers are receiving an offer for a free Google Home Mini via the Google Assistant. A Google Home Mini normally retails for $ 50, but with this promotion you’ll only pay tax and shipping. Google is expected to announced a new and improved Google Home Mini rebranded as the Nest Mini at its October 15 Made by Google  [Read More…]

Hulu now allows downloads for offline viewing — with some caveats

You’ll need the more expensive plan, and downloads will expire after 30 days. And Android fans have to wait a bit.

Hulu today announced that you can download shows, movies and entire seasons for offline viewing.

There is, however, a catch. Or several catches, that is. Here’s the deal:

It’s available today for iOS devices. Android is coming later. And you’ll need to have the $ 11.99-a-month plan that gets rid of ads. And you can only  [Read More…]

Ready to upgrade your mesh Wi-Fi? These are some of the best options

Wi-Fi 6 was designed with the future of routers in mind. A router spends most of its time directing and managing network traffic to keep speeds high even with a ton of connections. As our homes get smarter, we have more connections than ever that need to check in consistently and reliably. Wi-Fi 6 then allows for more connections than ever and still manages to kick speed up a notch. Wi-Fi 6 isn’t just for enthusiasts anymore and  [Read More…]

Google remembers some of its dead services in Halloween-themed cemetery

Add an Inbox tombstone, you cowards.

What you need to know A Halloween-themed cemetery has popped up at Google’s Seattle campus. The cemetery highlights various services Google has killed off over the years. Google+, Google Reader, Picasa, and more are on display.

October, the spookiest month of the year, is here. For me, this is the month of watching scary movies, eating way too much candy, and flooding my apartment with as many decorations as I can.  [Read More…]

Google is giving away a free Home Mini to some YouTube Premium subscribers

Google is giving away free Home Minis yet again.

What you need to know Google is offering a free Home Mini to select YouTube Premium subscribers in certain regions. The company started offering a free Home Mini to some Google One and YouTube Music subscribers in Europe recently. Google Nest Mini, the rumored successor to the Home Mini, is expected to be launched on October 15.

If you happen to be a YouTube Premium subscriber and have  [Read More…]

New Android 10 update showing up for some Pixel owners

It’s currently unclear what the update changes/fixes.

What you need to know The new version weighs in more than 1.1GB. No changelog has been published for it yet. It’s still being released as 10.0 with not point change.

Folks who choose Pixel phones enjoy a lot of things about being part of the Pixel family, such as a great camera and fast OS updates. In September, Google released the official build for Android 10 and  [Read More…]

American Express targets some customers with new ESPN+ offer

Heads up! We share savvy shopping and personal finance tips to put extra cash in your wallet. Android Central may receive a commission from The Points Guy Affiliate Network.

What you need to know American Express is targeting certain customers with an ESPN+ offer Sign up for a year of ESPN+ and get a $ 10 statement credit You can check to see if you are eligible for the offer through Amex Offers

Grab ESPN+ for  [Read More…]

Google Maps gets some new buttons in Android Auto

Added buttons include alternate routes, search, and nearby locations.

What you need to know Google Maps is gaining some new buttons in Android Auto. The new button row includes settings, alternate routes, search, locations, and a three-dot overflow menu. The addition is rolling out in stages, so if you haven’t received it already, you should soon.

A surprise has been popping up in Google Maps for Android Auto users recently. As first spotted on Reddit, there are  [Read More…]