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Chase is cutting the annual fee for some of its Sapphire Reserve customers

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Chase wants to make this a little easier for Reserve customers.

What you need to know Chase is giving Reserve cardholders a credit towards their annual  [Read More…]

Here are some great smart LED light bulb kits to get you started

One of the first ways to start getting familiar with a smart home, how it works, and how easy and convenient it is to control devices in the home from your mobile device is through smart lighting. You could grab a single bulb to swap in for an old one and get started there, or consider opting for a starter kit that includes multiple bulbs like the Sengled Smart LED Multicolor A19 Starter Kit, which includes four bulbs  [Read More…]

Now’s a great time to downgrade your phone plan and save some cash

Now’s a great time to save on your phone bill.

Due to recent events, there’s a really good chance you’re stuck at home right now — whether it be from school or work. As a side effect of that, you’re likely using a lot less mobile data with your phone than you usually do.

Most of us probably have unlimited or high-allotment data plans. While those are helpful for times when we’re away from Wi-Fi and traveling  [Read More…]

This Pluralsight deal lets you learn some new skills from home for free

Chances are, you’re spending a lot more time at home than you would regularly right now. The situation’s not ideal, but you could turn your self-isolation time into something positive by learning a new skill or becoming an expert on a topic you’ve always been interested in but never had the time to research fully. Online learning platform Pluralsight is making it super-affordable to pick up a new technical skill this month by offering access to its 7,000+ video courses  [Read More…]

Walmart has some great tablets to help keep your kids hungry to learn

Keeping your children occupied can be one of the toughest tasks as a parent, which is why a tablet might be a great idea. You wouldn’t just be throwing a screen in front of them either since there are a variety of tablets available from Walmart that will help teach your children and keep them entertained. One such option is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition, which includes a suite of apps for kids, along with protective  [Read More…]

Some VPN apps and ad blockers have been spying on users’ phones

A total of 20 apps with a combined 35 million downloads were found to be engaging in these practices.

What you need to know Sensor Tower, a data analytics company, has been using an assortment of free VPNs and ad-blocking apps to collect user data. The identified apps have more than 35 million downloads in total. Both Google and Apple have removed some of these apps from their app stores since the revelations.

A new report from  [Read More…]

YouTube TV reaches agreement with Sinclair, but will still lose some Fox RSNs and YES Network

We don’t quite know which markets will be affected, though.

In the latest installment of “Twitter is really no way to announce things,” YouTube TV apparently has reached some kind of agreement with Sinclair Broadcast Group. But that agreement still involves YouTube TV — at least in some markets — losing access to Fox Regional Sports Networks, as well as the YES Network.

Only, whomever is doing the Twitter replies doesn’t actually know which channels and the markets that  [Read More…]

Broadcasting to specific Assistant speakers is in testing for some users

For the last couple of years, the only option has been to broadcast your message to all of your connected speakers.

What you need to know Broadcast is a feature that lets you send either a custom or Google default message to all of your Google Assitant enabled speakers. The impending update will allow you to specify the speaker you’d like to send the message to. Currently, there is no official mention from Google about broadcasting to  [Read More…]

Affected by the recent Nest outage? You’ll be getting some money back

Emails are going out to those affected by the outage letting users know that a $ 5 refund will be on the way.

What you need to know On February 24 Nest cameras were hit with an outage that lasted for 12 hours. The outage impacted Sightline, notifications, and camera connectivity. Google Nest is refunding Nest Aware subscribers $ 5 to their account for the inconvenience.

If you are a Nest Aware subscriber that and were affected  [Read More…]

Getting a Galaxy S20? Here are some great headphones to pair it with

The Galaxy S20 includes exciting new additions like a 120Hz screen, but it misses out on one important feature: the 3.5mm jack. Samsung is the latest brand to ditch the analog jack, and that means you’ll have to use Bluetooth headphones to listen to music on your S20. The obvious choice is Sony’s WH-1000XM3 for its superlative sound quality combined by excellent noise isolation.

Best Overall: Sony WH-1000XM3

A year after their launch, the WH-1000XM3 continue  [Read More…]