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Yes, Snapchat is experiencing some issues

What you need to know Yes, Snapchat is experiencing some issues. The major outages seem to be affecting users in Europe. The U.S. isn’t seeing many outages but you could find yourself affected.

Users are saying they can’t send or receive snaps while others say the app won’t refresh.

Snapchat is down for some users around the world. According to Down Detector, the outages mostly seem to be affecting users in Europe, but other parts of the  [Read More…]

You can’t buy ‘violent’ games at some Wal-Marts right now, because reasons

We absolutely live in the dumbest timeline, there can be no doubt now.

What you need to know Multiple acts of gun violence have broken out recently, including an El Paso Wal-mart. Several public officials in the U.S. have started blaming violent video games. A couple of Wal-Mart locations are now hiding the massive catalog of violent games it sells. Wal-Mart has issued conflicting statements on its position, including a denial any ban is taking place. [Read More…]

Is your PS4 running slow? Here are some fixes you can try

Best answer: There are a few different steps you can try to help clear up lag on your PS4, which include clearing the items on the home screen and closing programs that may still be running. Without knowing exactly what is causing your lag, the best and safest thing to do is start with the easy fixes and make your way through until one works for you.

Extra space: Seagate Game Drive for PS4 Systems 2TB External  [Read More…]

AT&T and Spotify are teaming up to give you some free music

Spotify joins HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, VRV, and Pandora as entertainment perks on the Unlimited &More Premium plan.

What you need to know Spotify Premium will be offered as one of the entertainment perks on the AT&T Unlimited &More Premium plan starting August 6. Other entertainment choices on the plan include HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, VRV, and Pandora. The Unlimited &More Premium plan begins at $ 80 per month for one device but it drops down to  [Read More…]

Hulu is now streaming some of its shows in 4K, but only on two devices

If you’ve got the right hardware and love Hulu’s original shows, you’re in luck.

What you need to know Hulu discontinued 4K streams in 2018, but now they’re back. But only on Apple TV 4K and Chromecast Ultra. And only with Hulu’s own original content.

Hulu today very quietly began streaming some content in 4K resolution. That’s the sort of thing you’d think it’d crow a bit about, but we’ve had nothing more than a smattering of  [Read More…]

The Raspberry Pi 4 isn’t compatible with some USB-C cables

A future revision will allow the use of electronically marked USB-C cables, but right now they won’t provide power.

The Raspberry Pi 4 is better than its predecessor in every way. One of those ways is power through a standard USB-C connector to allow for the extra bit of juice the beefier board needs compared to its older brother. There is a slight problem, though — electronically-marked cables, like the one used with MacBooks and other new  [Read More…]

Sling TV’s Sports Extra is going to cost more — for some

Sling Orange customers will have to pony up an extra $ 5 a month for the Sports Extra.

What you need to know If you only have Sling Orange, the cost of Sports Extra is going up to $ 10 a month. Sling Blue customers won’t be affected, nor will those with both plans. Current Sling Orange customers are grandfathered for a month.

Sling TV — which remains the most popular live streaming TV service in the United  [Read More…]

Protect your OnePlus 7 with some of these great cases

The OnePlus did a great job releasing a phone that kept the same sleek design as its predecessor with an impressive spec bump with the OnePlus 7. The handset is still gorgeous, even faster, and gives you everything you could want in a smartphone. However, you’ll want to keep this phone protected, and we have found the best cases for you.

Customized protection dbrand Grip

Staff pick

Dbrand is extremely well-known for its variety of skins  [Read More…]

Bring some color into your life with HONOR’s new 3D-holographic smartphones

Black. White. Blue. Red. Odds are, the back of your smartphone is some monochromatic color you’d find in a beginner Crayola set. Most phone makers took far too long to realize that smartphone colors really matter to consumers, and only recently began wooing them with fancy-sounding hues like canary yellow or coral red.

Small wonder most people don’t mind obscuring their phones’ rear panels in opaque plastic; at least with cases, you can customize them to give your  [Read More…]

Block ads, trackers and even some malware with the best Chrome ad blockers

Deeply hidden in your Chrome settings are tools for blocking pop-ups, but because of how Chrome and other web browsers are programmed to earn money, there are still a lot of types of ads that display. Cybercriminals cleverly disguised phishing schemes, adware, or malicious downloads as legitimate ads, so the best and easiest way to protect yourself is with an ad blocker. Here are some of our favorites.

Staff pick AdBlock

Staff pick

On top of  [Read More…]