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Someone made a YouTube app for Android Auto, and that’s a terrible idea

The app’s called ‘YouTubeAuto’ and you can download it now.

Android Auto had a surprisingly big presence at this year’s CES. Wireless connectivity and full Google Assistant support are the two main features that are coming to Android Auto, and now there’s an app you can download that lets you watch YouTube videos while in the car.

The app is called “YouTubeAuto” and it was created by developer Kiran Kumar. You can browse all the latest trending  [Read More…]

Someone is trying to make a Galaxy S8 case that covers the Bixby button

Sick of accidental Bixby launches? This might be a case you want.

Calling Samsung’s Bixby service not fully baked is perhaps the most gracious way to put the thing that was supposed to totally change how we interact with the world around us. Bixby Vision barely works, Bixby Voice still doesn’t exist yet, and the core Bixby recommendation engine really only sees the light of day when I accidentally press the dedicated Bixby button on the side of my  [Read More…]

Should Google Home intervene when someone threatens self-harm?

A Google Home responds to a father and son’s mention of death. Could this have been intentional?

My husband and I have had quite an experience adapting to the Google Home in our home. We love its presence, truly, but there are continually times when we’re surprised at some of the interactions we’ve had with it.

For example, there have been several instances where we’d be chatting loudly and casually between the two of us, about something  [Read More…]

A quick tip for sharing your pattern lock with someone

Keeping your password private is important, but sometimes you need to permit temporary access.

There’s a pair of sick kids at home. One wants to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the other wants to watch My Little Pony. Neither is willing to let the other go first, but you’ve got your spouse’s tablet nearby and some headphones. Just as this minor conflict seems to reach its end, you notice there’s a pattern lock on  [Read More…]

Google’s new family plans also lets someone else pay for apps, books and more

Either Google flat-out never mentioned this, or it’s badly slipped our memory, but Google’s new family plans aren’t just for Google Play Music. Once you set up your family plan account you’ll get an email with more information. And in that email is a link to Google’s support docs for all this, and in that you get two clear lists of what you can and can’t pay for with a family payment method.

With a family payment  [Read More…]

Site news: Get an email when someone replies to your comments

Comment reply notification

A quick heads up, folks, that you can now chose to get an email notification whenever someone replies to one of your comments. It’s opt-in — look for the box on posts starting now — so you control just how spammy things get. If things get out of control, just hit the “disable” link that’ll be in the notification email.

Right now this is only enabled on the traditional web side of  [Read More…]

How to convince someone to get an Android instead of the iPhone

T-Mobile, like any other carrier on the planet, would love to offer the iPhone. For whatever reason – money, network demands, or allergies to cutesy icons – T-Mobile USA has failed to secure a deal with Apple to officially deliver the iPhone to its customers. CMO Cole Brodman announced in a blog post yesterday that more than a million T-Mobile customers use the iPhone  [Read More…]