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How to set your favorite song as alarm on your Android phone

Alarms – we hate them, but we simply can’t live without them. The best we can do to make the whole experience more pleasurable is to try to find an alarm tune that will gently nudge us to wakefulness. Although heavy sleepers might need a different one. Now if music is the thing that gets […]

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Amazon Echo speakers now let you wake up to your favorite song

“Alexa, wake me up to Rick Astley.”

Smart speakers can be used for a laundry list of different things, but as I’ve quickly been discovering with my Google Home Mini, some of them are fantastic little alarm clocks. Amazon’s Echo devices have long supported alarms, but a new update now allows users to wake up to the song of their choice rather than Amazon’s default alarm tune.

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Spotify has a new feature that lets you scan a barcode and play a song and it’s pretty f’ing cool!

This is how you go viral.

In February, Spotify removed its in-app messaging feature, which instantly made it harder to share a song with a friend. What they have now totally makes up for it.

According to Techcrunch, more details are coming Monday May 8, but a feature that lets you scan a special barcode and instantly play a song is live and it’s pretty glorious.

Each song has a unique code attached to its album art (you bring  [Read More…]

Life is a musical and these wallpapers are your song

Music makes us better, brings us together, and it helps me get back that spirit they stole!

It’s no secret that I’ve steeped my life in music. I do not leave the house without my trusty headphones, and I guard my authorizations for Google Play Music viciously because I will not be caught with a full device list. A music widget is always and forever a part of my home screen, but there are times I like  [Read More…]

Turn any song into a yule log with Google Play Music’s Chromecast Fireplace Visualizer

Chromecasts roasting with an open fire… Android nipping at your nose…

It’s winter. It’s Christmas. It’s cold. We all just want to curl up by the fire, roast a few marshmallows, and pass out listening to good music. Well, the Google Play Music Chromecast Fireplace Visualizer can’t roast the marshmallows, but we have broilers for that. Want to get these lovely flames on your Chromecast? Here’s how it’s done.

Open Google Play Music on a  [Read More…]

Google starts showing song lyrics directly in search results

Google has teamed up with LyricFind to display song lyrics directly in its search results. The Toronto-based company signed a multi-year licensing deal with Google, allowing the search giant to offer song lyrics in the U.S. and international markets.

Speaking to Billboard, LyricFind CEO Darryl Ballantyne talked about how the deal would create an additional revenue model for musicians and songwriters:

It should be a significant revenue stream. We expect it to be millions of dollars  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo adds more IFTTT actions for sports scores, song requests

A new software update for the Amazon Echo adds more IFTTT support for the connected speaker.

Amazon keeps adding features to its Amazon Echo connected speaker with a regular series of software updates. Today, the company emailed owners of the device informing them that it has added more support for IFTTT (IF This Then That) trigger actions.

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You can now make your funky song mixes with djay Free for Android

Algoriddim has released a free version of its popular djay 2 music mixing app for Android, called djay Free. It’s now available to download from the Google Play Store along with an update for the $ 4.99 djay 2 app.

Google now serves up song lyrics in search results

If you’re tired of having to make that extra click just to find out what Miley was talking about in her latest hit, Google has your back. The search giant recently started showing song lyrics sourced from Google Play Music in its search results, replacing the need to click through to dedicated lyric websites.

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Amazon wants you to use Prime Music, bolsters song catalog considerably

Amazon has announced it has added “hundreds of thousands of songs” to its recently launched Prime Music streaming service, along with “hundreds” of new Prime Playlists.