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Xperia X Ultra: After a disappointing start to 2016, I’m hoping for the best Sony phone in years

Sony’s Xperia X phones have been boring, overpriced and underwhelming. But there’s reason for cautious optimism.

Sony, and before it Sony Ericsson, has been part of the Android ecosystem almost since the very beginning. Along the way, despite tumultuous conditions elsewhere in the company and a hit-and-miss biannual release cycle, Sony has managed to turn out some genuinely great handsets. The Xperia Z3 stands out as the zenith of that series — the last Sony phone  [Read More…]

Where to buy the Sony Xperia XA Ultra in Canada

The Sony Xperia XA Ultra may not be the most powerful phone on the market, but it’s certainly one of the largest.

With a huge 6-inch 1080p display, a MediaTek processor, 3GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a 21.5MP rear camera sensor, a 16MP front camera, and a 2,700mAh battery, the phone will mainly appeal to video and camera enthusiasts.

The phone is only available at one carrier in Canada, Wind Mobile.

Buy the Sony Xperia  [Read More…]

7 things to know about the Sony Xperia X Performance

Get to know the latest high-end phone from Sony.

The Sony Xperia X Performance isn’t exactly blowing everyone away with its amazing quality or value, but every time a Sony phone comes to the U.S. it’s at least an intriguing proposition. This time we’re looking at a whole group of Xperia X phones, with the X Performance leading the pack as the super-high-end version, with a price to match.

And while the Xperia X Performance can  [Read More…]

Sony Xperia X Performance now available from Unlocked-Mobiles

If you’re looking at channels to purchase the Sony Xperia X Performance, you’re also in luck should you shop at Unlocked-Mobiles in the UK. The retailer has just shared with us that stock for the X Performance is now available for shipping. Priced at £599.98 (including VAT), this premium handset packs a punch and will be more than capable of handling anything you throw at it.

Available in black, the Xperia X Performance comes with LTE  [Read More…]

Sony Xperia X Performance and XA are now available in the U.S.

Should you be waiting for Sony to launch the Xperia X Performance or Xperia XA in the U.S., you’re in luck as the two handsets are now available for purchase at participating retailers. Amazon, Best Buy, and Regan Wireless are among the supporting partners who will stock the new Sony hardware in the U.S.

As an added bonus, both smartphones come with a free microSD card. The Xperia XA has a MediaTek Helio P10 processor, an  [Read More…]

Where to buy the Sony Xperia X in the UK

Looking for deals on Sony’s latest mainstream flagship phone? You’ve got plenty of options.

Sony’s back this year with a fresh take on what a modern Android phone should be. The Xperia X draws a line under the past several years of Z-series phones, with a refreshed metal design, leaner internals and a familiar camera setup. There’s a lot to like, assuming you can find a price point that makes sense for you.

Fortunately we’ve done  [Read More…]

Where to buy the Sony Xperia X, X Performance, XA and XA Ultra in the U.S.

The latest round of Sony phones are available in the U.S. — and they can get pricey.

The new Xperia X series covers a broad range of prices, and the only way you’re going to get one is buying unlocked away from your carrier. Thankfully Sony has made the proper deals with several different retailers to have all four models — the X, X Performance, XA and XA Ultra — available in a wide variety of  [Read More…]

Sony Xperia X Performance vs. Samsung Galaxy S7: Same price, different values

If you have $ 700 burning a hole in your pocket, there are plenty of phones to spend it on.

Sony and Samsung, among others, have phones at the very top of their range that are vying to be the perfect device to drop several hundred dollars on. In this case, it’s the Sony Xperia X Performance, and the Galaxy S7. Both are compact, powerful, feature-rich and very much flagship devices for their respective companies.

But  [Read More…]

These are the top Sony Xperia phones you need to know

Whatever other difficulties the Japanese electronics giant has faced in recent years, Sony’s Xperia line of Android phones has earned a loyal following. And in 2016 the company has dramatically revamped its Xperia phones, doing away with the Z series and launching the new Xperia X range.

Sony’s still a bit of an outlier in the U.S. smartphone market, where Xperia handsets are only available unlocked at full retail price. But high-end Xperias have enjoyed greater success  [Read More…]

Where to buy the Sony Xperia X in Canada

Sony may be putting its faith behind the more powerful, more expensive Xperia X Performance, but a couple of Canadian carriers are also selling the Xperia X. If you’re looking for the cheaper option in Sony’s new X lineup, here’s where you can find it.

Buy the Sony Xperia X from Videotron

Videotron is selling the Xperia X for:

$ 0 on a 2-year term with a 3GB plan $ 99.95 on a 2-year term with a  [Read More…]