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Your Moto Z might soon get a QWERTY keyboard slider

BlackBerry made the QWERTY keyboard famous, but other phones have offered such keyboards in the past. Remember the Motorola DROID 4 slider? The phone was released back in 2012, but after that the QWERTY slider disappeared from the Motorola portfolio. Well it seems the QWERTY keyboard will make a comeback soon enough. You’re probably aware […]

Soon you’ll be able to place your finger anywhere on your smartphone display to unlock it

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are two highly anticipated flagships that will launch in the first half of the year. Both will come with fingerprint scanners meant to live in the back. But your next-next gen flagship might be entirely different. Most phones these days either put the fingerprint scanner on the back […]

Nokia might announce a smartwatch or a wearable soon

If you are a wearable fan, you’re probably familiar with Whitings. The French company which was acquired by Nokia last year, is mostly known for its aesthetically stunning activity trackers. Whitings also has a line of smartwatches called Activite – that brings hybrid features to the table. Now ever since Whitings got acquired by Nokia, […]

You’ll be able to unlock your Windows 10 PC with a Samsung Galaxy fingerprint scanner soon

Samsung Flow was released two years ago on the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge and Note4. It was designed to be an alternative to Apple’s Continuity feature and basically allowed users to set down their phone and pick up what they were doing on the tablet. Now if you’re a Samsung Galaxy TabPro S tablet […]

The stunning Kecil icon pack is coming to Android soon

If you love playing around with your Android phone, adjusting wallpapers, widgets and changing themes as often as you can, then you’ll be happy to know that a very popular iOS icon pack will soon make its way to Android soon enough. The Kecil icons were originally developed for jailbroken iOS devices, but become quite […]

Project Fi subscribers will get LTE calls soon

Are you a Project Fi subscriber? If that’s the case, we have a piece of good news we want to share with you. Google announced that for the past few weeks it has been testing Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls for select users of Project Fi. The most noticeable benefit consumers will experience with VoLTE […]

Samsung Hello might soon compete with Google Home, Amazon Echo

It’s expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive with a virtual assistant named Bixby. You know who else has a flagship that takes advantage of an AI-driven helper? Google. The Pixel and Pixel XL ship out with the Google Assistant onboard, but the AI companion also lives in the Google’s connected speaker, the Home. […]

Soon you’ll be able to make payments via the Google Assistant

If you’re a Pixel owner, you’ll soon be able to pay via your Google Assistant. The functionality was teased a month ago, but now it appears to have appeared for some users who are using the latest beta version of the app. Which can only mean it might not take very long until we see […]

You may soon be able to use Google Home or Amazon Echo to make phone calls

Hey Alexa, get me the operator!

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that both Google and Amazon are looking into ways to add phone call functionality — remember that? — to the Home and Echo, respectively.

The tech giants could launch the feature this year, the people said — but the effort is hung up over concerns about privacy, telecom regulations and emergency services. And they are aware of the inherent awkwardness of having phone conversations on a speaker.

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Google planning to cleanse Play Store of apps without privacy policy soon

Google appears to be planning a Play Store spring cleaning. According to The Next Web, the search giant has been sending emails to developers across the globe to alert them it plans to limit visibility of remove Android apps that don’t have a valid privacy policy. You can check the email below: It makes sense […]