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Upgrade your computer’s audio with this slim soundbar for just $22 today

Odds are the speakers that came with your computer or built into your monitor aren’t that great. Today is a perfect day to upgrade them by adding ELEGIANT’s USB-powered soundbar to your setup for just $ 22.49. This is the lowest price the soundbar has ever sold for, and about $ 8 less than its average selling price.

For $ 29.99 you can pick up the wireless version of the soundbar, which is probably worth the extra few dollars.

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How to set up your Shield Android TV to control your TV, receiver or soundbar

It would be great if all of your entertainment devices just worked together, wouldn’t it?

The new NVIDIA Shield Android TV is stepping up to the plate as a more complete entertainment solution, and part of that process is playing nice with more of the various devices around it. To that point, the new versions of the Shield Controller and Shield Remote that ship with the new box have integrated IR blasters so they can control your  [Read More…]

LG launches a Google Cast-compatible curved soundbar to go with your curved TV

LG has launched a curved soundbar in its Music Flow series of connected audio equipment, dubbed the Music Flow HS8 Wireless Curved Sound Bar. Available in Europe starting next week, the HS8 houses a 4.1 channel speaker system with an output of 360W and is compatible with Google Cast.

DASH A Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

Do you find yourself doing the Goldilocks bit when choosing a Bluetooth speaker? “This one is too big but I like the sound quality and this one is small enough but sounds like an old man who smoked a pack a day for 50 years.” Well, you’re in luck. The DASH A Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker may be just right for you.

Ultra-thin but with a powerful sound and long-lasting battery life, this portable Bluetooth speaker is easy to bring along  [Read More…]