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All Google Home speakers now support Spanish

The Google Home and Home Mini are also launching in Mexico today.

Google’s Home speakers are fantastic, and today, they’re getting a big accessibility update with Spanish being added as an officially supported language.

There are three different versions of Spanish you can choose from based on your location, including Spain, Mexico, and the United States. If you want to enable Spanish on your Home speaker, just open the Google Home app on your phone and tap  [Read More…]

Learn to speak Spanish for only $49

There are plenty of reasons to start learning a new language. You can learn your family’s mother tongue to communicate better with distant relatives, you can learn a new regional language to help you get a government job, or you can even learn a language just for fun. Of course, learning a whole new language isn’t easy, it takes a ton of practice and commitment.

You could go back to school and take some new language courses, but that requires  [Read More…]

Gmail Smart Reply now supports Spanish

Google added a Smart Reply feature to Gmail not long ago which allows you to reply to an email with one of three phrases that’ve been pre-selected based on your writing style. They work shockingly well, and rather than sending automatically, they open the compose screen with the text already written so you can edit as necessary. It’s a great feature for simple replies.

Now Google has announced that Smart Reply supports Spanish across both Android and iOS. Though the feature is  [Read More…]

MosaLingua Spanish: A different but familiar way of learning Spanish (Review)

As the only native Spanish speaker in AndroidGuys, it is always amusing for me to see Android apps for learning Spanish. After all, it is a fairly useful language, with approximately 500 million people talking it natively throughout the world. There are different approaches for learning it, but MosaLingua Spanish uses a fairly common one: repetition. Developer: […]

Google Assistant inside Allo can now converse in French and Spanish

Google Assistant is learning new languages.

Just a week after adding a few new features, Google’s smart chat app Allo is also picking up new language skills. You can now talk to Google Assistant inside Allo in French and Spanish, and it will respond in that language along with all of the smarts you expect from the Assistant.

French and Spanish join English, Hindi, Portuguese and Japanese as supported languages in  [Read More…]

SpeakTribe: A great way of learning the beautiful Spanish language (review)

Learning languages is, in my opinion, one of the most fulfilling things you can do. This is especially true when you are in a country where they speak a different language than yours. The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction you get after slowly starting to get what it is written on the streets or finally

Seeing a Spanish update message on the Nexus 7 (2013)? Don’t install it just yet

Several users are receiving an update message in Spanish on the Nexus 7 (2013) configured for English. The update includes the July security patch and comes in at 12.1MB, but the description is in Spanish and it looks like there isn’t a way to clear the update notification. According to Google’s issue tracker, the update is being received by users across regions.

Per the discussion in our forums, Google is aware of the issue:

Just got  [Read More…]

Aprenda inglés / learn Spanish Nglish Translator

A fun fact about me is that I’m bilingual. I spent a couple of years tromping through the jungles of El Salvador and in the process learned Spanish. That was a little over 15 years ago, and because I live in Arizona I have had ample opportunity to keep up with and even improve my Spanish vocabulary. It is from this perspective that I write my review.

Una cosa que no todos saben es que soy bilingüe. Pase un par de  [Read More…]

Who is the Spanish T-Mobile Girl? Meet Valeska Castillo

“The T-Mobile Girl,” as she’s often referred to by people watching the NBA playoffs, is a model named Carly Foulkes. But while everyone has been asking “Who’s that girl from the T-Mobile commercials?” for several months now, they have also been asking that question about a new person with whom you may not be as familiar.

That person is Valeska Castillo, star of a  [Read More…]