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Bose adds Google Assistant to its range of smart speakers and soundbars

A new Bose Home 300 speaker is also expected to launch this summer.

What you need to know Google Assistant support has been added to the Bose Home Speaker 500, Bose Soundbar 500 and 700 smart speakers. A new Bose Home Speaker 300 will also launch later this summer with Google Assistant support. You’ll be able to switch to Google Assistant in the Bose Music App under Voice Settings after an update.

If you’ve got a Bose  [Read More…]

Edifier S880DB bookshelf speakers review

In an age of wireless connectivity, Bluetooth reigns over all. So many of our speakers and headphones allow for a cord-free connection to our phones or laptops. It’s incredible, right?

What happens when you want to upgrade your speaker setup for an existing device? Maybe you’ve got an old turntable record player or favorite TV and you’re looking to improve on the audio front. You can’t sprinkle wireless connectivity on a device and pair it with some new speakers.

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Snag three Echo Dot speakers for your home and save $80 instantly

Start controlling smart home devices with Alexa.

Now’s your opportunity to pick up three Echo Dot speakers at a discount, as Amazon is offering $ 80 off your purchase when you add three of the smart speakers to your cart. Though they regularly sell for $ 49.99 each, today’s deal will score you the speakers for only $ 69.97! That’s like paying a little over $ 23 for each one, which beats the deal of $ 24 we saw  [Read More…]

Control your speakers with your voice using the Echo Link Amp for $300

Unite your home under one smart system.

The Amazon Echo Link Amp is available for $ 299.99 today. This is a powerful device designed to bring smart functionality to your dumb speakers. That’s particularly awesome if you listen to music through a home theater system or powerful speakers that don’t have access to streaming services or voice control.

The Amp itself is a 60W 2-channel amplifier. You’ll be able to connect the Link Amp to your current  [Read More…]

Pair these Soundcore Flare Wireless Speakers for stereo sound at $40 off

Blast your summer playlists with this two-pack of Soundcore Flare Bluetooth speakers.

Anker’s Soundcore Flare Portable Wireless Speaker is a dependable $ 59 Bluetooth speaker that offers 360-degree sound and features more than a few glowing customer reviews at Amazon. Two of them can be paired together for seamless stereo sound, and today you’re in luck as the two-pack of Soundcore Flare speakers is down to just $ 69.99. This two-pack usually offers about $ 10 in savings compared to  [Read More…]

Time for a new sound with the Elac UB5 bookshelf speakers on sale for $280

Well-loved and well discounted.

The Elac Uni-fi UB5 Bookshelf Speakers are down to $ 279.95 on Amazon. We saw these speakers drop as low as $ 350 around Black Friday and even down to $ 316 in December. Today’s deal is an all-new low and an amazing discount considering the UB5 normally sell for around $ 500.

The UB5 are amazing speakers for the price. Digital Trends said these speakers “deliver impeccably great sound at an impressively  [Read More…]

Friday’s top deals: Anker auto accessories, $6 Bluetooth speakers, and more

There are so many great deals each and every day, but there are also a lot of lame ones. Figuring out what’s worth your hard-earned dollars and what is just marketing is no mean feat. But fear not! We round up our absolute favorite deals on a daily basis to make sure that you see the ones you won’t want to miss.

One day only Anker auto essentials

Amazon has dropped the price of a number of Anker  [Read More…]

These discounted SoundCore Mini 2 Bluetooth speakers create stereo sound

Sounds like a sale.

Grab two Anker Soundcore Mini 2 pocket Bluetooth speakers for $ 51.99 on Amazon right now. The 2-pack usually sells for around $ 62, and this is the second-best drop we’ve ever seen. A single Soundcore Mini 2 speaker goes for $ 30 at the moment, so you’re saving substantially compared to buying them separately.

The speakers are designed to be used together. You can connect the speakers together and get huge stereo  [Read More…]

Apple Music coming soon to Google Home and other Assistant speakers

Well, this is a delightful surprise.

Google Home/Assistant speakers already have access to a solid selection of integrated music streaming services, including the likes of Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, and Deezer.

Now, it looks like Apple Music will soon be joining the ranks.

Initially spotted by MacRumors and later confirmed by myself and Phil Nickinson, there’s now an option for Apple Music in the Music section of the Google Home app.

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This deal includes two Sonos Play:1 speakers and a $30 gift card for $298

Stereo sound and free money.

Sonos speakers offer high-quality sound and a smart way to enjoy your favorite music around your home, and right now Amazon is offering two Play:1 speakers along with a $ 30 gift card for $ 298 to get you started. You can choose between a two-pack in black or white while supplies last. A single Play:1 sells for around $ 148 and the two-pack is usually $ 298, but the extra gift  [Read More…]