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Gear Up: Braven’s summer line is as sporty as it is practical

With some of the hottest days of the year happening lately, we often find ourselves spending time at the pool or beach. There are few things that feel as good as a dip in the water when temps reach 90’s or higher. One of the first things we like to grab when we head out […]

Huawei Watch 2 Classic hands-on: Metal and leather make for a less sporty smartwatch

The Classic lacks LTE connectivity, but looks prettier than the regular plastic Huawei Watch 2.

I’m not a huge fan of the Huawei Watch 2’s plasticky feel and gigantic bezels. In aesthetic terms, it’s a step backward from the universal style of the first Huawei smartwatch — one of the compromises involved in bringing LTE connectivity and a boatload of other features to a wearable in 2017. The Watch 2 Classic, on the other hand, has a  [Read More…]

Celebrate the Rio Olympics with these sporty wallpapers!

While most of us can be forgiven if we show our patriotism on the inside, but during the Olympics it’s time to let the flags and face paint fly… or, you could put an Olympic wallpaper on your phone to remind yourself to check out the results every now and then. Whether you’re rooting for athletes you watch all year long or athletes you’ve never seen before (and never will again), the Olympics has something for everyone…

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