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Spotify hiring to launch self-branded hardware, potentially a wearable

You can listen to Spotify pretty much anywhere, but apparently that’s not good enough.

Spotify is looking to add new members to its ranks with a goal of launching its own hardware, according to job listings the streaming music company has posted. As pointed out by Zatznotfunny, the two listings are pretty clear: the positions are to “deliver hardware directly from Spotify to existing and new customers” and “execution of Spotify’s voice efforts beyond our core apps.”

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Spotify may restrict major album releases to its paid subscribers

No word on which record companies would be a part of the deal.

And so it begins: The Financial Times reports that Spotify is looking to restrict major album releases from some of the major record labels as an incentive to lower its royalty fees.

The ploy is apparently in response to the company’s IPO ambitions—Spotify can’t make money off free listeners, and it needs to be making money to legitimize its place on the stock market.  [Read More…]

Waze now integrates with Spotify to help de-stress your commute

Waze is adding a big new integration — and sorry, it isn’t Android Auto.

Waze and Spotify have inked a deal to deeply integrate into each other’s apps, both giving you access to the best tunes during your commute and keeping your route easily in hand while browsing your music. With the latest version of the Waze app and your Spotify account connected, you’ll be able to access your Spotify playlists from  [Read More…]

Spotify is testing a lossless Hi-Fi option as it hits 50 million paid subscribers

Spotify is about to launch the ‘ultimate music experience.’

Spotify announced back in September that it crossed 40 million paying customers, and it took the world’s largest streaming service just five and a half months to pick up an additional 10 million subscribers. In a tweet, Spotify revealed that it crossed 50 million paid subscribers. 2016 was a great year for streaming services in general, and Spotify is now looking to continue its momentum by testing a  [Read More…]

Spotify HiFi lossless streaming option might be coming soon

There are quite a few music streaming services out there that are fighting to capture music lovers’ attention and Spotify might be among the best known solutions. However, Spotify has been facing some thought competition recently from alternate services like Google Play Music, Tidal or Pandora. Apps like Tidal have built their reputation on offering […]

Spotify is getting into the content game with its own original podcasts

The music service’s first episode of its first original podcast is available to listen to today.

The Spotify Originals, as they’re called, are a family of podcasts that’ve been greenlighted by the green-logo’d music service. The first three titles — Showstopper, Unpacked, and The Chris Lighty Story (working title) — are different series that explore music’s impact on society. Here’s a quick, abridged rundown on what each of these podcasts are about as I’ve interpreted from the  [Read More…]

AmpMe brings Spotify integration to its neat stereo music app

The app uses other devices and Bluetooth-enabled speakers to amplify music, so you can theoretically have a dance party anywhere.

Picture it: You and two of your friends jovially walking, with arms linked, towards the neighborhood bar. One of your friends starts whistling the piano intro to Cheers. You start singing, “Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got…” Your other friend whips out her phone, quickly queues up the song on Spotify, and  [Read More…]

Samsung Gear S3 and Gear S2 users can now use Spotify on their smartwatch

Smartwatches are slowly becoming irrelevant, but companies like Samsung continue to believe in their appeal. To be fair Samsung’s last Gear S3 smartwatch sparked some interest with users still willing to give wearables a chance. Smartwatches can deliver notifications and count daily steps, but a lot of owners like to use it to play their

Pandora makes a play for Spotify with upcoming Pandora Premium

Music streaming service Pandora has unveiled its latest offering, an ad-free, an all-you-can-stream plan. Called Pandora Premium, it’s a $ 10 per month option which taps into millions of tracks. If you thought Pandora already had a commercial-free option, you’re right. Pandora launched Pandora Plus, a $ 4.99 plan back in September. So what’s the difference? As it

Spotify now lets you control Sonos speakers from its app

Stream to your Sonos speakers straight from Spotify.

Premium Spotify users can now stream music to Sonos speakers directly from within the Spotify app using Spotify Connect. Spotify has teamed up with Sonos to better integrate the popular music service with the high-end wireless speakers, and the result looks pretty damn cool. In essence, if you have Sonos speakers set up throughout your home and rely on Spotify Premium for your music, you can control both your Spotify music  [Read More…]