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Tax time is a great time for your annual tech spring cleaning

Whether you’re passing it along to someone in need or sending it to the big recycle bin in the sky, now is the perfect time to weed any unused tech.

If you need a broken guitar cable or a 100-foot telephone cord, I have just the box of goodies for you.

It’s not hard to build up a big collection of tech gear that’s too good to just toss but not anything you’ll ever use again.  [Read More…]

Verizon will begin locking phones to its network this spring

You’ll soon have to wait a hot minute before taking your Verizon phone to another carrier.

In the United States, most all carriers require you wait a certain amount of time after buying a phone before you can use it on another network. It’s a process called “locking”, and it’s something that’s instituted by AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Beginning at some point this spring, Verizon will follow suit.

With Verizon’s current policy of selling unlocked phones, you  [Read More…]

Razer Phone gets a limited gold edition in honor of Spring Festival

I mean, at least the box looks cool.

The Razer Phone is not a perfect smartphone, but for Razer’s first attempt at entering this market, it could have been a lot worse. The 120Hz display and ridiculously good front-facing speakers are the Razer Phone’s two highlights, but when you turn the device over, you end up with a pretty bland design. However, in honor of the Spring Festival / Chinese New Year, Razer is launching a limited gold edition  [Read More…]

Michael Kors summons Spring by adding new colors to its Access smartwatch lineup

Spring is almost here or so would Michael Kors would have us believe. The fashion brand just unveiled its Spring 2018 collection which includes quite a few new options under the Michael Kors Access line of smartwatches. If you were looking for a smartwatch for your girlfriend or wife for Valentine’s Day, the new Access […]

Video: The best Android phone in spring 2017

Since it launched late last year, the Google Pixel has been our pick for best Android phone. And, assuming you can actually find it, it’s still a great option. But with a new generation of phones comes a new overall champion. And right now, in spring 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best Android phone you can buy.

Whether you’re looking at the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 or the 6.2-inch S8+, these are two phones that feel like they’ve  [Read More…]

Put some Spring in your step with these wallpapers!

April showers bring spring flowers.

Spring has been sprung, and Easter Sunday is coming — and so are the Monday-after candy sales! The world is showing the beauty of nature around us as the wildflowers bloom, the gardens grow, and the whole world outside your window seems to be green with new life. As most of us can’t spend these spring days frolicking in a field, we’ll have to get that burst of spring energy somewhere else  [Read More…]

Save 50% on this BlackBerry Priv spring clip holster today!

Prefer not to use a case but also want to keep your BlackBerry Priv protected while transporting it? If so, check out Seidio’s spring clip holster for an easy way to secure it to your hip. It provides easy access to your phone, and doesn’t add any bulk. Right now you can pick one up for just $ 14.95, a savings of 50%.

Save $13 on this Galaxy Note 4 spring clip holster today!

Not a huge fan of sticking your Galaxy Note 4 in your pocket when you aren’t using it? Seidio’s spring clip holster is a great way to keep your phone safely on your hip and easily accessible at all times. Right now, you can grab one for just $ 16.95.

T-Mobile announces exciting Spring Break data special

For a limited time, T-Mobile customers can make use of the newly announced Spring Break special. Just in time for the season, customers can get two lines with 12 GB of LTE data (6 GB each – no sharing required) for $ 80 a month. This added on top of Binge On and Music Freedom is sure

5 absolute must have video apps for Spring Break

If you’re in college, high school or any other school, there is a high likelihood that you are celebrating a week off with Spring Break now or sometime very soon.

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