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Sprint will begin selling the HTC 10 on Friday, May 13

Sprint has confirmed it will begin selling the HTC 10 phone starting on Friday, May 13. The phone will be priced at $ 0 down and $ 26 a month for 24 months.

Sprint’s press release did not mention any pricing for buying the HTC 10 without a contract or payment plan, but it did state the phone would be on sale both online and in its retail stores on May 13. You can check out  [Read More…]

MetroPCS competes with Sprint to offer new family deals

Starting today, MetroPCS is offering more high-speed data for accounts that have 2 or more lines – perfect for families. You can get 2 lines with unlimited talk, text, data and 6 GB of 4G LTE data for $ 60/month. If you port at least one number from another carrier, you can slash the price down

AT&T vs. Sprint: Best family plan

Comparing data, to minutes, to cost, to perks, which carrier is right for your family?

Wireless carriers don’t necessarily make it easy for you to compare between their services. They all offer data, and minutes, and messaging, but the small details between them can mean a big difference on your monthly bill.

Choosing a shared plan for your family is a big decision. When you’re shopping between AT&T and Sprint it’s important to know how much  [Read More…]

Sprint pushes Marshmallow to Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and S5 Sport

Sprint has started pushing out a pair of new Marshmallow updates, this time bringing Android 6.0 to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S5 Sport.

For Note Edge users, Sprint notes that the latest OTA update will also include a bump up to the latest security patches from Samsung and Google, as well as miscellaneous bug fixes. The Galaxy S5 Sport update, on the other hand, simply moves the handset up to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

  [Read More…]

Sprint rolls out LTE Plus in New York City to bring you supercharged speeds

Sprint has rolled out LTE Plus in New York City. The newly added location joins 190 other markets across the U.S. who already enjoy the network’s improved LTE speeds. The company has revealed that speed and capacity of more than 900 cell sites across the New York metropolitan area have been doubled.

As well as expanding its network, Sprint notes the company has invested in fine-tuning its network across New York and New Jersey. In addition  [Read More…]

Sprint CEO casually hears from a loyal customer: T-Mobile is ‘Ghetto’

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure this afternoon tweeted from his “Listening Tour” — which in all likelihood will come to a sudden stop — asking what we presume are “normal people” weighing in on the competition.

And like most normal people who engage in normal conversations every day, things were said in private that never should have been made public. Certainly not as promotional material, anyway.

“I’m gonna tell you a carrier name, and I want you to basically tell me  [Read More…]

Sprint rolling Marshmallow out to Samsung Galaxy S5 users

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is two years old now, but Samsung is still supporting the device. The Sprint version of the S5 is now getting its update to the latest version of Android along with a host of important security updates.

The Marshmallow update includes Google Now on Tap, Doze mode, improved audio control, customizable permissions, and a host of improvements that should make the device smoother and faster. You’ll also get an updated version of TouchWiz from Samsung.

If you  [Read More…]

Sprint to raise $2.2 billion by selling and leasing back network assets

Sprint has announced a plan to sure up its financial house by striking a deal to sell portions of its network assets for $ 2.2 billion and then lease them back. As part of the deal, Sprint says the transaction will see network assets shifted to several remote entities (referred to collectively as Network LeaseCo) to be used as collateral for loans. From Sprint:

Network LeaseCo will acquire certain existing network assets and then lease them back  [Read More…]

Sprint lets subscribers pay monthly for Amazon Prime

Sprint on Thursday announced that it will let customers pay for an Amazon Prime subscription as part of their monthly bills. Indeed, it’s a way of getting the full benefits of an Amazon Prime account but without the one-time charge of $ 99.99. Amazon Prime is another example of the innovative options that Sprint delivers every

Amazon Prime now available to Sprint customers for $11 a month

If you wanted to try out Amazon Prime but don’t have the $ 99 on hands for its normal annual fee, you might want to switch over to Sprint. The carrier has announced that new or current customers have the option to access Amazon Prime as an option on their bills for $ 10.99 a month.

This is the first time that Amazon Prime has been available on a month-to-month basis. Sprint says:

“Amazon Prime is  [Read More…]