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Sprint HTC 10 update now rolling out with camera enhancements and more

Sprint is rolling out a small update to the HTC 10 that bears good news for the phone’s camera. In addition to bug fixes, the one-line list of changes provided by Sprint notes that the latest update also includes “camera enhancements.”

Though Sprint is vague in its own release notes, it looks like the update does contain the latest June security patch, according to users on our forums who have received it already.

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Best Sprint prepaid phones

If you absolutely have to go with Sprint prepaid, then do so. Otherwise, consider Boost Mobile.

You can’t bring your own phone to use on a Sprint prepaid plans, which makes things pretty difficult since Sprint’s selection of prepaid phones is subpar (and that’s putting it very nicely).

If Sprint prepaid is your only option, then we’re able to begrudgingly recommend a couple of their phones to you in the Moto E and the iPhone 5s.

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That guy from those Verizon commercials is now in those Sprint commercials

We’re in an age in which companies have zero problem going after each other directly. Sometimes it works. See T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” thing, championed by CEO John Legere, for that one. And … sometimes it doesn’t work.

But Sprint picking up that “Can you hear me now?” actor from those old Verizon commercials?

Well played, Sprint.

Best Sprint phones

Sprint offers some of the best phones on the market. We’ve rounded them up just for you!

Sprint doesn’t exactly play well with others, so the selection of unlocked phones that you can bring to its network is rather limited. If you are trying to bring your own unlocked phone to Sprint, it’s best to head to the nearest location and ask if your device is compatible.

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Sprint will kill off two-year contracts for the second time on May 24

It appears as though Sprint is getting ready to once again kiss two-year contracts goodbye. A new document from the carrier reveals that on May 24 customers will no longer be able to upgrade using a two-year pricing. The carrier will be pushing its phone financing and leasing programs as its main offerings, and of course you can still pay full retail price for the phone.

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Sprint user finds Galaxy S6 Edge+ on fire shortly after charging

A Galaxy S6 Edge+ user found his phone on fire, with its internals melting shortly after unplugging it from the charger. He removed it from the outlet after noticing the phone was overheating while still on the charger. Devices catching on fire, or overheating to the point where its internals are melting, is no regular occurrence. Issues like

HTC 10 is now available from Sprint for as little as $21 a month

If you are a Sprint customer who is intrigued by the HTC 10, your wait is over. That’s right, you can now order one for as little as $ 21 a month, or $ 624 full retail. Sprint is only offering the glacier silver option at this time. The phone features a 5.2-inch QHD Super LCD, 32GB of internal storage, 4GB of RAM and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow out of the box.

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Want a free year of Amazon Prime? Here’s how Sprint is hooking you up!

Sprint has one of the coolest promotions I’ve seen yet in telecommunications. Today, if you sign up for one of its Amazon Better Choice XXL plans, you’ll not only get 40GB of data to share for $ 100/mo, you’ll also get a free year of Amazon Prime (valued at $ 100). Carriers are offering promotions to switch

T-Mobile vs. Sprint: Best family plan

Comparing data, to minutes, to cost, to perks, which carrier is right for your family?

When you’re shopping between T-Mobile and Sprint it’s important to know how much data you need, how many devices will be on your account, and how much data you expect to use when choosing a sharing plan.

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Sprint posts first positive annual earnings report in 9 years

Sprint has published the company’s report for the fiscal year of 2015. The U.S. carrier posted an operating income of $ 310 million for the year, which is positive for the first time in a reported nine years. As for the last quarter, Sprint managed to pocket $ 8 million as operating income, which included $ 258 million worth of charges.

As for customer additions, the company reported postpaid net additions of more than 1.2 million  [Read More…]