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Jay-Z’s new album 4:44 is releasing on June 30 exclusively for Sprint and Tidal users

Jay-Z’s 4:44 album will be available to stream exclusively on Tidal, and Sprint customers can get in on the action for free.

Jay-Z’s upcoming album, titled 4:44, will be releasing on June 30 exclusively on Tidal, the Hi-Fi streaming service owned by the artist. With Sprint picking up a 33% stake in Tidal earlier this year, the album will also be available to the carrier’s 45 million subscribers.

Sprint announced last month that it will roll out  [Read More…]

Deal: Switching to Sprint gets you free unlimited for a year!

This Sprint deal seems too good to be true, but it isn’t.

We often tease Sprint for its desperate attempts at getting customers on other networks to switch over, but this latest deal is a doozy, and well worth investigating.

Until June 30, 2017, customers on T-Mobile, AT&T, or (especially) Verizon get up to five lines of free unlimited service by switching over to Sprint. There are a few caveats, which we’ll get to in a  [Read More…]

Grab the HTC 10 from Sprint for $240, even if you’re not a subscriber

With the HTC U11 launched, not many people will have eyes for the company’s last year flagship, right? It might not necessary be so, given the promotion Sprint has on the phone right now. AndroidGuys found the HTC 10 to be among the best smartphones to date in our review last year and we believe […]

Andy Rubin’s Essential phone will be a Sprint exclusive

So far Andy Rubin’s Essential smartphone has been available for pre-order only from the Essential website for $ 699 a pop. Now a report coming out of USA Today reveals one of the major US carriers will also be selling the phone. According to the information. Sprint will exclusively carry the Essential phone in its stores. […]

Essential Phone will be carrier-exclusive to Sprint in the U.S.

The Essential Phone will be prominently showcased at thousands of Sprint stores across the country.

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone will be available to buy unlocked direct from the company’s website, but if you’re looking to go the carrier route in the U.S., then your only option is Sprint. The phone itself supports all four major carriers in the U.S., but when it comes to picking up the device from a retail store, Essential is going with the “network of  [Read More…]

HTC U11 now shipping in the US, available from Amazon and Sprint

Nearly one month after making its official debut, the HTC U11 is shipping to customers.

HTC announced today that the U11 is now shipping to buyers in the US. That means that if you pre-ordered HTC’s latest Android flagship, it should be on its way to your doorstep.

If you didn’t pre-order, you can still buy an HTC U11. The device is available from Amazon for $ 649.99, and it even includes Amazon Prime shipping, so Prime subscribers could get  [Read More…]

Sprint now offering new and old subscribers 6-months of free Tidal HiFi

You probably remember that earlier this year Sprint acquired a stake in Jay Z’s music streaming service called Tidal. Back then the two companies talked about working together to deliver exclusive content for Sprint customers, but so far their partnership seemed to be more on paper. That changes today, as Sprint announced a new promotion […]

Sprint offering all customers free Tidal HiFi subscriptions for 6 months

It’s hard to turn down free stuff.

Starting June 9, Sprint is offering six free months of Tidal’s music streaming service — and it’s doing so for all new and existing customers. The move comes less than six months after Sprint took a 33% stake in Tidal, which at the time was sold as a great way for Sprint users to get exclusive music on the service.

Not only is this six free months, but it’s actually  [Read More…]

The best Android phones at Sprint (June 2017)

We’re asked on a regular basis to help determine which phone is the best one available. We get it as a team here at AndroidGuys, but we also field it on an individual level, too. To help address that, we’ve put together a list of top models to choose from at various carriers. If you’re […]

Win a Samsung Galaxy S8 at Sprint by taking a photo with your pet

Want to win a free Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone? Sprint has a sweepstakes going on that will allow you to do just that. It’s called “Twin2Win” – and don’t worry you don’t have to have a twin brother or sister to be eligible to enter the competition. But you’ll do need a pet. To enter […]