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T-Mobile CEO John Legere rails against Sprint over new promotion

In usual combative form, T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to Twitter today to rail against Sprint over its new promotion that offers to cut customers’ bills by 50 percent when switching from a competing carrier.

Sprint has something up its sleeve for Wednesday, Nov. 18

Sprint has something it wants to announce, and it will reveal that something on Wednesday, November 18. That’s when the wireless carrier has scheduled a press conference via phone with its CEO Marcelo Claure, starting at 12:15 p.m. ET.

Sprint, Verizon offer free calls to France following attacks in Paris

Following Friday’s attacks in Paris, both Sprint and Verizon are helping customers stay in touch with friends and family in France, in many cases waiving their fees for SMS and international calls placed to France.

Sprint now pushing Android 5.1 update to Moto X 2013

Sprint is now pushing the Android 5.1 update out for the Moto X 2013. The update, which carries the software version LPA23.12-39.10, began pushing a few days ago, with more users now seeing the notification for it.

Holiday exclusive: Get a free year of Amazon Prime with a qualifying device on Sprint

Starting today, for new and existing Sprint customers who activate a new qualifying Samsung device will receive one full year of Amazon Prime($ 99 value). This offer is only for select Samsung devices: the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ and the Note5. Any purchasing method will qualify as long as customers upgrade or add a new line of service. Sprint lease, 2-year contract, Sprint Easy Pay and buying outright are the methods in which to add that new line  [Read More…]

Sprint subscribers will soon be able to roam in Cuba

Sprint has announced that it has signed a direct roaming deal with the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA). This will allow Sprint subscribers to easily roam inside Cuba, though the company doesn’t mention whether roaming in Cuba will be covered under its Global Roaming or Open World plans.

Sprint adds new $20 plan with 1GB of 4G data and unlimited 2G data

Sprint has added a new $ 20 ‘unlimited data’ plan that nets you 1GB of high-speed data, and once you exceed that you can continue to use data at 2G speeds. This plan, which the carrier boasts beats all other national carriers pricing, lets customers not worry about overage fees.

Sprint caters to the most basic of users with new $20 ‘Starter’ plan

Sprint today announced a new rate plan for customers who need the most basic amount of data per month. Called the Starter Unlimited Data Plan, the $ 20 monthly option gives customers 1GB of 4G LTE data per month.

Should a customer go over the allotted data, Sprint will let them continue on with services at 2G speeds. The 2G data is unlimited for the remainder of the bill cycle.


It is worth noting that  [Read More…]

HTC One A9 arrives on Sprint starting November 6

Sprint has announced that on November 6 customers will be able to pick up the newly-announced HTC One A9. Being the first US carrier to announce its support of the smartphone, Sprint is also offering to make two lease payments for those who purchase the One A9.

Sprint expands its Direct 2 You service to include several more US cities

Sprint’s recently launched phone delivery and set up service, Direct 2 You, has now expanded to several new cities in the US, including Charlotte, N.C., Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Nashville, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City. These new additions for the service means that 27 major metropolitan areas in the US now have access to Direct 2 You.

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