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Best ways to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs on Android

The first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is underway and the action is just starting to heat up. With 16 teams still in contention to raise Lord Stanley’s cup, there’s no better time to be sure you’ll be able to follow your team through the playoffs on your phone so you’ll never miss a moment of the action.

With the games being broadcast by NBC Sports in the U.S. and on Rogers Sportsnet up in Canada, you  [Read More…]

T-Mobile might merge with Sprint or buy US Cellular in 2017, says Morgan Stanley

Rumors of a possible merger between two of America’s biggest carriers, T-Mobile and Sprint have been floating around for quite some time. A previous attempt by Sprint to buy the Magenta carrier fell through in 2014, after the Federal Communication Commission intervened. But Morgan Stanley analyst, Simon Flannery believes the two companies might join forces

Morgan Stanley says the Pixel will bring in billions for Alphabet

Wall Street wizards bullish on Google’s Pixel phones.

According to Business Insider, Morgan Stanley analysts think the Pixel and Pixel XL are going to be really good for Alphabet’s bottom line.

To be clear, the Pixel isn’t going to sell nearly as many phones as Samsung or Apple, but the finance wizards say Google is on track to sell three million phones in the rest of 2016 to generate about $ 2 billion for the company  [Read More…]