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Get to know and master your starship types in No Man’s Sky

Take to the skies and show off your best ship in the Nexus. Bragging rights are warranted.

One of the major pillars in No Man’s Sky is exploration. You can do that on foot across various planets, but your greatest asset will be your starship. This will allow you to travel across galaxies and discover new and exotic locations. Wherever you go, your starship follows. Because of this, it’s important to know which type you have, which  [Read More…]

How to repair your starship in No Man’s Sky

You don’t want to be stuck on a hazardous planet forever… or maybe you do. I don’t judge.

Best answer: Repair your scanner and mine for Ferrite Dust, Di-hydrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon before you go looking for your starship. These are the materials you’ll need to fix it and getting them first saves time.

Explore the galaxy: No Man’s Sky ($ 30 at Amazon)

Your journey into No Man’s Sky will end as quickly as  [Read More…]