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How to get started with Google Play Music

There is more music at your fingertips than there are stars in the sky.

While there are many apps that stream music, and stream it well, Google Play Music is Google’s music service and as such is an app that comes on millions and millions of devices. While the app has gotten clunkier in recent years, the app is still undoubtedly one of the most useful on the Android scene, and with generous benefits to both paid  [Read More…]

How to set up and get started with Google Tez

Google’s new payments service has a lot to offer.

With digital payments on the rise in India, Google is making its foray into this segment with Tez, an all-new payments service designed for the Indian market. Tez stands for “fast” in Hindi, and the lightweight app has a minimal layout with easy-to-find options for transferring money using QR codes, UPI IDs, and a new Cash Mode that relies on audio QR to facilitate transfers.

The app comes  [Read More…]

Google has already started working on Android P

It has literally been only a few days since Google has launched the latest version of its Mobile operating system, Android Oreo 8.0. While it has not even officially reached devices other than the Pixel and the Nexus yet, Google has now started working on the next major software version, the Android P. Some members […]

Essential Phone has started shipping to buyers

Nearly three months after its debut, the Essential Phone is finally starting to make its way to consumers.

Essential has announced that it’s now starting to ship the Essential Phone. If you’ve ordered a unit, you should watch your inbox for an email that includes your tracking formation.

We’re beginning to ship Essential Phone! Please look out for an e-mail today with tracking info. We appreciate everyone’s patience!

— Essential (@essential) August 25, 2017

The Essential Phone  [Read More…]

How to get started with Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings are a great addition if all you’re looking to do is automate a few simple things around the house.

Did you know you can automate your home in about an hour? That’s how long it took me to set up the Samsung SmartThings Hub and two additional SmartThings helpers. I set up an outlet and a multipurpose sensor, though you can take your pick from the litter of available SmartThings integrations. They’re fun to bring  [Read More…]

Chromecast for Gear VR has started its rollout

What is Chromecast for Gear VR?

Back in May 2017, Oculus announced that they were toying with Gear VR support for Chromecast, and gamers rejoiced. Now it would be even easier to play awesome group games like “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” or to show off just how awesome a particular game or experience is when you only have one headset. However, there wasn’t anything resembling a timeline on when we were to expect this update; only  [Read More…]

Best tips for getting started with the OnePlus 5

So you just got your OnePlus 5. Let us help you get the most out of it right away.

When you unbox your brand new phone, it can be enticing to jump right into setting it up how you’ve been using your previous phone without any consideration of the new features you now have. So after you get through setup and start downloading your apps, we encourage you to take a few minutes and check out some  [Read More…]

Get started in the world of robotics with SainSmart 3WD Robot Car

Have you ever thought about dabbling in the area of robotics? You’ve heard of Arduino and seen some pretty cool projects, but don’t know if you’re the type of person who can build something compelling. Why not ease yourself into that space with a kit aimed at beginners? Our Deal of the Day is a robot […]

How to get started with Samsung Health

Samsung Health is filled with plenty of great features for you to utilize, but first you need to get set up.

When it comes to trying to get healthier, there are tons of apps out there that can help you in one avenue or another. Samsung Health, previously S Health, is an all in one app here to help you build better habits, and track the habits you already have. While there is a lot going on  [Read More…]

Google makes it easier for Indian users to get started with Maps

Google is making it easier for Indian customers to get started with Maps.

Google Maps users in India are getting a new home screen that will make it easier for them to get started with the service. The home screen will include a quick action bar at the bottom of the page that pulls up a direction pane with commonly used modes of transportation — driving, public transit, walking, and ride-sharing services. Users will also be able to switch  [Read More…]