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TomTop’s selling a 2-din, 7″ touchscreen car stereo for just $42.99

Every now and then, a deal comes across our desk that’s a little too good not to pass on to our readers, even if it isn’t inherently Android related. This is one of those items. Normally $ 112, this 2-din 7″ touchscreen car stereo is just $ 42.99 for a limited time. Features: 7″, 2-din HD Car […]

Google reportedly working on a premium Google Home with stereo speakers

The Google Home Max is expected to offer a more premium design and higher-end audio, but we aren’t entirely sure when it’ll be released.

Amazon had a field day yesterday with a slew of new Alexa-enabled smart gadgets. And while all of that new tech admittedly looks quite nice, Google is also expected to release some new Google Assistant hardware in just a few days.

We’ve already seen images of the Google Home Mini that should be announced alongside  [Read More…]

Premium Google Home Max with stereo speakers said to be in the works

Just last week we found out Google is gearing up to introduce a new Google Home Mini speaker during the Pixel 2 launch event. But according to recent information coming to us from 9to5Google, it seems the search giant is also developing a larger version of its Google Home smart speaker. Two industry insiders revealed […]

Play audio through your car stereo with this $13 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Listening to the radio and its countless commercials regarding products you hardly ever care about can be such a waste of time. Ditch the controlled playlists and songs you don’t want to hear over and over for Otium’s Bluetooth FM Transmitter which is now available at Amazon for just $ 12.99 when you enter promo code Y2RJCO6I at checkout to save $ 5 off its regular price.

Plug Otium’s FM Transmitter into your cigarette lighter socket and tune  [Read More…]

Grab a set of wired stereo headphones for just $5 today

Need a set of basic headphones for listening to music and taking calls while on the go? If so, check out Cellet’s stereo earphones in white or black or just $ 5 today!

AmpMe brings Spotify integration to its neat stereo music app

The app uses other devices and Bluetooth-enabled speakers to amplify music, so you can theoretically have a dance party anywhere.

Picture it: You and two of your friends jovially walking, with arms linked, towards the neighborhood bar. One of your friends starts whistling the piano intro to Cheers. You start singing, “Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got…” Your other friend whips out her phone, quickly queues up the song on Spotify, and  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S8 could arrive with Harman branded stereo speakers

Samsung has a big mission next year – release a premium phone which will make fans forget about the Galaxy Note7, the phablet that was taken from us too soon. A lot of Note7 owners still refuse to return the potentially dangerous product, saying they are not looking to “downgrade” to the “older” Galaxy S7.

ARCHEER 25W Bamboo Stereo 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker (review)

I received an interesting speaker from a company called ARCHEER to review. It’s ARCHEER’s 25 watt Bamboo stereo 2.1 wireless speaker that got its design cue from House of Marley’s Get Together Bluetooth speaker. I reviewed the House of Marley Get Together recently and found it to be one of my favorite Bluetooth speakers under $ 200. The ARCHEER

Get this VR headset with built-in stereo headphones for just $39 with free shipping

Virtual has made a big splash this year. From Google Cardboard last year, companies have evolved their ideal headsets for very reasonable prices. Today’s AndroidGuys deal of the day is a VR headset with a built in stereo headset so you can immerse yourself in a whole different word from your smartphone. DAWAY’s 360 VR

Mee Audio’s X7 Plus stereo Bluetooth sports earbuds are a cut above the rest

I’ve been a huge fan of audio and music since I was a kid growing up in the 80’s. In my time I saw the evolution of record players and tape decks move to compact disks. From CDs to mp3 players, like the Rio Player and iPod, the one thing that stayed consistent over that