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Instagram Stories gets updated with sticker polls

Instagram’s Stories just got a new feature which lets users add poll stickers. The new tool means you’ll be able to attach two-option queries to your Stories. To add a poll drag and drop a sticker to your Story and then you’ll be presented with the tools to customize the question and choices. Viewers can […]

Sticker Market: Emoji Keyboard lets you get creative while you chat (Review)

Overview If you like to spice up your online conversation with creative stickers and GIFs, then you’ll be glad to know there are dedicated apps out there which offer access to entire libraries of fun stickers. This is the case of Sticker Market: Emoji Keyboard, a fun little app designed to replace your standard keyboard […]

Instagram update adds infusion of new sticker features to Stories and Direct

A few days ago Instagram announced it was adding disappearing photos and videos to its Direct Messages platform. Now the Facebook-owned app is celebrating hitting its 200 million user milestone (up from the 150 million it had in January) with a new update which adds a bunch of new sticker options in both Stories and […]

The real sticker artists behind Allo, Google’s underrated messaging app

Mauro Gatti and Marylou Faure walk us through what the design process is like for art that’s used in a messaging app.

Ever wonder who the artists are behind the digital stickers you use in your favorite chat app? I certainly have, especially after I started using Allo. The app’s included Google-commissioned sticker packs are not only unique, they were designed by prominent and prolific artists, including Gemma Correll, GIF animator Cecile Dormeau, and BuzzFeed.

I managed  [Read More…]

About that Qualcomm 4G sticker on your Galaxy S6

Depending on which carrier you got your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge from, you might have noticed a familiar sticker at the top.

One of the more important details surrounding the launch of Samsung’s flagship duo was the decision to go all-in on their Exynos processors for this generation. After years of using Qualcomm for some versions and Exynos for others, the unified release is a big deal for Samsung. With the Galaxy S6 and  [Read More…]

Mobile data without borders: Using the KnowRoaming SIM sticker abroad

International roaming is a tricky and expensive thing to handle, but things are getting better.

Whether you fly overseas for business regularly or just a couple times a year, budgeting out how much you’ll need to spend to keep your phone connected abroad is never fun. When the editors here at Android Central travel overseas we implore a variety of tactics, from buying roaming packages from U.S. carriers to getting dedicated international hotspots and just  [Read More…]

LG G Flex 2 rumored with more affordable sticker price



The LG G Flex 2 could come in with a more affordable price point than its predecessor, or so it might appear. According to a listing on Amazon.de, the new flagship handset is listed with an off-contract cost of EUR 599 or shakes out to around $ 600 US. Cheaper than the first generation by about  [Read More…]

Sticker Creator makes digital scrapbooking easy on Xperia phones

Sony has released a new app for its Xperia line of Android phones allowing users to create digital stickers from their photos for easy personalization and scrapbooking. Dubbed Sticker Creator, the app ties into your Xperia phone’s camera and allows you to either capture a new image and use that as a sticker or use an existing image from your camera roll, trim it and create a custom sticker out of your personal photos. Next, fire  [Read More…]

Dimple NFC buttons sticker campaign gains mini and case options

The Indiegogo campaign for the stick-on Dimple NFC stickers has gained a trio of stretch goals: a mini two-button version, more colors, and a TPU case with two built-in buttons. The two-button Dimple Mini is available to anybody who pledges, starting at $ 17 for one (existing pledges can be converted into a pair of Dimple Minis), while the remaining stretch goals kick in once the total pledges pass a certain mark.

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