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Save $10 on Amazon Fire TV Sticks and even more on other Fire TV devices

Pick your favorite.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick streaming media player with Alexa voice remote is down to $ 29.99, which is a $ 10 drop off its regular price. You can also upgrade to 4K with the Fire TV Stick 4K also on sale for $ 39.99. You’re saving $ 10 with either device, and both options are so affordable really the only question you need to answer is whether or not you want to spend  [Read More…]

This Cyber Monday deal gets you two 4K Amazon Fire TV Sticks for just $60

Add Fire TV Sticks to all your 4K TVs for even less.

When Amazon kicked off its countdown to Black Friday deals, we let you know about a bunch of savings you could make on its range of Fire TV products. The Fire TV Stick 4K fell to just $ 35 — a total steal and its lowest price since release.

For Cyber Monday, however, Amazon has just improved upon that savings by offering two of the  [Read More…]

Get two Amazon Fire TV Sticks for just $40

Add Fire TV Sticks to all your TVs for even less.

We already let you know about awesome sales on Amazon’s Fire TV hardware when its countdown to Black Friday sales began. The Fire TV Stick dropped to just $ 25 — a total steal at that price.

Well, that deal just got better to the tune of $ 10. If you add two Fire TV Sticks to your cart, you’ll automatically have the price reduced to  [Read More…]

These refurbished Roku streaming sticks and boxes start at $32 today

A deal worth streaming about.

Amazon’s Gold Box deals of the day include a variety of refurbished Roku streamers with prices starting at just $ 31.99. You can grab the 2017 Roku Streaming Stick at the lowest price, or spend a little more and grab the 4K version to help you prepare a bit for the future.

Finally, the Roku Ultra 4K box is down to $ 71.99, which is nearly $ 30 less than it sells  [Read More…]

Best Selfie Sticks for Galaxy S8

But first… Let me tell you that they’re not as bad as everyone says.

I’m as against selfie culture as anyone, but when you and the missus (or mister) are out on vacation and don’t feel like bothering anyone to take a photo of you, a selfie stick and really come in handy. And I’d honestly rather use a selfie stick than hand my Galaxy S8 to a stranger.

Here are the best selfie sticks to use  [Read More…]

Custom selfie sticks may be fake, but Motorola’s $140 savings on the Moto X is real

Motorola is offering yet another chance to save on the Moto X by offering $ 140 off the device and 30% off accessories for a limited time.

While the selfie sticks Motorola showed off earlier were not real, the $ 140 savings they are offering on the Moto X are indeed real.