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PlayStation reaffirms commitment to cloud gaming and streaming

Sony’s long-term goals with its next-gen PlayStation will focus on game streaming software.

What you need to know Sony held an investor relations day. Microsoft and Sony have partnered on cloud gaming. Streaming will play an important role with PlayStation going forward.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan spoke at the company’s most recent investor relations (IR) day and reaffirmed the importance of cloud gaming and streaming services to PlayStation going forward. The presentation specifically referenced Sony’s  [Read More…]

Microsoft and Sony partner for game streaming technology

Let’s see what happens next.

What you need to know Microsoft and Sony will partner on gaming streaming technology going forward. The two companies will collaborate on image sensors. They also aim to create user-friendly AI experiences.

Today might be a day for the history books. Microsoft and Sony just announced a partnership to focus on innovations to “enhance customer experiences in their direct-to-consumer entertainment platforms.” This means that the two companies will explore joint development of  [Read More…]

Amex ups streaming rewards to an industry-leading 6% cash back

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The Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express is one of the best cash back cards on the market, and it’s about to get even better. American Express has announced that as of May 9th, new and existing cardholders will now earn 6% cash back on select U.S.  [Read More…]

Netflix now streaming with ‘high-quality audio’, because your ears matter, too

Bitrates will now adapt depending on your bandwidth on 5.1 surround and Atmos-enabled content.

Netflix today in a blog post announced that it’s revamped its audio streaming for all content that use either 5.1 surround sound or Dolby Atmos. It’s calling it “high-quality audio,” which is a pretty unassuming name given the big deal it’s making about all this. And to be clear, it is a bit of a big deal.

It all comes down, as it so often  [Read More…]

Amazon Music Unlimited is getting a hi-fi streaming tier to take on Tidal

The streaming service Amazon currently has in the works will feature better than CD quality music to rival competitors like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and specifically Tidal. With a price at $ 15 per month, it’s set to debut by the end of the year according to a report by Music Business Worldwide.

In addition to providing a new revenue for the company stream via advertising and subscription costs, this service directly caters to discerning audiophiles who already  [Read More…]

T-Mobile: Not going to bundle streaming video and broadband — we’re going to disrupt

T-Mobile’s Mike Sievert, left, and John Legere. (Image credit: T-Mobile)

And then CEO John Legere dunks a horrendous Dad Joke on AT&T.

You join a T-Mobile earnings call for the financial news, but you stay for execs dog-cussing their competitors. That’s just the way it is, usually. But today TMo CEO John Legere went full Dad Mode on AT&T when it comes to the prospect of bundling home broadband via 5G with its fledgling streaming video  [Read More…]

Verizon chooses YouTube TV as its streaming service of choice

Verizon customers will soon be able to sign up for YouTube TV through Verizon.

Google and Verizon have partnered to make getting YouTube TV even easier for Verizon customers. Verizon announced today that customers will soon be able to subscribe to YouTube TV through Verizon, offering the standard fare of network channels to all wireless and broadband customers.

Whether you have Verizon wireless service, FIOS, or a wireless 5G home, you’ll now have the ability to bundle  [Read More…]

Stadia: What you need to know about Google’s game streaming service

Google’s vision for the future of gaming has been revealed.

The world of gaming is changing. Google has a new platform called Stadia, and rather than coming to market with another console or PC competitor, Stadia’s a new service that allows you to play your favorite games on all of your devices using powerful streaming technology.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in.

The latest Stadia news March 19, 2019 — Stadia is announced at GDC 2019  [Read More…]

Fubo TV now supports Android TV for 4K streaming

NVIDIA Shield is on the list, as are TVs with Android TV built in.

Fubo TV this week announced on its support pages that it now supports 4K streaming on Android TV devices. The 4K service actually still is in beta form (which means there are occasional hiccups), but it’s still one of the only places you’ll find live sports streamed in that resolution. The 4K streams also come at no extra cost.

Supported devices include (but  [Read More…]

Start streaming with two Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K devices at a $15 discount

Add Fire TV Sticks to all your 4K TVs for even less.

Amazon recently updated its 4K Fire TV Stick by bundling it with the All-New Alexa Voice Remote. If you still haven’t purchased a few for your home, right now Amazon’s offering a deal which should hopefully help change that. Though the 4K Fire TV Stick is currently priced at its regular cost of $ 49.99 there, adding two to your cart will save you $  [Read More…]