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Verizon Unlimited plan is here: $80 per line with HD video streaming

Remember that in January, Verizon launched its 5GB for $ 55 data plan, claiming most customers don’t use more than 5GB of data per month. Well it seems, Big Red suddenly realized some of its costumers do want to have the option of choosing an unlimited data plan. So it has spurted out a plan to […]

YouTube mobile live streaming is here, starting with channels above 10,000 subscribers

You can now go live with just a few taps.

YouTube has been talking about live streaming straight from your phone since mid-2016, and now it has expanded to make it available to everyone … who has more than 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. Thankfully, this is only a limited-time restriction, as the ability to live stream directly from your phone will expand to everyone very soon.

Live streams can start up right away with just a few  [Read More…]

Sprint buys a big stake of Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming service

Today Sprint just announced it will be acquiring a 33% stake in Tidal – a streaming music service owned by famed rapper and business man Jay-Z. The partnership between the two companies translates into Sprint customers will be offered exclusive content if they are Tidal subscribers. Tidal is co-owned by iconic music artists including Alicia

The Best Streaming Music App for Android

Spotify is the best streaming music app that you can download for Android. With an impressively large catalog, radio stations, playlists and the ability to listen to a single song or a full album, it offers the best listening experience no matter what you are looking for.

Best overall Spotify Music

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Spotify Music pulls to the head of the pack with its huge collection of music and the wide variety of  [Read More…]

The new Shield TV from NVIDIA has me excited for the future of streaming boxes and smart homes

CES 2017 is now in full swing and we’re getting our eyes on some really impressive stuff. Notably among the group is the new NVIDIA Shield TV, the newest streaming box from the video card maker. We try to remain pretty skeptical of products we haven’t had a hands-on with yet, but we can’t help

New NVIDIA Shield Android TV box includes Google Assistant, 4K HDR streaming

NVIDIA’s latest set-top streaming box is a must-buy, even at $ 199.

NVIDIA has announced an updated Shield streaming box — the one that debuted last year running Android TV — with updates to the hardware design, including the popular controller, and significant improvements to the software.

Perhaps the most impressive, and surprising, inclusion is that of Google Assistant, the only piece of hardware outside of Google’s own Pixel phone lineup that sports the nascent AI  [Read More…]

The Ricoh R spherical camera is designed for 360-degree live streaming

The Ricoh R offers 24-hours of 2K 360-degree streaming.

Building on the success of the Theta, one of last year’s best 360-degree cameras, Ricoh has announced the Ricoh R — a camera designed for long spherical live-streams.

Under the new “ruggedized” chassis are internals that mark an improvement on the predecessor in almost every way. The output stream is at 2K and 30 frames per second. The video can be stitched from the two fisheye lenses in  [Read More…]

Dish’s AirTV set-top box is now official with Sling TV, OTA, and 4K streaming

OTA and streaming TV mash it up.

After initially leaking on its website in December, Dish has made its first standalone set-top box is now official (via Engadget). Called AirTV Player, the box is based on Android TV and mashes up Sling TV’s streaming cable offering with apps available on Google Play and over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts.

AirTV comes packed with a Bluetooth remote that features convenient shortcut buttons to popular services like Netflix, YouTube, and, of course,  [Read More…]

Best Streaming Service in India

With Prime Video now available in the country, there are plenty of great options for streaming video on the go.

Best overall Hotstar

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Hotstar is easily the best streaming service in India. At ₹150 per month, it is affordable, and offers a wide variety of content — both in regional languages and English.

With a catalog that has close to a thousand TV shows and nearly three thousand movies,  [Read More…]

Sling TV poised to launch ‘AirTV Player’ hardware to incorporate streaming, OTA signals

The streaming TV market just keeps improving.

One of the leading streaming services, Sling TV, seems poised to finally release a rumored standalone hardware device that integrates an over-the-air antenna to round out offerings from its own streaming service. Currently dubbed “AirTV Player,” it’s a small white-and-blue little box with its own remote and an integrated antenna for receiving signals from your local stations.

Though the Sling TV service is already available for streaming on  [Read More…]