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T-Mobile flattens phone bills, kicks back money for unused data, and streamlines to one rate plan

Today’s a big day in the land of T-Mobile. The carrier, err, Un-carrier, rather, today announced a number of changes as part of its latest initiative. Speaking in Las Vegas today, T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere and COO Mike Sievert announced that it will do away with “crazy monthly fees and added taxes”. Well, at

Twitter streamlines application process for verified accounts

Twitter is making it a bit easier for users to apply for “Verified” status — signified by a blue badge icon usually reserved for public figures. What was previously somewhat of a convoluted process has now been streamlined as an online application process.

From Twitter:

Twitter announced today it has created an online application process for Twitter accounts to receive verified status. Verified accounts on Twitter allow people to identify key individuals and organizations  [Read More…]

Google streamlines two-factor authentication process

If you’re a Google Apps user, you can celebrate the fact that Google created a shorter sign-in process. Two-Factor Authentication Two-factor authentication, also known as two-step verification, is a secure method of confirming a user’s identity before logging in to a certain service. Not all online apps and services enable 2FA, but it is a