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How to Measure and Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Does the Wi-Fi in your home suck? Here are some tips for getting better coverage from your wireless router!

Sure, it might be considered a “first-world problem”, but shoddy or unreliable Wi-Fi is absolutely frustrating — especially when it’s your home Wi-Fi network giving you fits.

If your Wi-Fi signal strength seems to be lacking, there are several issues that could be contributing and a number of ways you can diagnose and address the issue.

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This cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ boost signal strength, data speeds

Since the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are such fragile devices you will most certainly have to pair them with a protective case. But wouldn’t it be nice if that protective case brought along some extra perks? Case manufacturer and antenna technology for wireless devices company, Antenna79 just introduced two special cases for the […]

Verizon intros Kyocera DuraForce Pro with Sapphire Shield display for extra strength

For professionals working in dangerous environments or just those who are prone to accidents, Verizon just introduced the Kyocera DuraForce Pro smartphone. The device takes advantage of the Verizon-exclusive scratch-resistant Sapphire Shield display to add even more durability. But that’s not all, the Kyorcera DuraForce Pro boasts a rugged shell that is MIL-STD 810G certified

T-Mobile touts its network size, strength headed into 2017

Going extra magenta in the new year.

T-Mobile is ending the year the way it started it: pumping up its own network and not-to-subtly throwing shade on the others. Under all the bluster, there are a few things to take away.

For all the 5G hype going on — from mobile networks and manufacturers alike — we’re still a long way off from any kind of significant 5G roll-out. T-Mobile accepts this, but is committing itself  [Read More…]

48k mAh laptop power bank, turn any headphone wireless, and monitor sun strength with these 3 new releases

The whole Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco is getting really tiring to read about every single day. The world moves on. There’s other tech out there that was released at CTIA last week that’s pretty cool and worth checking out. PLUG – The World’s Most Powerful Battery Pack – at Indiegogo Our need for portable

Google Fit will now track your strength training, give instant insights to your activities and more

Google’s fitness app, Google Fit has gained some new features and functionality in its latest update. Included in this update is instant insights, a way for you to quickly and easily see all the stats of your activity. This means you’ll be able to see your route, elevation, speed, pace and much more. In addition, you’ll be able to easily track your push ups, sit ups, and more.

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How to adjust vibration strength on the LG G3

We’ve all been there, missing calls, texts, emails while our smartphone is in our pockets because we didn’t feel the vibrate go off. Or perhaps you’re tired of it shaking your desk to pieces every time it goes off. Fortunately, if you’re the proud owner of a new LG G3, there’s something you can do about it pretty easily.

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Verizon on Galaxy Nexus signal strength: It’s not us, it’s you

Update coming that will make signal appear to be better

Verizon Galaxy Nexus signal strength

It’s not every day that smartphone users want to be lied to. But in the case of signal strength, we’ll apparently make an exception. Verizon has told Computer World that in the case of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, the LTE signal is being received and reported accurately. Too accurately, actually. So accurately, in fact, that if you appear  [Read More…]