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HTC loses another high-level executive as it continues to struggle

HTC is losing execs, and gaining a reputation.

HTC has lost another big-name executive in Jason Mackenzie, the face of the company’s U.S. division where he served as president for over two years before moving onto an executive vice president role of the Taiwanese outfit’s global arm in early 2016.

After 12 amazing years, today is my last day @htc. It was a great run & I feel blessed. Thank you Peter Chou, @cherwang, & TeamHTC.

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Replay: The growing struggle of playback controls via Bluetooth

Music is the most important function of my phone. No, I am not kidding.

It is what I use at work, home, in bed, in the shower and everywhere in between to keep me sane and happy. Music makes me better, and since music is such a large part of my Android experience, there’s been a slow decline that I’ve been painfully aware of over the last few years, and especially the last few months.

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These unlocked Android phones from CES 2016 are the real reason why Apple is going to struggle in 2016

The Consumer Electronic Show(CES) wrapped up today in Las Vegas and it really validated my thoughts on 2016 being a boom year for unlocked Android smartphones.

Let me start by stating these opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the other writers here at AndroidGuys.com.

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Wear Tip Calculator: An app for those of us who struggle calculating tips [‘Watch’ This App]

Trying to figure out how to properly tip your server is one of those things that seem like they should be easy, but can actually be surprisingly difficult. For many of us we must rely on technology to help us through the tipping process, and the Wear Tip Calculator is an app is here to help. It’s… Read more »

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Lookout helps the struggle with Carrier IQ Detector

lookout carrier iq

Carrier IQ has quickly become one of the most popular topics in the cellphone industry. Now it is one of the main security concerns when it comes to Android devices (as well as other platforms), with Carrier IQ facing pointed fingers, and even court. (Read this article for more details)

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