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Save 95% on a Pro Plan lifetime subscription to Animatron Studio

It’s no secret that video animations are great at attracting online viewers. Who doesn’t love a fun and colorful animated distraction? Don’t you wish you could quickly create your own fun animations, or add a splash of magic to your social media?

Save 95% on a lifetime subscription to Animatron Studio! Learn more

Android Central Digital Offers has a great deal for any budding animators out there. Check out this great deal on the Animatron Studio Pro Plan.  [Read More…]

AKG K52 Headphones review: Studio headphones on the cheap

Just needs a removable cable.

A few days after this review is published, I’ll be playing guitar and singing at my first solo show in two years. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been buying equipment like amplifiers, a microphone and stand, and a music stand. I also wanted some studio headphones to hear my amplifier effects without disrupting my neighbors. I also wanted neutral headphones around for when I get around to recording some music I’ve  [Read More…]

Studio 19 Solo E500X-EQ review: This expensive speaker is close to perfect

In a world where you typically need to choose between outstanding sound quality or portability, the Studio 19 Solo EQ offers both.

There’s an abundance of speakers out there in 2018 to fit practically any need you have — top-end options from Sonos, smart assistant speakers from Amazon and Google, and a ton of Bluetooth speakers at practically every conceivable price point.

It can be hard to stand out from the pack — but Studio 19’s Solo  [Read More…]

Icon Pack Studio means never having gaps in your app drawer again

App drawers have always been a mess, and Icon Pack Studio is the closest anyone’s come to fixing it.

Adaptive icons and icon packs try to make our app drawers and docks look uniform, consistent, and beautiful, but they both have their limits. Where they fail, however, Icon Pack Studio not only succeeds but thrives. Whether you just want your apps to have a consistent look and feel or you want to create an icon pack that  [Read More…]

Android Studio is coming to Chromebooks

Developers will soon be able to write Android apps right from their Chromebooks.

Chromebooks have run a version of Linux since ChromeOS, but they have been locked down to just running apps and extensions in the Chrome browser. In 2016, it was announced that Chromebooks would start running Android apps, and the platform is getting even more powerful with the ability to run desktop Linux apps.

The most important of these apps is Android Studio, so developers  [Read More…]

Most popular Android apps this week: Game Studio Tycoon 2, Chrooma Live Wallpaper and more!

The Google Play Store is filled with many apps, which is great for consumer selection, but can often make app discovery difficult. Some apps just never make it to our homescreen. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of this weeks hottest Android apps that have most likely gone under the radar or are so new […]

Android Studio 3.0: Seven latest features which Android app developers can’t afford to miss

In today’s era, mobile technology is ruling everyone’s life and mobile apps have become the prime necessity of people. Most of them prefer Android platform mobiles as there are large number of great and innovative Android apps built at the most affordable pricing. Android Studio has always been a preferred IDE for Android app developer […]

Learn Java, Android Studio and Android App Development in a 5-course bundle for only $39 (Deal of the Day)

Are you an aspiring Android developer? Do you have an idea for the next great app but don’t know how to go about coding it? Developing might sound like it’s a really ambitious and scary endeavor, but the truth is, pretty much anyone can be taught. Indeed, even those who work for big name outfits

Android Studio 2.2 now out: Here’s what’s new

The Android developer community is certainly one of the most diverse and numerous out there – and it’s no wonder given Android’s wide reach across all parts of the world. But there is one thing that they nevertheless have in common, and that is that the majority of developers use Android Studio to create their apps.

Blu Studio Touch review: yet another unlocked $100 phone worth a look

When it comes to the topic of reviewing a phone that carries a retail price of roughly $ 100, it’s easy to view them in a favorable light. How can something that doesn’t cost all that much ultimately disappoint? Surely, it’s worth the price tag, right? As it turns out, there are instances where you can