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Sweat in style with the TREBLAB X11 Bluetooth earphones

Headphones or earphones? Is a solid question every consumer must ask themselves when purchasing music accessories. Sure, music is something everyone enjoys, but it’s how you listen to it that distinguishes you from others. Some prefer the old-school, over-the-ear headphones (hey there, Sony Walkman crowd; we see you!), while others prefer earbuds and the more sleek, stylish, and compact look. […]

Workout in style with these Jaybird headphones on sale for $95

Our friends at Thrifter are back with a deal on the Jaybird X3 headphones

The Jaybird X3 wireless headphones are now on sale for $ 95. That price is $ 5 lower than the last deal, which saw them drop to $ 100 in early July. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the X3.

The X3 is the follow-up to the highly praised Jaybird X2 and has earned a few great reviews itself, like 4  [Read More…]

How to remove a Style Ring from your phone

Before you die, you see the Ring.

You might have noticed a lot of people just love these Spigen Style Rings. In case you have no idea what we’re talking about, they’re a metal ring you affix to the back of your phone designed so you can slip a finger in to help hold it. You know, like a ring. They’re made of some sort of brushed metal on a plastic base and have adhesive attached to the back  [Read More…]

How to change the language and speaking style of Bixby Voice

How do I change the language or speaking style of Bixby?

Bixby Voice responds to your queries as a virtual assistant that lives in your pocket. Some folks might not want to listen to the Bixby voice “Stephanie” or you might be hoping to switch those responses to another language. This is a pretty simple process from within the settings of the Bixby app, and it should only take you a few moments to do.

Get the  [Read More…]

Honor 6A hands-on: Premium style, budget price

Honor’s latest budget model is going on sale in the UK. Here’s our first look.

Honor, the sub-brand owned by Huawei, is putting out some great phones. We love the Honor 9, and over the past year or so even the less-expensive models have also been pretty noteworthy.

The latest phone hitting European shores is the Honor 6A, and in the UK it’ll be available to pre-order from Monday, July 31 ahead of a general sale on  [Read More…]

Deal: Grab the LG Watch Style for just $140

Excellent Style at a stylish price.

The LG Watch Style has seen another price cut, and it should put the simple-yet-satisfying watch back on a lot of folks’ radar at this price. eBay has a vendor selling the LG Watch Style in Silver for $ 140.

The LG Watch Style isn’t the most future-proofed Android 2.0 watch on the market, but it’s small, comfortable, and runs Wear 2.0 smoothly for your entire day. There’s regrettably no  [Read More…]

You can now buy the new Moto Mod Style Shell with wireless charging for just $40

After being announced alongside the Moto Z2 Play, the new Moto Mod Style Shell with Wireless Charging is now available for purchase for just $ 40.

PopSockets vs. Spigen Style Ring: Which grip should you stick to your phone?

Sometimes you just need to get a grip on your phone.

We can white-knuckle grip our phones all day while we carry them around, but let’s face it: phones get slippery. Hands get sweaty. Sometimes we just need something a little easier to hold on to. There are a number of solutions on the market to help us get a grip, but the two that seem to have risen to the top are PopSockets and the Spigen  [Read More…]

Workout in style with these Jaybird headphones on sale for $100

Our friends at Thrifter are back with a pair of great deals on Jaybird Bluetooth headphones.

Update: We first shared this deal on May 8 and it expired shortly after. It’s back now from both Amazon and Best Buy!

The Jaybird X3 and Jaybird Freedom F5 wireless headphones are both on sale for the same $ 100 price right now. That price matches the lowest drop for both headphones. It’s the first time since December the Freedom F5  [Read More…]

60dB brings you personalized podcasts with style

Overview: 60dB is an app that offers curated short-form audio, such as podcasts, based on your preferences and history, with a clean and simple interface and no frills. Developer: Tiny Garage Labs Cost: Free (in beta) Impressions: 60dB is a podcast and internet radio app, currently in beta on Android, that allows you to aggregate […]