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Apple’s Phil Schiller thinks students won’t succeed on a Chromebook

Students also won’t succeed if they get any dust in their MacBook spacebar.

What you need to know Apple introduced a new MacBook Pro with a keyboard that ditches the unpopular “butterfly” switches. Interim Comms Lead and CMO Phil Schiller talked in detail about all of the changes needed to improve the keyboard. Schiller’s final point was a jab saying students would not be successful using Chromebooks in class.

Apple’s MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard was bad, very  [Read More…]

HMD needs to make a good phone in 2019 for the Nokia brand to succeed

No, the Nokia 9 PureView doesn’t count.

HMD Global has been making Android phones under the Nokia brand for over two and a half years now, and in that time it has established itself as a favorite among those seeking a clean Android experience. HMD teamed up with Google early on, committing to Android One on all its phones. Doing so allowed Nokia to get up and running without investing too much time and resources into making  [Read More…]

I hope the Pixel 4’s air gestures can succeed where the LG G8’s failed

We’ve seen this type of feature before, and it’s been a mixed bag at best.

Google’s new strategy of pre-announcing parts of the Pixel 4 ahead of its launch is fantastic, because it gives us an opportunity to analyze individual pieces of the phone well before we actually get our hands on it. In this case, your hands won’t be on it per se: Google says the Pixel 4 will have advanced face unlock and a Soli  [Read More…]

Would Android support on Microsoft’s Surface ‘Centaurus’ help it succeed?

Could the ability to run Android apps on Windows Core OS help it succeed? It’s possible, and here is why.

It is rumored that Microsoft is working on Android app support for Surface “Centaurus”, Microsoft’s upcoming dual-screen tablet 2-in-1 that runs a new flavor of Windows Core OS known as “Windows Lite.” This new version of Windows is designed to kickstart Windows into a new era, featuring a brand-new lightweight user experience, fast and fluid animations, and  [Read More…]

Can Samsung’s DeX Station succeed where others have failed?

Will Samsung’s market dominance make DeX a thing people actually use?

Samsung is one of those companies that likes to try things. Because it will put things out there and keep working on them we have technology like AMOLED screens that don’t suck and devices that have ginormous displays. Heck, Samsung even brought back the stylus and made it sexy. Even when its ideas get universally panned (T-Mobile actually dropped the original Note just before its release  [Read More…]