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Epson’s new Pro Cinema 4050 projector has 4K and HDR support

Time to build your new home theater.

Epson’s newest projector is the Pro Cinema 4050 4K PRO-UHD1, and it comes with support for HDR10, 1080p resolutions even in 3D mode, and an improvement to the “advanced pixel-shifting, resolution-enhancement technology.” This projector replaces the Epson Pro Cinema 4040 while improving on it in a number of ways. The big way it improves is in the price. The 4040 is currently selling for around $ 2,200 but was going for as  [Read More…]

Eletrolux announces Google Assistant support for smart ovens early next year

What’s the point of a smart home if Google Assistant support isn’t available? Is a product truly “smart” if you can’t tell your Google Home to control it?

Existentialism aside, Electrolux announced that future smart ovens will feature Google Assistant support. While the smart-ifying of common household appliances is often frowned upon (as they get more complicated, more annoying, less secure, and potentially even less reliable), this one makes sense.

How many times have you left the house and realized you  [Read More…]

Casio announces their PRO TEK WSD-F30 smartwatch with offline map support

Casio has kicked off IFA with a bang with their all-new Wear OS PRO TEK WSD-F30 smartwatch. The WSD-F30 continues with the tradition of their previous outdoor smartwatches. Including a rugged build and specialized features for all the tech-savvy outdoor lovers out there.

This time around they have shaved down the body a bit making it slightly less gargantuan. It might be slightly smaller but the WSD-F30 is still just as durable featuring MIL-STD-810 military certification, while also keeping the 5 bars water  [Read More…]

What are the Android Support Libraries and why are they important?

Android is a fragmented mess. There is no getting around this simple fact, and because of what Android is and how it’s distributed, it’s never going to change.

Once you face the simple truth that fragmentation is here to stay, you’re left with trying to find ways to mitigate it so that device makers can keep the freedom they currently have while app developers can build the newest, coolest things to install on them. That’s why Android  [Read More…]

4K TVs from Panasonic and Samsung are gaining HDR10+ support

If you’ve recently bought a new TV from either brand, it’s about to get better.

If you’ve been paying attention to high dynamic range formats in TVs lately, you might recognize the name HDR10+. No, not just HDR10 — the plus is an important differentiator. Created by Samsung, HDR10+ is a competitor to Dolby Vision and HLG that contains dynamic metadata. Translation: filmmakers can control the dynamic range of their movies down to the frame.

Owners of  [Read More…]

VRidge has added better Oculus Go controller support for SteamVR games

A major VRidge update has added extra support for using Oculus Go controllers with SteamVR.

Thanks to some savvy developers, it’s possible to stream SteamVR games to mobile VR systems, like Oculus Go. I already wrote a guide on using Air Light VR (ALVR) to get this done, but a recent update to RiftCat’s VRidge software, an alternative method for streaming, has added better controller support. This is key when trying to make up lost ground between  [Read More…]

T-Mobile gets personal with customer support and teams up with Pandora

No more robots for T-Mobile, the Un-carrier is getting more personal with their support. From now on when you call T-Mobile in need of help you’re going to get a real human being. Not only that but T-Mobile promises no more run around by being bouncing around the call center.

Team of Experts

Traditionally when you would call for support you would get a robot or bounced from person to person, hoping to find someone who could solve your problem.  [Read More…]

Microsoft Launcher picks up custom icon gestures, Android O support, and more

Now you can perform custom actions with nothing more than a swipe of an icon.

Following a couple of weeks in the oven with beta testers, Microsoft is shipping out another new set of features for Microsoft Launcher on Android. Included in the latest update are custom gesture controls for app icons, full Android O support, updates to the relatively new family card, and more.

The most notable of these additions is the new gesture controls for  [Read More…]

Plex podcasts feature is now out of beta with Android Auto support

If you’re not already a user of the media juggernaut app Plex, then you just got one more reason to start. After two short months in beta, Plex has now officially added podcast support to the app with support for Android Auto. Not only that but one of the most important features of a podcast app is support for offline files and Plex has that too.

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Samsung announces the all new Galaxy Tab S4 with Dex support

Today, Samsung has unveiled their latest tablet the Galaxy Tab S4 with Dex support. Ever trying to bridge the gap between tablet and PC, the Galaxy Tab S4 is the first tablet to include Dex. When connected to the optional keyboard dock the Tab S4 will switch from tablet to desktop mode.

Getting more done with desktop mode

After transitioning to the desktop mode you can open apps in windows, resize them, and even drag and drop content between  [Read More…]