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Activision says “hang tight” for Call of Duty: Mobile controller support

What you need to know Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the biggest mobile games around right now. Activision posted a Community update on Reddit. Activision has said it is working on controller support but needs to get the balance right.

Call of Duty: Mobile exploded on to the mobile gaming scene just a few weeks ago and hit 100 million downloads within the first seven days. It’s easy to see why the game itself is a lot  [Read More…]

Facebook Libra loses support from Visa, Mastercard, eBay, and Stripe

The news comes just a week after PayPal left.

What you need to know Facebook’s Libra Association has lost four more of its founding members. This time around, Visa, Mastercard, eBay, and Stripe are pulling their support. A week prior, PayPal dropped out of the group.

The idea of a Facebook-lead cryptocurrency raised a lot of eyebrows when it was first announced in June, though support from a laundry list of well-established companies gave it a feeling  [Read More…]

Microsoft adds Android Enterprise fully-managed device support with Intune

Microsoft is making it easy to secure Android devices in enterprise settings with Microsoft Intune.

What you need to know IT managers can now manage corporate-owned Android devices with Microsoft Intune. The new option helps improve device security. Microsoft recently announced an upcoming Android phone that may be used frequently by enterprises.

Microsoft has focused on enterprise users for years, and that trend continues with the rollout of the ability to manage corporate-owned Android devices with Microsoft  [Read More…]

HP debuts two new convertible Chromebooks with USI 1.0 stylus support

The 14-inch Chromebook x360 14b has a 78% screen-to-body ratio.

What you need to know HP has launched two new convertible Chromebooks: x360 12b and x360 14b. They are HP’s first Chromebooks to have USI universal stylus support. Both the Chromebook x360 12b and x360 14b will go on sale in the U.S. later this month.

HP has launched its first Chromebooks to feature USI universal stylus support. The new Chromebook x360 12b and x360 14b have  [Read More…]

Apple Music for Android gets dark mode and Chromecast support

What you need to know Apple Music for Android is rolling out support for two major features with the latest update. The first is support for Android’s system-wide dark mode The second is the long-awaited support for Chromecast.

Apple Music on Android is getting much more useful.

Apple Music for Android is getting two big features with the latest update: dark mode and Chromecast support.

First spotted by 9to5Google, the update is slowly rolling out to users.  [Read More…]

Does the Fossil Gen 5 support voice calls?

Best answer: Yes, since the Fossil Gen 5 has a microphone and speaker you can take a phone call via your watch — as lonng as you’re connected to your phone’s Bluetooth. Alternatively you can take your call using a good set of Bluetooth headphones paired to your watch or phone to stay hands-free.

Keep connected: Fossil Gen 5 ($ 295 at Amazon) Hands-free: Anker Soundbuds Slim ($ 26 at Amazon) Phone calls Dick Tracy style

As  [Read More…]

Xbox mobile app snags voice channel support on iOS and Android

Voice chat has gone mobile.

What you need to know The Xbox mobile app now allows you to voice chat with friends. This update also adds the ability to share images and videos from your phone’s gallery. The update is part of a recent, broader push to improve messaging in the app and is available now on Android and iOS.

The latest update to the Xbox mobile app brings voice chat to your conversations. The update began  [Read More…]

Files by Google is gaining Chromecast support in the latest beta

It should be available for all users soon.

What you need to know Chromecast support is being added to the Files by Google app. It will support casting photos, videos, and music to all of your cast-enabled devices. It is currently rolling out to the beta version of the Files app which you can sign up for online.

The Files by Google app started out as a simple way to help users clear up space and share  [Read More…]

Does the All-new Fire TV Cube support HDR10?

Best answer: Yes! The All-New Fire TV Cube (2019) packs some of the best specs you can find in a streaming device on the market today, including HDR10 support. Just make sure your TV is up to the task of supporting these high-end specs!

Immersive video: Fire TV Cube (2019) ($ 120 at Amazon) Terrific telly: LG UK6090UA 4K TV ($ 414 at Amazon) What is HDR10?

HDR10 is a TV industry standard for high dynamic range  [Read More…]

Alexa finally gains Hindi support in India

You can now talk to Alexa in Hindi, and the digital assistant will respond back in the same language.

What you need to know Alexa is now rolling out Hindi for Alexa. You’ll be able to switch languages on the fly, and the update is going live later today. It’s the same voice that you get with the English India variant of Alexa.

Amazon has introduced Alexa in India two years ago, and while the digital assistant  [Read More…]