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Swappa continues expansion with addition of full gaming section

Users can now buy and sell video games, consoles, and accessories next to phones, tablets, and wearables.

Swappa will no longer sell gadgets on international market, only in the US

Have an older Android phone you want to sell or want to purchase a really cheap phone? Chances are you’ll go on Swappa to check out the available options. So far the website has been curating transactions in different markets across the globe including the US, UK, Canada and Europe. But as it turns out,

Swappa now offers protection plans so you’re never without a phone!

You can now protect your Swappa purchases!

When you buy a phone new, there’s usually an option to protect your investment should you accidentally leave it on the hood of your car and drive off holding a taco in your hand instead of listening for notifications. You pay a little extra for that peace of mind and hope you never need it, but accidents happen.

When you buy a phone secondhand, there are usually fewer options  [Read More…]

Easily find your smartphone’s value with Swappa Price

In the market for a new smartphone but don’t want or need a brand new device? Or, perhaps you want to get rid of your current model so you can cash in toward the latest flagship? Swappa, one of our favorite destinations for help in this area, has today released a companion app.

Called Swappa Price, the app is a no-frills way of looking up your smartphone’s value. Handy and intuitive, it pulls from the Swappa system to deliver your  [Read More…]

Sunday Chat with the ‘Guys: Swappa



Welcome to the fabulous Sunday Chat with the ‘Guys! Every Sunday, one of the amazing writers here at AndroidGuys is going to talk about any Android topic that is on the minds, or any tech topic really. This week, I decided to look into a site called Swappa.

Swappa is a great site for the selling and buying of used devices. In an interview  [Read More…]

Sell your broken and damaged mobile devices through the Swappa Boneyard


Swappa, one of our favorite destinations for buying and selling smartphones, has opened up a brand new section. Called Boneyard, it’s a place for you to help get rid of your broken and damaged mobile goods.

Got a water damaged device, old feature phone or something with a cracked display? Instead of tossing it in the garbage you may want to consider listing it in  [Read More…]

Swappa expands to wearables, get your gently used futuristic watches now

Swappa, a marketplace of gently used smartphone and tablets, recently started expanding its offerings to smartwatches, which are becoming a norm in the world of technology.

If you head over to the site now, you can pick up either a Samsung Galaxy Gear or Sony Smartwatch 2, while there are also placeholders for the Motorola MotoActv, Omate TrueSmart and the original Pebble and Pebble Steel.


Swappa even has been taking to Google+  [Read More…]