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Moto 360 System Update


Motorola continues to try to deliver a “timeless” timepiece with the Moto 360. A new update has struck with additional features like “Timely Time Checks” and “Mood Lighting”.

You can view what this update entails below, or visit the Official Motorola Blog to read about what they have to say about their system update.

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Jawbone makes UP system available to all

Jawbone, the manufacture of advanced bluetooth headsets, the UP Band and the Jambox, is releasing their “UP system” to developers.  This should make their fitness tracking app available to anyone with a smartphone or compatible smartwatch. Jawbone calls the UP system, “a rich, highly personalized coaching system,” that lets users track their steps, sleep and… Read more »

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Interstellar movie-based game for Android lets you make and explore your own solar system

Paramount has just released a new Android game on Google Play based on director Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi epic Interstellar and it looks like it will be a tad different than the normal movie tie-in as the player can not only create his or her own solar system but can also explore it as well as others made by fans.

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NutriSystem updates its NuMi app, a DIY digital weight loss system


If you were hoping to stay in shape or lose weight, you may want to try Nutrisystem, which just updated it’s NuMi app for Android with improved features. According to Nutrisystem, NuMi is a weight loss system that integrates live, one-on-one weight loss support for the “do-it-yourself dieter” as well as those transitioning from a structured meal plan or… Read more »

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How to build your own Bluetooth streaming home audio system

Get superior audio quality without spending a ton of money

There are a lot of ways to stream music at home. Dedicated Bluetooth speakers, like the Supertooth Disco or Jawbone Jambox work well, but because they are designed for portability they don’t sound all that great. At home, the Chromecast is cheap and easy if you already have a home A/V system to distribute the music, or you can splurge and pick up a Sonos for  [Read More…]

Find your perfect CM11 system theme

CyanogenMod 11 Themes

Ever since CyanogenMod 11 was released, including the new Theme Showcase, many developers have been frantically trying to design, create, and release their versions to the Play Store. After the announcement of Android L, there was a massive influx of new CM11 themes featuring the notification panel of L, as well as the beautiful keyboard. However, now that the hype from Android L  [Read More…]

Dungeon Hunter 4 update adds guilds and new chat system

A recent update to Dungeon Hunter 4 has added a rich guild system so you can team up with buddies, hack and slash your way co-operatively through fantastic quests, earn exclusive rewards, and a revamped chat system for coordinating. There’s also a new gambling section called the Wheel of Fate, if you want to try your luck.

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Moxivo: a multiroom audio system like no other


We always like to see something that’s a little bit different, and that’s exactly what Moxivo is doing with their Indiegogo campaign.

Many homes now only use one of their phone lines at home to attach their ADSL line and a phone base station, and maybe not even that for those with cable internet, but that leaves a lot of unused phone sockets around the  [Read More…]

PhoneSoap UV Charging System hands-on


The PhoneSoap UV Charger claims to be the first charger on the market that charges your phone while cleaning it.

By and large, we’re all clean people, right? We’re used to cleaning everything from our hands and bodies to our windows and smartphone screens.  Do you have bacteria on your mobile device? Of course; we all do. PhoneSoap’s UV-C System is here to save the  [Read More…]

ROCKI: PLAY Review – Enable WiFi Streaming to any Speaker System


ROCKI: PLAY is a fantastic little product that was born as a result of a massively successful Kickstarter project, and I’m lucky enough to have gotten my hands on one courtesy of the lovely ROCKI team and their marketing partners.

Tech Specs

Wifi 802.11b/g/n (AP / Hotspot mode supported) Music Formats Supported : MP3, FLAC, WAV, AIFF Music Streaming Services Supported : TBC pending licensing  [Read More…]