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This $1,600 tablet is actually just a fancy music player

Streaming music from your smartphone to your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connected speakers isn’t enough for you when you’re at home? Then you’re probably going to like the Nativ Vita music system. At least on paper. You’re also going to appreciate its aesthetic qualities. The Nativ Vita looks like a sleek tablet with an 11.6-inch tablet […]

This $379 Chromebook can convert into a tablet and lets you access Android apps alongside ChromeOS

The Thrifter team is back again with a great deal on Samsung’s Chromebook Plus that you won’t want to miss!

The Samsung Chromebook Plus is one of the newest Chromebooks around, having just been introduced in January this year, and is currently $ 378.74 on Amazon. It shipped at a starting price of $ 449. While it has seen a few drops here and there since then, this is the lowest it has ever dropped. Pretty much everywhere else,  [Read More…]

New Amazon Fire 7 is a modest upgrade and still a top cheap tablet

Amazon’s latest revision to its cheapest tablet is definitely the best it has ever been.

That the ‘all-new’ Amazon Fire 7 would be a good, cheap tablet was probably never up for debate. We’ve been recommending its predecessor for some time because you can actually spend just $ 50 and get a good tablet.

That hasn’t always been true of the Android hardware ecosystem, and the Fire 7 is still probably unique in its recommendation at that  [Read More…]

Google needs to build a Chrome tablet

Developers needs the right tool to get their products ready for the future of computing, and Google is the company that needs to build it.

Many people reading this will have paid at least a passing interest to Apple’s WWDC 2017 announcements. Among all the hyperbole and salesmanship in the keynote address there was one thing that became clear: the iPad is closer than ever to the only “computer” most of us need. Apple is serious about  [Read More…]

Best microSD Cards for Amazon Fire Tablet

The Amazon Fire Tablet is a great investment, but it tends to run out of space quickly. Here are some ways to expand it without breaking the bank.

Updated June, 2017: Updated some pricing and added note of new models beginning to ship. These are still the best microSD cards for your Fire tablet!

Whether you have a Fire Tablet for yourself or your kids, you’ve probably noticed that the internal storage doesn’t go very far.  [Read More…]

Best Android Tablet Under $100

Best Overall Best for kids Great alternative

Best Overall Amazon Fire HD 8

See at Amazon

Amazon has pretty much nailed what it takes to make a good, low-cost tablet. It’s been doing it for a while and what you get in the latest Fire HD 8 is pound-for-pound the best tablet around for less than $ 100.

It’s got a decent screen, all the content you could wish for, Alexa, and enough power even to push  [Read More…]

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet

Protect your new Amazon Fire 7 tablet with a tempered glass screen protector.

Amazon has refreshed its line of Fire tablets, delivering a lighter and thinner tablet than its predecessor with Alexa built right into the OS. It’s a compelling option at $ 50, and that means you should have some money left over to spend on accessories to keep your new device protected.

Here’re your best bets for tempered glass screen protectors for the 7-inch Amazon  [Read More…]

Cheap Alcatel A30 tablet with Android 7.0 available at T-Mobile tomorrow

T-Mobile just announced the new Alcatel A30 tablet will become available for purchase online or from participating T-Mobile brick and mortar stores across the country starting tomorrow. The new slate arrives just as a new IDC report has revealed that the worldwide tablet market has continued to shrink for the tenth consecutive quarter. People aren’t […]

A Motorola Android tablet could be on its way

Some say that the Android market is on the decline but Motorola seem to believe that there is still hope yet as the company look to launch a tablet of its own. In a source that is cited as highly confident in the plans for Motorola to bring a tablet to the market, the expectation […]

Moto tablet could be on the way with new ‘Productivity Mode’

Might as well try something new.

Motorola hasn’t been in the tablet game since the ill-fated Motorola Xyboard, but leaked information provided to Android Police indicates a comeback may be in the works. According to their sources, Moto is working on a 9- to 10-inch tablet with a premium look and feel — unfortunately, no other details are available just yet.

The only extra information we have comes courtesy of this single photo of a new “Productivity  [Read More…]