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With phones like this, who needs a tablet? Watch MrMobile’s Galaxy Note 7 review!

The first Galaxy Note was a remarkable smartphone when it hit store shelves in 2011. It was the first widely-adopted mobile to offer an oversized display, the first to give the stylus a proper resurrection, and the first to prove that marketing an overpowered “phablet” to hardcore users could also pay off in the mainstream.

With the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung steers the Note family even further toward those everyday users: it boasts a gorgeous design, water resistance, a  [Read More…]

This weekend’s best tech bargains: Galaxy tablet, chargers, dash mounts, speakers and more

Welcome to the weekend edition of the best tech deals from around the web. As summer sadly comes to its end, school is starting for many kids in the next couple of weeks as is college for many young adults. Now is the time to stock up on essentials that your kids will need like

Selling your Android phone or tablet: The ultimate guide

How do I sell my Android phone or tablet for the most amount of money? With these tips and tricks, you’ll get the best return!

So a new Android phone has caught your eye — maybe the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 — and you want to get on the boat as soon as possible. You’ll need to sell your old phone in order to make up some of the money you’re spending on that new  [Read More…]

Three tablet optimization tips for modern bloggers

When we think of “mobile optimization,” many of us naturally think of a crowded room full of users tapping away at their smartphones. However, modern bloggers and designers should take the booming tablet market into consideration when it comes to optimizing their sites. Tablets already represent a huge chunk of the mobile marketplace and are

Best cases for NVIDIA Shield tablet

Which cases are best for the NVIDIA Shield tablet?

We know that you love your NVIDIA Shield tablet and that means you want to keep it looking like you just took it out of the box. To do that, you need a good case, and we’re here to help you find the perfect one for you. Here are our favorites.

ProCase Premium Folio Cover Case NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Cover Poetic NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Case Fintie SmartShell  [Read More…]

AT&T to offer Trek 2 tablet with a super affordable price

In case you are not satisfied with the current range of budget tablets, AT&T has unveiled the successor to the original Trek tablet, the Trek 2 HD. The device is built with budget in mind and offers a decent set of specs for what you pay. Starting August 5, the Trek 2 HD will be available

AT&T starts selling the 8-inch Trek 2 HD tablet on August 5

AT&T has announced it will begin selling the 8-inch Trek 2 HD tablet on August 5, in its stores and online. The tablet will have Android 6.0 Marshmallow pre-installed.

Here are some of the other features that will be included with the AT&T Trek 2 HD tablet:

Dual Front-facing Speakers: The tablet features Dolby Audio™ speakers that provide high quality sound. Battery Life: The AT&T Trek 2 HD contains a battery size of 4,600 mAh that provides up  [Read More…]

Try a blue light filter on your phone or tablet, your eyes will thank you

You might pass over this feature if you have it, but your eyes would appreciate you trying it.

Some tablets and phones come with a feature built in called a blue light shield, or filter. I have one in right now for review from Acer with just that. And it’s absolutely magnificent.

It’s something I’ve never even thought about before, despite having heard all the warnings about how blue light can cause some pretty bad eye  [Read More…]

NVIDIA Shield Tablet update brings professional audio enhancements and more

An update is rolling out to the NVIDIA Shield Tablet, bringing along several enhancements across the board, along with the June Android security patches. Specifically, Shield Tablet owners can look forward to improved audio, touch responsiveness improvements, and a whole lot more.

Here’s a breakdown of everything in the Shield Tablet Software Upgrade 4.2:

SHIELD Tablet now meets Android 6.0 Professional Audio requirements, including:

Low Latency Audio (<20ms continuous round trip) USB Host & Peripheral modes [email protected]  [Read More…]

Does Pokémon Go work on your phone or tablet?

So Pokémon Go has had a bit of a rough start. Server problems, mostly. A hijacked APK. (Seriously, folks. Be careful out there.) Limited regional availability.

The burning question for most folks? Will Pokémon Go work on my phone. Let’s take a look at the official requirements.

Here’s what you need to play Pokémon Go:

Android 4.4 and up: So you’ll need to be running KitKat or higher. Niantic — the company that developed Pokémon Go — says that  [Read More…]