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With the $50 Barnes & Noble Nook 7 Tablet, you get what you pay for

If all you’re looking for is an e-reader, then maybe $ 50 isn’t that bad. Maybe. Possibly.

The Nook 7 from Barnes & Noble is $ 50. That may be the best thing I have to say about it. It’s not particularly fast. (Or fast at all.) The display isn’t anything to write home about. The software is basically stock Android with BN apps added in.

But if all you’re looking for is an e-reader, then maybe $  [Read More…]

Lenovo Yoga Book: An Android tablet like none other

The innovative display … the gorgeous hinge … the futuristic keyboard … or the crazy cool pen input — there are loads of reasons to love the Lenovo Yoga Book.

I’ve seen lots of Android tablets in my day. Even the odd Android-powered laptop. I’ve seen Android tablets that sort-of try to become laptops. Today, though, we truly have the first one that’s able to both — and then some. That beast, of course, is the Lenovo Yoga Book, which  [Read More…]

Amazon Fire HD 8: Finally, a tablet worthy of your kids

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Have kids? Have kids who are always “borrowing” your tablet? Maybe get them this instead!

Fun fact: Kids like stealing their parents’ tablets. Maybe they’re just watching videos. Maybe Pokémoning. (That’s a verb, right?) Maybe they’re just catching up on emails and building new slide decks. (My kids are weird. Don’t ask.)

Thing is, I’ve never really found a tablet I actually want to let my kids use. High-end tablets like the Pixel are too  [Read More…]

Best Samsung Tablet

For the best mix of power and portability, Samsung’s top tablet is the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0.

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See  [Read More…]

Save $80 when buying an Amazon Tap and Fire tablet together

Best Buy is currently offering an $ 80 savings when you purchase the Amazon Tap and 7-inch Fire tablet together. To get the offer all you need to do is add both items to your cart, and then the $ 80 will be subtracted. With the savings, it is essentially like getting the Fire tablet (normally $ 69) for free and $ 10 off the Amazon Tap (normally $ 129). With the Tap, you’ll be able to use your voice  [Read More…]

Verizon’s GizmoTab is a kids’ tablet with an 8-inch screen

Verizon has launched a brand new Anroid tablet with a focus on providing an ideal experience for kids.

It’s called the GizmoTab, and it’s available from both Verizon’s online store and as well as its physical stores. It retails for $ 249.99, but customers can pick one up for $ 79.99 with a two-year agreement, or $ 0 down followed by $ 10.41 per month for 24 months.

Buyers will get an 8-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1200, an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon  [Read More…]

Why the $49 Amazon Fire tablet is a great buy this holiday

In the past we’ve steered people clear of really cheap Android tablets at holiday time. Not this year.

The Amazon Fire Tablet is both really cheap and Android, though perhaps not the Android you’re used to. There’s no Google to be found, which means no Play Store or Google Apps of any kind.

But if you go for the 7-inch Fire you’re only going to be asked to part with $ 49 of your hard-earned cash.  [Read More…]

Verizon’s GizmoTab tablet could be an excellent Christmas gift for your kid

Christmas is approaching quickly and if you haven’t purchased a gift for your kid yet, Verizon might have what you need. The carrier has just released a new child friendly tablet dubbed the GizmoTab, designed for children aged 3 to 8. The GizmoTab features an 8-inch HD display (720p resolution) and a Snapdragon 617 processor

Today only, Amazon will sell you a Fire Tablet for just $33

Stop complaining about specifics, this is a tablet for $ 33.

Amazon has the 7-inch Fire tablet with 8GB storage (and “special offers” ads) on sale right now for just $ 33. If that’s all you needed to hear, click right here and buy one before they run out of stock.

If you aren’t convinced right away, for 33 bucks you’re getting a quad-core 7-inch tablet that can run Android apps from the Amazon app store  [Read More…]

Amazon’s Black Friday deals are live: Fire tablet for $33, Honor 8 for $259, and much more!

Get ready to spend a whole lot of money on Amazon.

Amazon has kicked off its Black Friday deals, offering heavy discounts across a variety of categories. We’ve got a constantly updated list of all the best deals, but if you’re looking for Amazon-specific offers, read on.

Amazon devices Fire TV Stick – $ 39.99 – $ 10 off 7-inch Fire tablet (with ads) – $ 33.33 – $ 16.66 off 7-inch Fire Kids Edition  [Read More…]