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Google Play Music becomes the default music app on Samsung phones and tablets

Samsung customers will get a three-month trial and ability to upload 100,000 songs to Play Music.

Google has partnered with Samsung to offer Google Play Music as the default music player on the South Korean manufacturer’s phones and tablets, starting with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, which are going on sale in the U.S. starting today. The partnership includes exclusive features for Samsung customers, including a three-month trial to Play Music. The offer is available globally, but is limited  [Read More…]

U.S. bans laptops and tablets on flights from eight Middle East countries

Travelers from eight Muslim-majority countries are prohibited from carrying devices larger than a smartphone onboard U.S.-bound flights.

The Department of Homeland Security is rolling out new restrictions for carry-on items for U.S.-bound flights from eight Middle East countries. Electronic devices larger than a smartphone are prohibited from being carried onboard flights from nine airlines operating out of 10 airports in eight countries. People flying from these airports will have to stow laptops, e-readers, portable gaming devices, and  [Read More…]

Which Android tablets have the best camera?

If you want an Android slate with a camera that’s not a total afterthought, your only real option is Samsung’s Tab S line.

The Android tablet space is kinda weird right now, ahead of major changes expected later in the year in the world of Google laptops, tablets, and convertibles. If you need an Android tablet right this second, the best options are Google’s Pixel C and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 series, soon to be superseded by  [Read More…]

Lenovo debuts Tab 4 Series tablets at Mobile World Congress

Lenovo this week introduced its latest tablets, the Tab 4 Series, positioning the line as something that works for both adults as well as kids. Available in two sizes, the Tab 4 8 and Tab 4 10 feature 8-inch and 10-inch displays, respectively. The everyone tablet Stopping short of announcing a full sheet of specifications, […]

How do you use your old Android phones or tablets?

What are the best ways to repurpose an Android device?

There’s a great thread going on right now on Reddit asking people to sum up how they use their old Android phones and tablets.

From security cameras to timelapse builders to permanent media servers, there are a lot of ways you can repurpose old Android phones and tablets — especially now as they are not going obsolete nearly as quickly.

Some people choose to use old Android  [Read More…]

Could Chrome OS tablets with Android apps revive the dying tablet market?

A few days ago we told you that Google just confirmed all Chromebooks coming in 2017 and later will feature Android apps out of the box. However it seems like the merger between Android and Chrome will be extended beyond laptops and onto tablets. Yes, the tablet ecosystem hasn’t seen much innovation for the past

The Android launcher experience on tablets is still terrible

It’s not quite a desktop, but it’s not quite a normal home screen.

The Android tablet experience is often awkward and awful, and that goes double for the launchers, which are inconsistent, inconvenient, and often times ugly. From third-party launchers to manufacturer versions of tablet layouts, there’s a lot to be desired, and while part of that blame falls on developers, it also falls to Google, which has still not quite figured out how tablets should behave.

  [Read More…]

E FUN launches two new Nextbook Ares tablets for the budget-minded

American maker of budget tablets and 2-in-1 hybrids, E FUN is also present on the grounds at CES 2017 to present two new products – an Android tablet and a laptop/tablet combo. Both models feature Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions and come with a set of pre-installed apps. We’ll start off with the 2-in-1 hybrid which

AG Daily Deals (12/12/16) Save a ton of money on new unlocked phones, Bluetooth earbuds and headphones, cables, batteries, tablets and more!

Featured Deals Moto Z – $ 499 on Amazon – Save $ 200 The Moto Z from Lenovo’s Motorola (still feels weird typing that) is one of the best phones on the market today. For a limited time, you can pick one up for $ 200 off the list price. The Moto Z features a 5.5″ 2560 x 1440p

Best Kid-proof Cases for Amazon Fire Tablets

What’s the best Amazon Fire case for kids? The one that keeps it in one piece!

Tablets are basically half glass, and the Amazon Fire is our top pick for kids. But you’ll still want to protect it properly so that the little ones can use it to their heart’s content without constantly worrying about them destroying it.

Here are some of the best kid-proof cases for your Amazon Fire tablet.

Fintie Casebot Honey Comb Series  [Read More…]