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Our 75% OFF eLearning sale is still going strong — take advantage today!

If you are a regular visitor to AndroidGuys, you know that we run a daily post which features a discount or limited-time promotion. Whether it’s a product, service, online training, or a giveaway, it’s a great opportunity to save big.

One of our more popular categories is online training, often because they’re discounted so heavily and typically offer lifetime access. We get it. It’s the learn-at-your-pace stuff that opens doors to new careers.

While the prices we feature are incredible  [Read More…]

Google Camera may soon focus on people you often take pictures of

Face data will be saved locally on the device.

What you need to know Frequent Faces is a new feature for the Google Camera which would recognize and focus on people you take photos of frequently. Face data will be saved locally on the device, will not be shared with other apps, and will be deleted if you disable the feature. It’s possible the feature could debut along with the Pixel 4 smartphones at the Made by  [Read More…]

Watch the iPhone 11 take on the Galaxy Note 10 in latest drop test

What you need to know Phonebuff has released a new video drop testing the new iPhone 11 Pro Max This video pits the new iPhone against the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ The results vary, depending on the location of impact

Will Apple or Samsung’s flagship be the drop test king?

There have already been quite a few drop test videos of the iPhone 11 Pro Max by itself, so naturally the next move was to match it  [Read More…]

Take the best photos with these Galaxy Note 10 photography tips

The Galaxy Note 10’s cameras are great, and one of the best features of the photography experience is just how easy it is to pick up and use without tweaking or learning about specific features. But as is the case with all of Samsung’s phones, there’s more below the surface if you want to get into it. Upgrade your Note 10 photography skills with these great tips and tricks.

Clean your camera lenses

There’s nothing Note 10 specific  [Read More…]

Take advantage of Raspberry Pi 4’s two micro HDMI ports with these cables

Unlike previous models which had a single full-sized HDMI cable output jack, the Raspberry Pi 4 has two micro HDMI ports. While this provides double the output and support for two 4K displays, it might also mean you need to buy a new cable if you want to connect your Raspberry Pi 4 to a monitor or two. Here are the best choices to get you started.

The name you know Amazon Basics Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable

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Vudu’s new features take all the fun out of things

‘Family Play’ skips past the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, while new ratings attempt to guide parents.

Vudu — which is one of those huge libraries of movies and TV shows that’s able to include your purchases from various other libraries like Google and Apple — today rolled out a handful of new features that should please tepid parents and enrage kids who find themselves on the wrong end of them.

First up is “Family Play,” which has  [Read More…]

There are a couple of steps you can take to play games when PSN is down

Best answer: Other than waiting for Sony engineers to fix any lingering PSN problems, you can always try going offline to play your games or resetting your router to see if that fixes the issue.

Online gaming: PlayStation Plus 12-month

How do I know when the PlayStation Network is down?

Sony has a website dedicated to the service status of PSN. If all services are up and running, you should be good to go. Sometimes only  [Read More…]

How to take a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 10

Capturing a screenshot on your phone is one of its most basic functions. But on a phone as capable as the Galaxy Note 10, there are multiple ways to capture and many things you can do to edit and markup the screenshot before saving or sending it where it needs to go. Here’s how you can get it all done.

How to screenshot using a key combination Open the content you wish to screenshot. At the same time,  [Read More…]

Prepare to take Vault 94 with the new Fallout 76 Raid update

Gather your strength and storm Vault 94 in the first Vault Raid for Fallout 76

What you need to know The Vault Raid update has come to Fallout 76. This update adds the first Vault Raid for Vault 94, coming to PC first and then to consoles a few days later. There’s also tons of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. Fallout 76 is currently $ 33 on Amazon.

Bethesda has released the notes for Patch 12, which  [Read More…]