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How to take better photos with a Galaxy phone

Shooting phenomenal photographs with your DSLR can be relatively easy, but getting the same stunning quality and clarity with your smartphone is a bit more of a challenge. Luckily, there are some surefire ways to get high-quality photographs with your Galaxy phone. Here are a couple of things to try the next time you’re lining up a shot to capture that picture-perfect moment!

Accessories to improve your picture game Stabilize your shots: UBeesize Phone Tripod ($ 14 at  [Read More…]

Take your Oculus Quest anywhere in one of these cases

The Oculus Quest is perfect for traveling and taking VR on the go. It doesn’t require any external sensors and provides completely untethered virtual reality. You can easily fit everything you need inside of a small carrying case and bring the Oculus Quest to a party or on vacation. But aspects of the Oculus Quest are sensitive, most notably the lenses which need to be procted, especially during transport. These cases all provide protection for your headset, Touch Controllers, and  [Read More…]

Take Peak Design’s new Travel Tripod with you on your next adventure

Try out pictures in an all-new place.

Peak Design as a company has created many crowdfunded accessories targeted toward the photographers of the world, including camera gear like clips and micro plates as well as comfortable bags, shoulder straps and more. Now Peak Design has announced a new Kickstarter campaign for something altogether new – the Travel Tripod. The design for the new tripod started from the ground up and took more than four years before the company was  [Read More…]

Take our survey on Voice Assistants and you could win an Amazon Gift Card!

Voice assistants are everywhere. Increasingly you’ll find them not just on speakers in your kitchen or phones in your pocket but built into your television — or even your thermostat. The growth of voice assistants isn’t an accident, either: Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and others are getting smarter, which means they’re getting far more practically useful. They help us play music or turn on lights or schedule our day, but increasingly they’re also ordering us taxis or  [Read More…]

Take 89% off GlassWire Elite and protect your PC firewall and antivirus

Data breaches, malware, viruses, and other malicious things happen to computers and networks on a regular basis. Don’t fool yourself into believing that something bad can’t happen to you.

Keeping a vigilant eye on your PC or home network used to require quite a bit of savvy but that’s no longer the case. Got a slow computer or poor internet experience? In the past it would take someone proficient to understand what’s happening, why it’s happening, and how to fix  [Read More…]

Amazon Music Unlimited is getting a hi-fi streaming tier to take on Tidal

The streaming service Amazon currently has in the works will feature better than CD quality music to rival competitors like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and specifically Tidal. With a price at $ 15 per month, it’s set to debut by the end of the year according to a report by Music Business Worldwide.

In addition to providing a new revenue for the company stream via advertising and subscription costs, this service directly caters to discerning audiophiles who already  [Read More…]

Samsung is investing $115 billion to take on Qualcomm and Intel

Samsung is earmarking $ 9.5 billion a year for Samsung LSI and Samsung Foundry.

Samsung Electronics is one of the largest semiconductor players around, and the manufacturer is investing $ 115 billion (133 trillion won) over the next 12 years to take on Qualcomm and Intel. Samsung says its goal is to become the world leader in semiconductors and logic chips, and the company will invest $ 9.5 billion a year from now through 2030.

Samsung will  [Read More…]

Take your cybersecurity skills to the next level with this $49 bundle

Data is valuable. Whether it’s your school papers, work documents, passwords, preferences, and settings, or something else, it’s important to keep the data locked up tight. This is exponentially more vital for businesses who are trusted to guard your credit cards, legal documents, and other personal information.

Everyone is at risk of being hacked, but things are much scarier for big companies. That’s why having the right cybersecurity team in place is so critical. Getting on an IT team is  [Read More…]

An Android purist’s take on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung is the king of the Android mountain. The company continuously innovates and pushes the operating system (OS) forward as the most successful manufacturer to have embraced Google’s Android. Despite this, I’ve never been a fan. I’m what you may call an Android purest. I want what most in our industry refer to as a “stock” Android experience.

The mobile OS is great when companies just leave it alone for the most part. It can still be tweaked, but I don’t  [Read More…]

Take $50 off the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and get a free 3rd-gen Echo Dot

Smarter doors.

Grab a Ring Video Doorbell Pro discounted to $ 199 with a free 3rd-gen Echo Dot. The Ring doorbell goes for $ 250 usually, and the Echo Dot is $ 40 on its own. That’s a savings of $ 90 off what this would’ve cost last week.

Who’s there? Ring Video Doorbell Pro and free Echo Dot

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