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Realme will take the wraps off its next flagship at MWC 2020

The company is teasing its “first global launch.”

What you need to know Realme teased its first global launch this week. The cryptic tweet involving a set of coordinates points to MWC 2020. The company is likely referencing a new flagship.

A smart TV isn’t the only product Realme has in store for MWC 2020. As the company’s European wing tweeted earlier today, the Indian brand, which has seen an incredible amount of growth over the last  [Read More…]

Acer’s new Chromebook C871 can take anything your kid throws at it

It’s got a MIL-STD-810G rating for durability and also a 3:2 screen, which is ideal for productivity tasks.

What you need to know Acer has a new laptop on the market for students: the Chromebook C871 (also known as Chromebook 712). It features up to a 10th-gen Core i3 process and up to 64 GB of storage. The company is also touting its impressive durability to the education sector.

“Every aspect of the new Acer Chromebook C871  [Read More…]

Google Translate adding flashcard support to take on apps like Duolingo

It’s unclear when this feature will be rolling out

What you need to know Google Translate adding flashcards to phrasebook section The feature has not yet rolled out to consumers. The feature might negate the need for third-party language learning apps.

It appears that Google is working to make its Google Translate app even more valuable for not only communicating in real-time, but also in learning and improving one’s language skills. The company is adding a flashcards  [Read More…]

Facebook wants to take on Google by creating its own Android alternative

Development is being led by a former Microsoft veteran.

What you need to know Facebook is reportedly working on its own OS to replace Android. The company is reportedly aiming for an Apple-esque hardware strategy, with complete control over its hardware and software. A former Microsoft veteran is leading the OS’ development.

Facebook may be looking to reignite the OS wars in a big way: by creating its own operating system to take on Google. The Information  [Read More…]

Take a vacation from your staycation in Vacation Simulator for Oculus Quest

Now you can vacation while you vacation.

Vacation Simulator is one of those games that’s hard to explain. Why in the world would you want a simulation for vacation, particularly one that doesn’t look realistic? The trick is understanding what developers Owlchemy Labs designed, and it’s not a real-world representation of what your next vacation should look like.

Instead, Vacation Simulator is a tongue-in-cheek representation of what a robot thinks a vacation looks like just as its  [Read More…]

Take the new Developer Economics survey!

Developers, speak out. Where is the software industry going next? The new Developer Economics survey Q4 2019 is now open to all developers around the world until January 17th. Every year, more than 40,000 developers from 165+ countries participate in the Developer Economics surveys to set new trends in software development. This is a chance for all developers to be part of something great and set the industry trends, opportunities, and challenges for 2019.

What skills do you  [Read More…]

How to use the Pixel 4 camera’s dual exposure sliders to take better photos

Take your photography to the next level.

The Pixel 4‘s new camera app introduces several changes to the interface, and for the most part it’s still dead simple to use. But there are a couple advanced features and modes, like the dual exposure sliders, that improve its shooting capabilities. Once you know what these sliders do, they can take your photography to the next level.

How to use the Pixel 4’s dual exposure sliders

First thing’s first:  [Read More…]

Facebook wants to take on Apple Pay and Venmo with its own payment service

You can pay using your credit or debit card, as well as PayPal.

What you need to know Facebook has announced the launch of a new payment service called Facebook Pay. It will work with the company’s suite of apps — Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The initiative does not rely on the Calibra wallet or the Libra cryptocurrency.

Facebook’s plans for becoming a big player in personal finance aren’t going away anytime soon, despite the numerous  [Read More…]

Take $60 off Oclu’s 4K HD action cam with this early Black Friday deal

The GoPro revolutionized the action cam market by allowing everyday adventurers to capture their antics in stunning HD clarity. The only problem is that the GoPro is needlessly expensive, and several competing cams offer the same power and functionality at a fraction of the price.

This Oclu Award-Winning Action Camera, for instance, allows you to record in stunning 4K video and edit footage on the go, and it’s available for over 15% off at just $ 239.99 as part  [Read More…]

Disney+ is late to the party but more than ready to take on Netflix


Coming for the crown

$ 70/year at Disney+

Pros Exclusive streaming of most Disney content Affordable pricing and bundles More family-friendly account structuring Cons Less adult content (for now) Available on fewer platforms

Disney+ is taking hold of its own streaming destiny and offering an unparalleled selection of content from Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and beyond. It’s still working through its learning curve, but even at launch it’s quite the tantalizing temptation.


The original  [Read More…]